1. I remember when this site was just about the dancehall and now there is just a whole bunch of mid to uptown instagram celebrities. Senders just grudge the girl them fi dem age
    Can’t turn back the hands of time though.

    1. precisely…always hating and trying to bring someone down just to see a reaction of the person hurting….stooping as low as to create fake instagram pages for a story…really watching ppl hard its really sad. Whats wrong? slow news day?

        1. quite trying to “figure me out” so far ive been Lauren, Marsha, Errice and now Edel? wrong wrong wrong! Im just a regular girl who wound up on your site due to malice and im sick of people like you plotting to see people hurting! You should be ashamed of yourself! I hope to god you dont have kids, what a shame if your karma come for them

          1. I have children ……………. mi nah try figure u out mi call u every name..why would i plot to hurt u when God can do a better job? A so mi like work..go tek that horrid blue blouse burn it and tek di ashes bury it u hear

          2. if u end up on here due to malice it couldn’t be me plotting but if I were u I wouldn’t come back..mi nuh go place mi nuh like and mi nuh call u

      1. you are really sad and in pain and its coming out with every response who god bless no man curse, God never hurt me yet I have everything in life I could ever need or want. People like you just need to experience happiness atleast once… the hating and the dragging isnt necessary

        1. So the girl u a drag wid di one plate a food a bless God bless u fi do that? What a blessing…mine fire lightening and thunder fi ur petty ass

    1. you are just as pathetic….i hope someone tries to hurt you like this one day just for living you life people too jealous and conniving because of their own hurt….you see someone with something nice or just happy living life and not bothered by you so you do research and dig up shit to share with the world so these people can feel as low as you….it always makes me sick to see people excited about someones downfall

      Met, be careful how you dance on other peoples graves,
      Good Morning

      1. You are indeed pitiful! Why are you even here? typing? responding on a site you deemed fit to call evil? Don’t you see that you are despicable? You look sooo stupid it is not even funny. KICK ROCKS! Leave this website to us people. YOU NASTYNESS. MET? Don’t stop put the likes of these LOW LIFE BITCHES ON BLAST! PUT THEM UP ON THE WALL. YOU ALL LUCKY IT’S NOT THE LIKES OF ME RUNNING THIS! CAUSE NOOOO TOPIC THAT PUT’S UP WOULD GET TAKEN DOWN ALL WHEN UNUH EMAIL OUT UNUH GUT HOLE TO REMOVE IT. Delusional! Name brand trash of a people. You all want to live a certain lifestyle to show off on social media when unun know how you all selling unuh kratches. GWEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

        1. She of all the person whey a swing pan di last hair whey deh pan di kitt balls. A boast bout a plate a food a pegasus whey every dog carry dog meat go eat she a boast bout. Little low life no life trash. Di amount a time dem send she in and mi not even comment because u cyah a hoe fi mind man and a hype pan top a it…how u fi hype when u hole a burn u? dem need fi GWEYYY as u seh

          1. Listen to me Sis, Don’t you Dare stop doing what GOD has ordained you to do, I plea the blood of JESUS! I have learnt so much from your website it is beyond ME and MY years. I swear. You shall not be bullied by these filthy rags! They live a lifestyle to pretend to the massive. Let the people see who are these tired Tramps, selling their vagina just to get the likes on social media? How pathetic can one gets? This generation I have no part of! Let the people see them for what they are. GEEZZZEEEAM PIECE.

          2. u know what hurts the most…the little girls that see them and want to be them and a the truth ..little young girls whey a follow them thinking that they are just some rich in and try to know them and get caught up in the lifestyle..badda dan dem come all ah go happen is people a go drag dem the whole day today mi nuh haffi seh a word just watch

        2. BUT WHY U SO concerned about who sellling crotches? You jelous cause them crotches buy more than your life worth? Whether it right or it wrong is someone forcing you to sell your crotches why it bun you so? Why the crotches of these other females concern you so bad tru you cant cop a feel? As low as crotches selling may be these girls do it for whatever purpose they do it and guess what ITS NOT YOUR LIFE SO WHY YOU WORRIED!? Tru the crotches selling get them some perishable material shit? and you who work so hard at you 9 to 5 cannt afford it? Just tell me why you want to bring them down so bad what hurt you about THEIR VAGINA so much? its not yours so stop feeling bad about it

          1. No we nah hurry we a sturry and uno get mauled in the miner go sidung..if u a f– a man and him nah own u..and u a mine him and him nah own u…………dig a hole my friend u condemn

          2. Young Lady? I honestly feels sorry for you. I shall not argue with you, However, The MULE that brought you in this world, who never teach you self worth or values, She is to be blamed. You are a lost soul, Nothing that MET or this site can do for you Darling. Dignity and self worth is just something you cannot instilled in a person.

          3. None cares about unu quick sand reservoir hole. No wonder the men not leaving their women for gnu because dem a sink inna unu. Nuh grip nor glue is available.

          4. UN f**ken REAL…I hope 2 God u nuh av pickney….u realize PROSTITUTION the world oldest profession is still ILLEGAL? Are you aware of the social problems it causes (STDs AIDS broken families emotional problems etc etc…selling yuh front gyal fi no odda reason dan vanity or drugs is sad but to come pon ya and gwan like say it nawmal FOH….TO ALL THE YOUNG LADIES READING THIS…..DO NOT FOLLOW DEM EEEDIOT GYAL…take your time study hard and pray…dis quick money living a go wreck dem in due time :marah

        3. When she tek ppl man she never know thats evil. Mek she gweh, she trouble a lot of girls. She grudge the girl them who pretty.

      2. Terry what kind of nice things and life are you people living some ah unu dont even know where unu next meal coming from!!!!
        WHY in Gods name would anybody hate on EDEL .. fAshionNEVER yuh ugly nuh bbc and ah mine man go sit down wid yuh ugly midget self who see yuh??? Whooooo jealous of errice she big and sour like she nuh see she a get too fat now stress a beat she .. where she a guh wid dem trashy hair deh bout brazilian??? tahnk God fi har trade she have clothes to wear .. “nice tings” i have to really laugh unu haffi do the dirtiest things inna life fi wear ONE NICE THING lmao not even to have the lifestyle yall be fakin on the gram .. LaurenoLauren ah u mi sorry for the most !!!!!!! u do the dirtiest deeds inna d history of life the saddest part is the fact that youre the most delusional person pon the LAND ! U SAD NUH FCK.. all ah unu a suffer from mental disorders unhappy bad ! TERRY stop it cuz u nuh come from UPTOWN !!!! YOU ARE A PRETENDER AND WISH u were from there poor yuh ! go have a seat you keep ranting about rubbish it clear yuh hurt bad met site just a expose di real slime ball yuh really is it a bun yuh ah bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy guh bawl gweh man :cool

          1. met u know me see it pon IG yesterday inna me popular feeds when mi see it me wa fight edel cuz she love draw attention to har ugly self .. idk why people buy from her she’s friggin REPULSIVE!!!

          2. because the people in jamaica just love follow a little hype dem nuh care who the person is but edel couldn’t even get one penny from me if i had a million to flush

          3. is same suh my friend like the hats she selling suh me say just go buy it man lmfao my friend nuh even too chat ppl she seh if ah me fi gi she my money mi just beg God fi mek mi look lakka satan cuz she ugly inside out … she seh me nah support har cuz she nuh reach no where and she already UNGRATEFUL .. which is so true.

      3. A better you stop type because that gal you are defending is a bully. She troubled a lot of people so when she a get har wappings don’t come cry like a Met a seek har out. A di same people them she go trouble a lick har back. This is her style so she must accept it and take the promotion. Her name is an irony, she doesn’t know a thing about fashion.

      1. you know what you did yesterday was wrong trying to call me Edel wont help your case, i am not so leave the girl alone! leave them all alone! YOU WERE WRONG TO SLANDER the young lady yesterday to the point you delete the post TAKE YOU LOSS AND JUST STOP IT! all of you are so sad waiting to hurt someone

        If im edel why mi nuh comment on your 100s of posts about her? Its because yesterday YOU TOOK IT TOO FAR! YOU TOO ENVIOUS MAN LEARN TO FIND YOUR OWN HAPPY PLACE!

        1. Stop talking please because your email and ip has been here regular ..not to mention u switch name and if u want people know if u comment ina edel posts we can show the world that…Mi did wrong fi slander which young lady??? a lady is an honorable term whey none a uno deserve. Di whole lot and a half a uno walk wid uno hole ina uno hand like a pisspot so what the hell u talking about? All a man haffi do a mek uno si deh dere is something under di zip and di pot drop fi him piss in. Mi nuh have no loss a tek because mi nah suck fi hair nor swallow fi wear forever 21 uno f– widout ambition..look at uno to? Envy is a very loose term try leave it and dont tek it up

          1. Done di ole mattress dem, dem gi weh dem ting like dem a throw offering. Dem a free ducks, giweh bare free wuk

  2. Morning deh metty n the metters :peluk . How come a only over yah unu come preach the amount a blog site deh n a jmg u hot fah. It too rass early man, only over yah unu can bad up the keyboard kmrt. Wen the Yankee dem a nasty unu up bout unu fake life unu quite, try miss met u bs today

  3. Wat really puzzles me is all these so called rumors whey unnu claim ppl spread pon unnu if a no so a near to so enuh so y unnu mad tho? So yesterday u tried the anger n no education angle it didn’t work so today u come back with the guilt n godliness angle if u were truly blessed n happy u my dear would have been able to ignore any n all false rumors so go find wateva that ails u n leave the lady children outta u argument all a DI children dem whey u n u friend dash whey n send gone a boarding school (drainage) worry bout dem unnu too damn disgusting KMFT

  4. Terry come off the site because if you have a problem with it why visit it every day. This story that the person sent in about Fashion never deserve to be here. Firstly I’m aware of this particular situation, Tandeeka asked her a question about the store and she refuse to answer, then Tandeka said let me say something about her and I’m sure she will answer. Tandeka did just that, Ugly Devareen was on point to try and cuss out the girl.the girl level her nastiness so she had to block the girl then cuss the girl. Tandeka said this was an experiment. Why is it that you can’t answer queries about the store but you can answer other comments. Which I agree. Fashion never is no uptown girl, she is disgusting. When she a style people on her page and people a run in and done Tandeka where the girl could not defend herself because she get block. Nothing not wrong with that Terry???? At least here you can answer Met not making up nothing she posting what she get. So nasty Terry, don’t come back and even if mid to uptown land here is not because of malice is because of the nastiness that them associate with. The site name Jamaica Matey Groupie I don’t think is a class or race thing. Suh Terry leave the site if yuh can’t manage.

  5. And all along me did thing ppl eat food everyday only to find out say plate a food a special sprecial sumting u show off till it sickening n fi wha my girl anyway dem share that whole heap a carb with just a tups a protein (meat) don’t mean u no good u belly ago swell :siul

  6. Is dat same edel bitch a comment from yesterday bout her clients GO SIT DOWN! your clients are GHETTO people the same ghetto people u on here cussin nobody from uptown not buying from yuh edel …

        1. I just look her up. Ain’t nothing special about her. All I see is 50 pounds of weave, basic attire, and hats she claims were her vision. I’ve seen those has in store for years now.

  7. Met, they say your “envy”. I didn’t know you envy these trash on camera sucking diiiiick? You beta leave all dem girls alone u hear?!!

    1. ____________________________________________________ mi a go leave dem mek man gwaan piss pan dem dung a mobay ..mi a go start tell mi links fi send dem picture come and put dem pan a hoe wall of shame dem fi gwey

      1. Yes,Please give them the attention they so need, A HOE wall of shame sounds just right. You know? Me a laugh so till. PUT THEM PON BLAST. Old nastyness dem be. :ngakak I love your idea. Brilliant!.

        1. Mi a go do it because when the things put up they love to say a lie so mi a go ask dem fi start tek dem picture..walking pan di boardwalk a pick up tricks then come back a kingston like dem rich

  8. Wha me want know is Edel how u have green card and u no have no life no friends in Florida … U only can come Jamaica and act like ur somebody everyday u itch up over regency a try look man and u no realize that white men love black girls but they have to be pretty I couldn’t believe Wha night I saw u in there face tough body tough u have a right to be wearing the hair in your face Mercy God u a one a do ugliest gal me Eva see and Met me naw exaggerate maybe she needs to wear bangs or one her big hats dem 24 hrs

  9. I hear seh sometimes when di man dem come dem gi one a di main hoes a call and tell dem fi bring a bag a gyal come and dem pack up go mobay go f– fi money…as di pastor seh …yuh nassttty no man cyah piss pan mi and pay me

    1. eeew, me prefer go luk wuk, sell bag juice or starve before me mek man piss pon me. When man piss pon gal, dem condemn dem

  10. Met mí hear one long time say U a somebody from the Bronx name Suzie one GURL name Sadie mother a true? A U? Dwl
    Barry Wife?

    1. And you are concerned because? What is your point? It is obvious she go make the whole a the Jamaican dem with their nasty life reach a Mad house because unuh don’t know who she is. LOL. Me sah! I LOVE THIS WEBSITE JAH KNOW.

      1. All when dem know after mi nuh care..smaddy cyah dead two time a dat dem nuh realize so mi dont waste my time……

  11. Yes met, get their pics walking the sidewalks of Mobay, trying to pick up a Johns. Now they going to duck and hide!! Looooooolll…..

    Terri, where is are u?? Don’t try me, I know how to command the English language. :nerd

  12. They say humbleness is key is life….and the fact that this girl end up on here is not surprising at all, she’s very boastful nd super annoying on IG….One day I even ask miself how does one give God thanks nd still throw words at the same time? How she behaves turns mi off from even walking by her store….not to mention when I see her post the pegasus pic, mi seh a must d first she a go there, because to how pegasus a old news she affi filter out the pic Fi nuh show seh the background age too how long pegasus deh bout lol u can tell seh she new to this.

    1. Why you telling her the Pegasus is old for? Now she going to the Courtleigh/Spanish court Hotel…..choooo

  13. Yuh know wey me nuh understand mi see UGLY fashion never screen grap Tandeka a cuss her and she block the girl and she and her friend dem class the girl cause the girl seh she ugly and her wig stink….the girl could not defend herself suh what mek wey you do right??? Yuh page open and yuh do up the likkle gyal but unno a come cuss JMG….nastiness is the same thing yuh do pon your page….Kitt a sorry yuh never Nyam har out likkle more…nastiness the man friend dem sey yuh pay fi him c@ck# and yuh haffi kneel mek him cum inna yuh face…..wey yuh a do fret sey your sucking picture ago reach……yuh worst than the one dem wey a sell cause a yuh a pay fi get piss up pon…..move yuh ugly self and Gwey……

  14. Exactly benfoot who boasts Abt Pegasus Edel or Deverine what if she did go Geejam Trident or Hyatt even Sandals she woulda tear down Instagram likkle frighten gal Pegasus is like a f**k shop now so me nuh knw Wha do she .. It’s sad when everywhere u have to go is with ur lil gay friend no man can’t carry u go nowhere #sigh being independent is good but I like to be catered to every now and then lol Wha u knw bout dat Edel

  15. U :nerd Met darling what is wrong with Ocean Village Plaza mi come from Ochi but old enough to know that if my mother hear i was at PEGASUS she ask me if I joined the legion og whores that visit there daily after all I too book reservations for my esteemed boss and his escorts. Lord I love my 9-5 I can eat at nice places from my own pocket and not before and after sucking on some hairy balls and dicks that I would rather not see in my dreams. These wanna socialites who live on antibiotics and come to the north coast regular like a style. JMG is muy second bible y’ll bitches cussing it like you dont love when unnu name call over yah its the only real recognition unnu get its like an award you aint a celebrity if you name cant call on the blogs you have to fire your publicist bitch just ask Kim Kardashian

  16. dont understand y ppl come pon JMG come put dem mouth inna wah nuh “consaaaan” dem .. if unu nuh like the post move on to the next one or exit the website .. a ppl like unu mek dem instagram hype gal yah feel seh dem a smaddy kmt moooovvvvee man a defend gal weh probly dont even know unu kmt

      1. hahaaaa yes i scared you dont lie!! no one begged for the girl nuh u just say u dont give a damn….you got the shit scared right out u rass mouth

  17. Fashion big nose edel. From she a mek her money or from she exist on social media u never see her in any brand fi a gal wey love hype. The way she gwan uda tink her closet line out with louboutin and guiseppe .a bare cheap things she carry, no name generic shit. Not even 1 deggy deggy decent bag, bitch plz u is all filter and smooth app. Thank god fi dem cuz pple see u in person sey the hole dem inna u face big so ( ) ( ) ! The hair trashy like ,i just can’t like her looks she look like a living monkey, how this bitch can go from lupita nyongo complexion to draya . Bitch is a ghost !!!!

  18. Met who is terry and what they saying about lauren? U mean The post from earlier bout her vugina needs to be seen.. She addi next one. Dem say lauren a mek blues a sell fi buy up the cheap clothes them ina her dying utube channel .

  19. But yuh see how Fashion never nuh good. True Kitt Gwaan to him babymada she launch out men line. Same pants and shorts wey him did a advertise fi road rage. Bout rip boss, yuh see how yuh inside set up….just because the man nuh want yuh, yuh just f up the brand. I can’t with you….


  21. LAUREN NOOOse cant hide noooo day plus di white buddy give her away big time cuz she haaates black dicks! Lauren and frens that nose and donkey face caaant hide unu delusional like a defend and you all see that its her a loyalty or fren unu a look fi se a unu ida defend are? The bitch knows its her pic booboos

    1. Lauren is going to do as much as she can to convince everbody is not her all her stupid friends that she call best friends caugh “ria, nicole and that gay boy ” lauren your face your bag out eye dem and u likkle mawga neckstring and bony chest! all the man wey she married was on the page it look like dem find out the last name and she so fool she mek her and her best friends follow him on ig. One big fat white man ,no wanda she no show him ongle him hand and finga, tan bad ! I see the whole thing, afta that the man page gone clean clean , it look like she was doing it before him and during him !
      You cant lie all who see de picha know say a lauren she musi ago say a sumbody else or crop somebody head on him body. U wait fi hear it! And seeing this happen she no kip her ass quiet she a tweet like nuttn happen so she guilty as hell .

      Edel still ugly doe.

  22. :ngakak @MET re: hoe wall :ngakak :ngakak …ok big and serious now mi pon ar IG page and mi a search fi singting positive 2 say BUT mi spirits dont tek ar…she arrogant bad …boassy (yuh food u a post up every 5 seconds unappealing)…ar fashion sense confusing bad. Which school did she study fashion design and fashion house employed her…dem rass straw hat and dem visor dey a kill mi..

      1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Lawd jeez I dont think dem wi cum fi u eva again MET…u school dem today..

  23. Met you know iI doh believe u when u say someone begged for her cause me nuh know u fi be so saff loll there is more to it than that!’ Me know. U nah fraid a terry but is something serious mek u trek it down

  24. What is in the plate? I been looking and I don’t see nutten wah should meck anybody envy har food. Di most enjoyable spots me eat a meal in JA is some a doze seaside places. Not knocking Pegasus, but even when me go to the best hotels and eat with real silver and real china and white glove service in some architectural masterpiece, it nuh move me no more dan if mi a roast two breshey and a row a boat wid frens. Anywho, it good fi experience different tings in life suh hope u enjoyed di meal whatever di hell it is. Pegasus need fi plate dem food betta and dash on one garnish man, even mi madda Sunday plate look betta dan dat..kmt.A mussi di buffet shi went to.

  25. But edel no use to eat out nice in farrin. U no see a only ina jamaican currency she can flaunt, and hardly. When she in miami only box food she eat or cook at her yard. She dont know what fine dining is. I see the plate shes showing and its not appealing the rice look putty and the food look stale. No use to no good high notch food , u is basic bitch. She is also what u call a butter face, her body ok 7.5 but her face a 0.5. cringe.

  26. But uptown and downtown spend the same money ? Wa a di difference ? Commenta yuh badmind tunup because people a buy the tings dem.

  27. Tell edel fi post a pic from half moon or sandals, dem no give away comp room so then we will know if har money strong.Uptown don’t do Pegasus. Nothing wrong with trying to build a brand, but she need fi stay humble. Ain’t nobody grudging you chile !

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