hey met. quick update pon floplanta. since the feds pop een wa day the scene been kinda quite. lame as usual but u have some regulars who jus can’t give the club a rest or don’t want to stay home and spend time with their children. toya stash being one of them. With two teenage daughters how u manage fe find the time fe dey up in a club 24/7 and no spend no quality time with u daughters dem? lef the up and down to Karl and tan home with u girls dem. and a weh u find dat dey tear up frock dey from…. 5.7.9 or wet seal? and don’t act like u don’t know what I’m talking about. those were the days when u and u big face long chin sista use to buy out the whole a wet seal clothes store at stone crest mall memba???? I know because i use to see the two a unu a shop til unu drop in a wet seal and 5.7.9. dem soon compile and dash out ur file ms. guyanese toya stash and her sister who wanna be jamaican so bad LOL. tameka tameka tameka what a way u dey pon the prowl and on to the next-black dress knock knee tits hanging out as usual. u have u sights set high pon collins now!!!!-guy in all white. woman abuser cheater and beater. just ask him ex wife. is what him use bait u the mercedes truck? i won’t warn u about him cause anything him do u deserve it u ole nasty shameless wh***e.

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  1. toya memba the time you and u sista go a stone crest mall and u sista neva wear no makeup and the people dem was staring at her like wow wtf??? her chin did black and full up a pare blackheads it fava new growth beard. stop act like u brand new cause we know bout u dutty gal

  2. With two teenage children at home it doesn’t look good leaving them at night to party ( hhahaha! house tunup).
    Slow down Mrs. Stash –DWL. Nw friend: One minute this person is your love then somebody else is your boo, I tell ya– learn to keep one friend, it makes you look so fake. No one can love that many gyal. Not even man can love so much woman like you. I mean we all know you are not to be trusted Toya . I can’t count how many times senders send that warning in to us pink wall lovers. No one is hating either so don’t go there. All of yall are d*ck riders and pu**y riders just want people come to the parties you have–when really you do not like the people them. Lets see who’s her friend next month– HAHAHA– Oh you are Guyanese? Ah LIE! –nuttn nuh wrong but you rep Jam Jam like ah der so u come from

    1. toya is a real girl…as real as a $3.00 bill. i know for a FACT that she is FAKE as the weave in ar head but she try give off the impression bout she real. who she think she fooling? toys don’t like nobody weh don’t kiss her ass and walk behind her and scoop up her bullshit. if you prettier than her she no like you. if her man karl a try look u and she find out she no like u. f**kk outta here. bitchh walk and scandal everybody like dog and den turn round smile up in a them face lol. she can’t chat to mi nuh day nuh time at all. toya i see u. i been seen right thru u. ha ha del!!

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