1. Dah yute deh careless, or him beleive say no attention is bad attention, or him into s&m… he knows him life dutty & deh a road, FI YEARS on top a YEARS…. and him really go frig round the Queen Mother Matty? Him deserve whatever him get, look like him miss his infamy so him a look a buss back

  2. Dwl…Nasheen mi neva know say u name did stink a road so…mi inna shock…smaddy need fi come fill wi een pon da one ya…cross eye girl can u help wi out lol?

    1. For donkey years… and him name synonymous with STDs from waaayyyyyy waaaayyyyy back… I know this and don’t even pardy

      1. A lie, an him look like him cyaan even mash ants…thank u Nasheen fi go faas wid Matterhorn so we can get di full hundred bout u. Das why u nuffi trouble people when people have up dem kinda secret fi u lol

    2. Wait, Nasheen, weren’t you a big big fan of Matty? Is what really happen? :nerd .. MET, there’s a back story in this somewhere, Nasheen used to be a big Matterhorn fan, find out weh had happened deh please

  3. but nasheen de gurl walk like a dawg nd cock up not only de yeye put har crotches nd piss pon yuh man …why u let her do dat cum onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :nerd

    good day met,metters,peepers nd others….

      1. yuh fe sen call me wen maggie a shell man doah duh mi like agen mi seh a lata it aguh sweet cuz it nah done yas suh like dis brah brah..nasheen cum tell wi bout de shitting yuh toilet yuh :ngakak

  4. But a really glass house the man fling the stone from. Cause him fling one single stone, only fi hear in return pow pow pie pie crash budddungu dung bye bye pie pie crash. The whole a Nashine rass glass house mash dung.

    I would appreciate if any of the girls on the pink wall that have done these same deeds in Matterhorn face, please step forward cause this one sound like it a go spicy.

  5. Get em cigarette,him too bright…….like i said on other post,it uncalled for…weh dem seh,CHOOSE UR BATTLE WISELY

  6. Naa swear fi nuh guy but dis soun like a lie kmft meck him a meck up tings pon di yute, Maggie mouth nuh loyal to nobody… him wudda Neva bin know dis an nuh talk….any bwoy weh put on wig an powda up face a gwaan like gyal bax bax bax wul heap a bloodclaaat bax chatteron luuuuuu

  7. :hotrit Mi ready for the shellings. Nasheen yuh neva know yuh dutty laundry woulda come out when u mess with ppl.

  8. Matterhorn a look hype tuh bout him go put on wig the man nuh muss have something fi say afta that………and that’s exactly wah him did want somebody fi see him and see them see yuh deh as a wig wearing gal …….a batty man Shebada and the cigarette and woman mi see weh can lap Dem tail and cuss so and shibby a fish and a peer gal falla him and a peer gal falla Matterhorn so weh that mek him nuh real man nuh falla nuh wig wearing man wah day when usain put on woman clothes mi see some ppl nasty him up……nuh because him funny wid it is other ways fi get a hype him done have dancehall lock as the gal Dem artist…… and a mostly dancehall gal love him cause him class Dem like dawg and den wine up to wah him say oh please any man weh chat so mi nuh want str8888 an JMG this so mi a talk mi mind

  9. Met mi a beg u please go get one of the six videos nasheen have up pon hinstagram bout Matty lol cause I don’t know how to send it. Matty fans a do him up especially on the first vid. Him neglect to comment on the Kirkman Road incident lol

  10. Ms met remember when Rico Suave and Nasheen did a war and him say Nasheen love take ectascy and fcuk the girls dem up dem ass ? Well a long time it stink a road say Nasheen love to eat out the gal dem ass and then fcuk dem up the ass .

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