Here was the story:-Gray was attacked at her gate just as she arrived home at Cedar Grove, Portmore, St Catherine, on April 4,2012.
The men pleaded guilty to the charges on June 26 and sentencing was put off until yesterday when several persons gave character evidence for them.
“The judge reasoned it well and was not swayed by any publication or any attempt to influence him by way of public opinion. He dealt with it dispassionately and came to that decision,” attorney-at-law Christopher Townsend said in commenting on the sentence.
Townsend and attorneys-at-law Tamika Harris and Kaysian Kennedy represented Whyte.
Whyte 41, and Farr, a 37-year-old Rastafarian, were sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment for wounding with intent, 10 years’ imprisonment for illegal possession of firearm and five years’ imprisonment for illegal possession of ammunition. The sentences are to run concurrently, so they will each serve 14 years.

Den Met,nuh di cashpot girl dis whe di man did shot?mi hear seh she live a foreign a work pon one radio station.the baby did live?????


  1. Yes sender she and her child is doing very well, she’s on instagram showing off herself along with the child. child’s name is Miracle Gray, a very nice baby. The child celebrated her 2nd birthday a couple months ago. They seem to be living real comfortably like nothing happened and I’m really happy for them.

  2. The way how people did talk bout the girl like a she shoot the man….batty man Cliff Hughes all do up the girl bout she mash up man family….mi woulda lef to.
    Mi naw lie, mi know her from Merl Grove, nice hardworking girl,the man shoulda get life.wicked f**ka

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