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florida on fir e,them kill this girl and name a call!!!
Bryan Thomasposted toDolly British
19 hours ago
The buoy that kill you ago pay! Whether its bully or your baby father, god ah god and justice will be serve. Rip baby girl

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  1. em nuh noe a which two but em a call up ppl name a suh ppl get killed caw suma unnuh chat too much n too big n bad :nohope:

  2. Well Observer ah suh some people tan when dem emotional. Maybe is ah family member or close friend & dem feel it. It’s just sad a baby have to grow up without a mother. Thank God (knock on wood) nobody close to me never reach dem de demise suh! Cause one never truly knows how dem ah go react to a situation suh till dem ah face it dem self.

    Hopefully these same ‘friends’ help out with di baby.

      1. Observer, I’m not saying it’s right seh dem ah chat especially pon IG & FB but when some people emotional dem not thinking right. It very easy fi seh wha you woulda do but until you are definitely in that same position, one never knows. When rage & anger tek over sometimes common sense go thru di window!

  3. my ccondolences goes out to her family it’s sad such a pretty young women had her life taking, what is this world coming too, I just don’t see it suh… U can’t even trust the person u lay with and u can’t even trust a friend! Why was she murdered what could of been so bad that whoever did it needed to take her life… That man is a coward he took a mother’s life from her children nd if it is the father he don’t love his children thats why ladies we must be careful who we lay down with because people is crazy and we must realize who we can trust nen and women do crazy things so we must secure our safety… It’s a sad time a life taking too too soon…I’m sorry for the kids…..

  4. So terribly sad…R.I.P young lady..May god watch over your family and child…

    More and more you reading about the killing of women and children..The last days are upon us

  5. At the end of the day this little girl was not a innocent. No it doesn’t give anybody right to take her life, but a nuff things Kim was involve with, and a nuff ppl she send guh jail. Suh the reason fi ppl ah call name is pointless; because, bully ah nuh bad man that a waste man

    1. Me a Bully BM and only reason ppl a call fi him name a tru dem fi gah court nexx month, in which di case did drop from 2 months ago but FEDS trying to go through with it thats the only REASON WHY … its sad that she had to go like that because she has a beautiful little baby girl thats gonna grow with out a mother, BUT it could be anybody, so no name should be call cause every week Kimone was in beef/drama wheteher it be a man she a try setup or somebody man she a tek an a bright up wid it… so i hope justice come out of this but no names shouldn’t be called yet . Let the police do their job

          1. What I do not get is how you have raced to defend your baby’s father not only of the murder but to make it seem as if Kimmone was number two and that you were/are his woman of choice. Where is your shame for getting caught up in such a situation? When are we as woman going to put ourselves in a position to get the best from men and when are we Jamaican women going to know how shameful it is to publicly share a man without being affiliated with a religion that does the practice ? The man may be innocent but allow the police to make that determination for her family’s sake..Thank you

          2. @ Met when mi call har fi beat her back in February 13′ she claim fi tell me seh ohh, when me a 5months pregnant inna July 2012 she an mi baby fada deh until Nov 12′ when me a get ready fi have my baby (which me kno a tru) cause at dat time when me ready fi have baby him start come back around.. but fi look back pon it , she just had her baby inna june 12′ and she deh wid my BF inna july 12′ and she knew he was my BF and that i was pregnant too…but she tell me she did a try spite me cause me an har wid fight 3 years back and we dida enemy

          3. she spite u by getting pregnant ..ur man never play no part ina it? I want to ask you what kind of life did you have in Jamaica or growing up that you feel so comfortable with your actions? She died and is only 22 I am sure you are young too. Please do not allow this your ways now to be your life. There is reward in changing for the good and there is a reward for living a decent life. You dont have to be a house rat and you dont have to be boring but you can be decent because of your values

          4. @Met he is not her BF …. and yes as i said let the police do their job, because now people calling names and who so ever did this it will be brought to justice

          5. Well the police dem go do it, u know how police a farrin is..and Jamaican people a move up dem mouth a so dem dweet..at the end of the day it will be talking only…if it is really just idle chatter..but if it guh suh den all dem a go seh it guh suh… bully a u bf n she sleep wid him fi spite u a dat u mean?

          6. maddhead mi a pray fi ur sake n ur chile seh you is not his alibi caw it a guh sticky but i do get it yes…di deceased was no innocent puppy but yuh man fi get blame caw em all guh deh naked dat she all breed smh

          7. @Met no i dont live in Jamaica mi deh a Florida to, what i said was yes i was 5month pregnant inna july 12′, she just have her baby inna june 12′ , she deh wid mi babyfada inna july-….. November when me a have baby then him decide him wah come “home” when me a have baby… yes at d end a di day dem still dida f**k , and now as i said NO matter what she and anybody have because it could be anybody, Kimone have her ways, but she didnt deserve that…

          1. oh ok..suh yuh n em did lef, yuh hav baby july she hav baby june an den afta she hav baby she guh deh wid yuh bf…but now yu n em mek it up..suh yu n dis deceased nuh hav no shares since den 2012 until now she ded dem a call em name a suh it guh?

            suh a nuh em breed har den? weh she did lak em up fah?

      1. well as har family deh seh pon tv she was “very outgoing, very” my onli question is wah kine a reputation she cudda buil up in such a shawt time..she nuh onli 22??

    2. Anonymously u can post that bully a waste man dwl ya’ll Jamaicans too mix up….I love bully my bd regardless a wey a pussy wah sey….all d fukery wey unno a talk bout kimone is uncalled for Mek d girl soul rest in peace cum off a gyal name

          1. :cystg :cystg :cystg @Observer no sah mi juss come back from break an a check wah gwan an si di comment…

  6. Met mi know this young lady personally, it’s more to the story. Don’t wish death pon har because she was just about to go back to school to better herself. Plus things was finally looking good for her. And to know this happen to her it’s too many names a call now fi her deat more than four man name ah call up

      1. She is NOT a licensed LPN in the State of Florida, unless she is not using the same name. Why put these lies on a public forum? This would indicate she has some mental issues….no?

          1. yuh noe mi laas doah met ppl all live a brooklyn a dem page seh dem deh a paris____________________________________________________

            di yung lady seh LPN a doah rostah :hammer

          2. But Met, it is very easy to check the veracity of the information, so why lie? Makes no sense to me. Better she said she was a RN or a Doctor. If you are going to lie, lie big! :hoax2 She said she works at Jackson Memorial Hospital also.

  7. met kimone was very bad thats why shes never live with her mom because the mom cannot/couldnt control her….if u go pon some of her frens instagram they all saying the same thing n i quote “stuff u use to do i didnt condone, places you wanted us to go i wasnt comfy going but you were my fren and i loved you even thou we didnt see eye to eye” end quote. Met i dont wish death on my worst enemy its very sad how they took her life….yes shes only 22 but shes one of the 22yr old that was a grown person doing grown things from she inna har teens. most of fort lauderdale say she always inna mixup and act untouchable so i dont know. but hope her youngful soul RIP and god watch over that little girl she left behind and from what ive heard her babydaddy name “pussy mechanic” on instagram hes taking it hard. hope god watch over them and bring the culprits/culprit to justice…

    1. @LOL… I AGREE because i personally know kimone an what she is capable of, and things she has done to setup people , they call her fort lauderdale beaten stick cause she always always always….. but as i said that better if she and whoever had fought and she get beat up but “”KILL NOOO”” yesterday when i heard i was shaking shaking i couldn’t even eat cause me feel it for her family and most of all her baby girl.. Kimone i hope whoever did this is brought to justice but trust mi fort lauderdale police dem nuh ramp soo dem soon find a who

  8. Same thing mi say yes si day. Mi live s west Palm Beach and this gal Udall mix up worst than blender Fi are 22 us a world. She love shooters and n bag and deep into fuvk money boy and mek other man come nawm them food) the hide and set up people. Such life style can go left on your ass sometimes


  9. Observa.. mi an mi babyfada did live togather but tru mi pregnant a did fi him best time fi bruk weh and do him ting but tru me pregnant and deh home and work from home all d time I DID NOT NOW ANYTHING WAH GWAN A ROAD ..afteri had my baby in November i guess them brake up but i found out from her Feb13′ .when me a 5 months pregnant him deh wid she afta she just have a baby fi a next man 1 month before…..SOOOOO D WHOLE TIME ME PREGNANT….him deh a road a trick an mi neva kno

  10. I’m lost for words. A human life is not worth much these days…The hearts of men are wicked, i pray God have mercy pon we..She was only 22yrs old, my God..geez.

  11. It does not matter how old we are, we all have to be careful how we live our lives, I don’t know this young lady personally, but when you have children to live for, we must consider our actions, we are living in an evil world, where no one has sympathy, so we as individuals must try not to get involved in certain things that would cost us to lose our lives. Always bare in mind that the wicked man has no mercy. I pray for her baby that grow up without a mother, I know the murderer will be caught, this is the USA, and hardly a murder goes unsolved.

  12. U no what’s so sad how everyone on here think they no shit n don’t! Buju babymother first off shouldn’t even address nothing that was said on jmg period u should just stay in ur hole that u was in if u so called no ur babyfather innocent u shouldn’t say shit! These women try n defind these men that they so call no but yet this nigga still creeping around! Half y’all don’t no Kim from a can of paint but what y’all hear on the street! N it don’t matter what Kim was doing if they came for her they might come for ur bd so best thing for u to do was not even be on this form period! Smh RIP KIMONE let the girl just be already ppl always want to no why the question is not why but why we as ppl can’t see the world we living in is hell and that we all need to do some form of better n up left out Jamaican women!


      1. HEH HEYYYYA , SI BUJU NAME CALL, yuh meant fi seh BULLY but BUJU name call, last time me check BUJU dead and dem did ave it fi seh Kimone of something fi do wid it.. HEH HEYYYYA

  13. this story sad. you cyan a live dem way deh and expect to stay in the same circles. buoy sad this girl have no guidance. ahhh buoy R.I.P girl.

  14. My first time being on this page, I’m the father of Kymora Skye-Lynn Jordine, that yute wah name “Bryan Thomas” I don’t know him, Never heard of him before but yuh need fi sidung yute. Why the f**k would I rob my daughter of the opportunity of growing with her mother being around, jah kno sometimes unno fi pree more and talk less. My daughter is 15months old n she lives with me,she don’t even understand what’s going on right now. And I really don’t know where I’m going to find the strength to tell her when she’s able to understand. And for all of y’all on here talking shit bout Kimone we all know she was no innocent but let her soul rest in peace please.

  15. @maddhead mi tired a u now bitch every gyal wey bully deal wit u wah war…u n bully been lef u been in a relationship by ur dam self man live alone man no bring u go no wey n u claim sey man nah tek care a yo youth but yo still a run him dun bully no wah yo kimone died if yo nah nothing gud Fi sey put a dick in ur mouth n shut d fuk up…no body no wah hear bout ur problems go to rehab bitch everyday u a call dun d man n him run u like dog u nah no shame…bully have a baby pan d way so if him did consider u or ur feelings gyal wouldn’t a breed…kimone mi n didn’t talk before u left us but mi love yo u didn’t deserve to go that way RIP we will see wat ppl av Fi sey bout unno bitches wey a chat bare things

    1. Bout first lady..first lady fi do what ketch di end part a di sperms. Yuh a talk bout if bully did consider what about you considering your hole so dat it nuh rotten out? Did you consider it?

    2. No dignity no shame and u a talk bout someone nuh have shame. If u did have shame u wudda go mass wid u belly because a nuh bill gates u breed for nor are you carrying the next heir to the throne . Yuh a bring an innocent child into a messed up situation and that is nothing to halleluyah about

    3. @ 1st lady sound like u well hot fi me. Sound like u a one a him gyal dem too,,, yes me an mi babyfada leff 4Aug, and wah u fi kno a nigga gwah always tell a nex gyal tings juss fi jump inna punnash… but doh kno wah d nigga ova ya suh a tell …….But at d end a d day unnu deh wid him cahhh d hype.. at d end of d day other than him mada. ,me a d only bloodclatte one him call when shit get real.. Ok.. an whoeva pregnant ya now fi bully congrats and mi feel sorry fi yuh too cause wah..

      1. BU A MI BF AND. MI NAH COME PON YA COME TALK OUT HIM DEEDS, at THE END A D DAY A MI BABYFADA AN WE HAV A KID soooo WE AFFI DEAL WID EACH OTHER.sad to say. But mi nuh wah nuh accusations a guh gainst him tru di likkle false statement wah day

  16. @Yea, what is wrong wid wha bully babymada say?? from wha me read, she juss explain har side and ansa a few questions that was asked of her..She neva say nutten outta character or spoke ill of the dead. Yes people ago speculate based on the lifestyle of the deceased. Yes, its painful and it hurts like hell esp if a smaddy wha u close to, but don’t act like she was a saint and did NO wrong, so this by itself ago mek pple speculate..That being said, the deceased was someone’s mom, child, sibling, cuz and fren, she didnt deserve this and whoeva killed her should be charged. Unfortunately, crimes that involve poor pple and pple of COLOR, ARE NOT A PRIORITY TO LAW ENFORCEMENT..I hope those who do know speak up..May her soul rest in peace.

    1. Si one a di cocky watch man dem come in bout she a breed mi waa know if a donald trump dem a breed fah because man cudden have 2 children under 2 and some gyal whey nuh have nothing about dem go breed fi him and a come talk like a grammy she win..dem fi gwey man

    2. @Highly Concern point taken, Kimone hadher flaws, BUT to se all of what happened to her, me feel it to mi heart, no lie.. as I said before I hope justice is served and this case doesn’t go cold.

  17. @Met, me glad u say it, cause me waan know whe dem a kick up dem heels and gwaan suh fah!!! Suh wha di gurl caan talk? Is like dem couldnt wait fi run een and come deliva dem NEWS, BOUT BABY PON WAY!. WHO SEE DEM REALLY?? set a wokliss cutlis. Nuh ave one ounce a shame, class, pride or sense..kmbct.

  18. met u know say i didn’t want say nothing BUT the gal dem thats bigging up bully needs to hold a corner because bully been n still with the big batty girl that lives in miramar,him been with her from 2011 n him almost get an bullet at har yard,so please STOP swear fi him,cause his playing everybody. R.I.P young lady

    1. Little dem nuh fraid dem rotten? Oh God man a wha kind a sex dem cudda a get so when one man have so much ..Does he walk with dettol in his back pocket? Unno nuh fraid?????? But she seh first lady so a mus she a hold di bakkle a dettol . The man has already two babies under two is how much money him have fi give so dat dettol lady gone breed? Princess Kate how much u holding a Friday evening time?? :travel

      1. Good Evening MET, you know I always say that one of the most important decision a man or woman can mek is who you a go mek be the co-parent of your child. If the man have 2 or 3 pickney out deh an you go breed, why dem always act surprised when the man nah play im part, then talk bout how im a dead beat an dis and dat? Bitch you know he was a dead beat before, and if him have multiple kids before yours why you think yours a go different, unless you bring a damn unicorn im nah go frighten! Think bout your unborn kids, MET mi love how you talk. RIP my girl.

        1. Dem mek woman shame man . Likkle bit from dis dem a cuss di man because u know from dem ketch a belly di man tun champion sprinter and gone on to the next fool looking for a sneeze fi breed..She all seh if man did consider di girl him wudden breed she..like di man did a consider she so much dat she breed….when ambition and pride did a hand out dem gi everybaddie skip and when dem reach a only wukliss and kayliss lef so dem get 2 fresh full dose outa di pot

          1. These are the people whey mek people walk and question a wha happen to the Jamaicans of late. Back ina my mother dem days no woman neva a tek up no matey space is either di main ooman beat dem out or beat di mate and mash up di man but that would be constant warring until someone leave..But these now a days all dem do is yap and try compete wid who can mine di man di most and moggle pan wife or mate or di two a dem tun fren and try get out ooman numba 3 because dem comfortable sharing di cocky…den bring the innocent children into such a confusing and unhappy situation.

  19. met, first lady needs to know bout har so call man cause him still with the big batty girl so i dont know n Met i dont like whendem run inn n try push up dem self n dem know say dem not the only one the man have kmt

  20. The same way unno wah talk bout kimone is no saint chanel is no saint she go round n pick trouble wit ppl like she invincible…she n har friend dem jump kimone that y har baby father av case she mix up n love ppl business chanel is no saint either….how that bun unno so @met @highly concern baby pan way….wey maddhead a chat a f**kery wey that av Fi do wit d girl death she use r mouth too much…wall n live talk n bumboclaut dead

    1. Chanel a answer to you? When time come fi sleep she a ask u fi space? She nuh have nothing fi ansa to you seh and she said nothing out of place. U can stop har from talk if she waa chat a ur mouth she using? No careless baby madda cya bun none a we because u jump ina mud and tink a spring waatah . Dont u have ur belly fi go rub down and ile? Why yuh come a try shut up di girl bully? KIMONE BABY FATHER WHICH IS YOUR BABY FATHER SEH DI SAME TING………SHE NEVA INNOCENT . So take that up with your very honest baby father because that may be all he has to give :ngakak



    1. wow dem belly full a baby but dem hungry fi sex a dat mek dem get ignorant and run a come type..dem mussy tink a chanel turn tonight :ngakak

  22. Met a u give him 2 kids unda 2 go check DR.Barrington him av mi puss file nevA catch a std yet go drown unno self d girl dead lef har youth n unno a chat chat Mek d girl rest in peace no matter wey she ever do life valuable a 1 d whole a we av Fi live

    1. Yuh wudda know if u have std or not? Yuh might get dem so regular u tink is a part a u by now .. Mi wudda neva check any dr unno seh fi check because…………….Princess Kate Lady Detol

  23. Kimone baby Fatha is not my baby Fatha go do yo research again n mi n bully no deh but dah gyal dey chat too much Eva a look putty from ppl

    1. Which pity she was looking?? Mek up yuh mine wha happen yuh nah breed agen?? If she was even looking pity a ur pity she did a look? A fi har mouth and hand so you cannot tell har when to use it and when not to..Do you understand that?

    1. Wow mi did start pan chanel and den mi stop type and see seh she seh she and di man nuh deh agen so is not no man argument ting she did come pan but this one run a come talk bout belly like is a rhode scholarship/noble peace prize she get..

  24. dem too dunce not even inna time of grief dem cyan let certain ting rest. all dis one bag a fight and fuss still. unu have young baby fi tek care off and unu a war all wid belly and a war. a suh unu wa unu children fi see unu a live. it is sad. mi actually feel sorry fi dem met God know dem need fi grow up

    1. Wow doe sorry fi dem because they will be stuck in di same place all when dema 60. How much grow up do you need after you find out you are pregnant from a man who has 2 kids that are not even toddlers yet? That should be humbling but no she is first lady and di man did consider she…mine is a belly a diamonds u a carry and not a baby eno because a mus diamond mek up fi him cum and not sperm :ngakak

      1. no met me a read kimono child is not his. kimono had a child in 2012 and deh wid bully when her baby a one. kimono bf come up top and talk (not bully) bully have 3 kids fr what I read. only baby and two pre teen. and now first lady a breed. what a bang ga rang.

        good morning ohhhhhhh

  25. dis very young lady dead dont really live nuh life. tek it as an example and do betta. this senseless bad. a nuff tings a gwan met Ft lauderdale/Miami is like di wild west everybody a walk wid gun. and nuff a dem a fool trigga happy bad. all now dem nuh catch di fat f**ker weh murder him wife almost a year ago.

  26. @Little, u have shame tree, dem nuh have none.. Chanel neva say nutten ill against the dead girl..Ms first lady Kate, Duchesses of Florida aka 1st lady, a try mek it luk like a man WARR when a Chanel she really waan fi cuss ova community koki Prince Bully..She fulla shit and tink she smart..Dont badda wid it tinite ole STRUMPET cause we ave nutten in common..Me shame fi you and dont even know u..

    1. Highly dem nuh have no root a shame because if a me and I ketch such a belly u know not even sunlight nah touch mi body mi nah come a road! People would haffi guess and spell a who a di daddy. But dem seh they were taken into consideration :ngakak
      a whey dem come from?

  27. And to all the women who are reading; God never made you a number, He says he knows every single hair on our head, that is how special we are to Him so when you allow a man to make you a number, telling you that you are number 1 because there is a number 2 and three. You are putting him in a higher place than God. You shouldnt be a number , you should be the only ..

  28. Unno really illiterate no body nah argue ova no man n u met a gwan like a u name chanel yo mus a fuk n suk har puss no matta wat bully is I love him still n have him bak 1000% who no like that go dead….gyal Fi keep har mouth shut she dnt like kimone n wah cum tell story bout who did a fuk who wat dat av Fi do wit har death now….but empty barrel Mek d most noise

    1. Yuh belly confused? How di girl fi keep har mouth shet when your leg cannot close? Are you Kimone’s family? No , you and Kimone did a share di same cocky and unno decide fi lock out Chanel ..mi get dat right? :ngakak Cocky mascarade … I will not dignify your sucking argument with an answer until you tell me that you have seen a condom before what is a C.O.N.D.O.M? And nuh tell mi seh a it name consideration because dat is all you know.. Why yuh have bully back 1000% when a him cock yuh shud be backing? Di back nuh need no more holding up because di cock a slip out choo di crease it need sealant :travel

    2. @Ist bloodclatte lady, yah come a run off yuh bloodclatte mouth, from bully come outta bloodclatte prison inna 2012 and him a walk and no money, a me bloodclatte deh wid him from day 1…OK 2.a 3 time bully gah jail from him come out (and a me a d one weh always did deh) weh unnu did deh?? just tru him start mek money now…. and a get nuff gyal him start diss me, LISTEN SWEEDY me now mi babyfada okay…. well mi wish me kno now him did stay “then” (but him neva did stay suh)… You a come run off yuh mouth bouth inna relationship by mi self… bully is very manipulating ok him will come to u and sweet talk you out this world mek yuh feel like everything nice and tell u all weh him wah fi tell unnu cause a suh him stay …. nuhbody nuh kno how much bully lay dung inna m,y bed and try to manipulate me abd mek me feel as if everything alright an how much him want him family… soooo WAT U NEED TO KNO IS THIS NIGGA PLAYING BOTH FEILDS and mi sure him nah tell unnu how much him will come a mi yawd an tear off mi front door and mi sliding door, and a guh inna mi phone and a text or call back ppl weh he tink me deh wid!! a sure him nah tell unnu dat….MI KNO MI baby Fada its said to say , because me kno weh me an him did a come from but tru money and hypeness and MI PICKNEY ST ILL OVA YA IN NEED OF TINGs…. all d same mek mi keep quiet cause me doh wah start read out him deeds

  29. Ah true Metty; that’s why me love my man cause me and nuh gal a go war ova him; he is mine and mine exclusively…has been for 21 years and going strong. Nuh gal cyaan call my phone and seh she and him deh cause I know for a fact, a lie dat a tell. Big up mi man BOB!!!

      1. Hey Chuetty :peluk ..yes girl, ( battery operated boyfriend) but since mine a plug een I guess I can rename him P.I.M ( plug in man)… Big up mi man PIM!!! :hammer

  30. D whole a unno a chat bout him a fuk a bag a gyal hw that trouble unno?? Unno a fuk him ya’ll jamaican too mix up n love watch ppl business while Fi unno business rotten n yea a prize mi win a gift from god a blessing

  31. These now a days women need to stop warring ova these worthless good for nothing but sex men. If me and the man having problems we will sort it out how we see fit but me nuh have nutten fe sawt out wid NO gal when it come to a man; I could care less if a baby madda, nex matey, wife or side chick…and all for what?? It sad seh this young lady lost her life and left behind her young baby; I only hope she nuh dead ova cocky argument

  32. @Zervah, u seeit to???.. A dem have mourning fi do and ova yah a mix and blend..@Met, u have time a ansa dis confused preggo chick who is quite DELUSIONAL WID NO SHAME.. She a gwaan like a she one fi have talk and nobaddie else fi say a word juss because di man tell har she a numba ONE..Wokliss cutliss..

    1. mi wah noe ow dem man yah tongue long suh an ow dem gyal yah attracted to dem…di man run enn an soun like a real gyal b4 yuh guh hug up di baby n mourn :nohope:

  33. Met u no comprehend so well u see mi sey nothing bout consider u tek up dis big big pan yo head eeee u a wah d village lawyer d whole a unno cum offa kimone n bully name

  34. FACTS says:

    September 13, 2013 at 3:30 pm


    Me a Bully BM and only reason ppl a call fi him name a tru dem fi gah court nexx month, in which di case did drop from 2 months ago but FEDS trying to go through with it thats the only REASON WHY … its sad that she had to go like that because she has a beautiful little baby girl thats gonna grow with out a mother, BUT it could be anybody, so no name should be call cause every week Kimone was in beef/drama wheteher it be a man she a try setup or somebody man she a tek an a bright up wid it… so i hope justice come out of this but no names shouldn’t be called yet . Let the police do their job

    BUT OVOUSLY ONE A BULLY GYAL DEM (sounds like she an kimone a fren) FINALLY STEP EEN LIKESHE WAH LY DG M CHEST… @FIRST LADY since yuh wah pitch pon mi?? obviously you know me sooooo well why yuh neva or none a bully otha gyual eva step to mi? Me kno im must tell yuh she mi a maddhead already and war like a man … sooo do yourself a favor an silent….

    But anyway @MET truthfully as bad as things was with her lifestyle, Kimone personality wasn’t bad at all cause all when u an she catch up she will try fren u up back… but R.I.P KIMONE and I HOPE who ever did this will surrender themselves and Justice will be served. my prayers for you

  35. afta mi bloodclatte deh ya seh mi feel sorry fi dah bwoy ya cause him name a call up , yuh come a mek yuh gyal dem or even himself style mi pon JMG… BULLY DOH MEK MI DISH IT OUT

  36. ^^Gal yuh ah maddhead fi tru..like if ah mi babbymodda mi ah give yuh one rass tump…, him muss missing in action bout yah now hush

  37. Madhead. U. C it deh now, this girl lose r life tru da frens dem dem dat she keep.
    Even ar babydaddy comment, in his time of mourning; on a mixup site (JMG). To the world!!!
    Now @ the end of everyting….ur comment, defines it all;@5;35am.

  38. @maddhead u keep talkin bout ur head mad like ppl Fi fraid well I’m not…him no need yo Fi feel sorry Fi him him gud mix up gyal….go drink up yo ensure cocky Mek u mauga dun…if yo nevA jump d girl no body wouldn’t affi go a court did u think about that??? Yah crosis

    1. @1st Lady….JUMP d girl?, nah mek yuh draw mi out!!!! cause if mi say any bloodclatte ting right now. Remind you a your man fi gah court Oct.4, lol nah mek yuh draw mi out fi set him up, FIGHT/JUMP???? I don’t know what you are talking about Bully and Kimone ting dat

    1. Phantom…and dis is why mi nuh mix nor mingle wid dutty bungle cause life too sweeeeeeeeettttt!!!!! Mi seh big up JMG str88888888888 and all the progressive men and women on ya cause a we seh livity and prosperity str8888888888!!!!! :cool :peluk :peluk :peluk

    2. All a dis ova dutty bytch and cocky argument and coo deh now… smaddy end up lose dem life behind it all and ain’t no telling what more’s to come of this…you gots to be kiddin me :hoax2

  39. @maddhead mi tell u sey yah idiot a broadcast court date smh as I said before cum off a kimone n bully name….love him despite his flaws we love the haters…I’m done!!!

  40. @yep:yu man nuh stop walk & f**k down the ole a bx bout Yours only for 21yrs kmft open your eyes u sick bitch(mental) :cd :nerd :ngakak :thumbup

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