Clifford known as action and wippy that minding a jacket cause him run down baby when him cocky can’t breed nobody but to f** suck p***. and him just a follow back a versatile like versatile a f**k him fi food and clothes cause him just up inna versatile so like him want suck versatile c**ky 💯 then him want hype pan people when him suck him ex wife p** and now sucking the new gal p*** as well


13 thoughts on “TONGUE WORRIES

  1. Sender why you don’t stop this morning,, you so jealous that the man leave you and moved the f**k on..jeeeeeez hear you now..u need a bakkle innah you dutty teeth dem..leave the Man…

  2. OK OK OK he suck pussy so what you mad him nah suck you it seem. I can see why he left you stupid f**k

  3. pussy fi get suck sender move onn,a so man tan woman go from man to man and vice versa u cant stop that it wuss if man nyam cratches good

  4. Speaking up for the 2% of men who dont….move up all the same senda cuz he is free to do wateva he wants with his mouth.

  5. Big pussy gal from england weh nuh body nuh want wid your big groupie self weh walk n suck wood like Dawg n nuh man still na look pon u why you a try tarnish the youth dem name eeeee wa that ago do fi you the man wife never say him suck r the baby a di youth own n the man forien woman love him so what Leon nuh want you n it a mad you like crazy

  6. Clearly the sender is mad. Girl you salty as f**k it ain’t his fault nobody nuh want stay with you. Go take a English class and learn to formulate a proper paragraph. You’re so confusing no main topic in your post. The time you took to post the guy and his new woman with a faulty paragraph, you could’ve enroll yourself in a basic school. Fyi his alias was wimpy not wippy bitch.

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