I doe know if it confirm but dem se because a di stripper video whey Demarco do …He is banned from the Jamaica Youth View Awards ..Di people dem se di video is porn..And as unno know YouTube ban it about 50 times ..every channel put it up dem delete it..Demarco whoever did tell yuh seh dis a guh gi u a hype not a hype suh far dus straaaette banning..Di people dem se a betta yuh did use Twinny dem from Teacher’s Pet because di whole a wi know dem nuh have no mind dem seh yuh fi easy… next ting di new girl dem guh tell di people dem how under yuh breast cheesy…yuh know dem kinda way……….?

0 thoughts on “DEMARCO……………. CROSS OFF

  1. Mi bombo ahhhhhhhhhhhhg hahahaaaaaaaaaaa @ cheesy unda breast den man carry dem kinda breast deh
    Mi see say Met a try kill me enuh man lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. him too fat fi do porn man. Isnt he married ? I was like why waste yah money and do that video when it not going to be aired on local tv. Attention seekers, him betta go powder unda him breast.

  3. I dont know why him never show the part where him a use the womb brush beard and a eat. kmt

      1. is Muslim alright, because it helps to clean up the Virgin Mary’s juice when she cumming.

  4. Dem love fala merica to much…..and instead of doing betta when dem a emulate dem do worst …just like the Minister of Health an him smoking ban…

  5. the womb brush (the beard) Met, it help sweep weh the juiceeeeeeeeeee yuh neva know ?

    1. mi pussage ___________________________________________________:tkp

      weh yuh sweep sweeper swift and rest unda him chin yuh knw mi belly bottom lefted just nung a weak :ngakak…but a dat fe reach him why wud him do such a video nd expect anything other dan dis?!?!?

  6. set up de JMG dictionary plz mi still a dead wurd fe 2014 WOMB BRUSH ..young men start growing unno bread ooooooo,,,mi still inna stitches while tears a drop outta mi yeye enuh man :ngakak

  7. no dah likkle chead yah sweet bloodclaat bad weh yuh seh de cheese nuh only av abiding city unda him hood dead but very much unda him breast yuh know mi jaw bone a kill me a yah suh it deh enuh man _____________________________________help

  8. Met have you seen his response to the backlash bout how him a Good Samaritan and do charity wah day? Like wtf dat have fi do wid him blue movie?

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