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Gm effective this minuite rite now @footahypemusic is no longer apart of the @downsound_music company I QUIT resigned lef di work which ever way wi can put it on the basis of not getting the respect I deserve from the company ceo joseph bagdonavic as in them producing and releasing material in the form of a song that is aimed at violating and disrespecting me and my brand I will not work for a company that is deliberately trying to tear down my brand image and character in order to make another person in same company relevant at the end of the day I was foota hype before @downsound_music and will continue to be after .

0 thoughts on “FOOTA HOW A YOU LEF SIR??

    1. I cant say yuh wrong fi di song dem but DSR dont have a building as we speak and a because a di behavior of many you and the bag a noise..Di res a studio people dem seh dem dont want unno ina dem place so how u quit? Yuh a look fi go talk up a bag a lie now ? :travel

    1. But mi neva hear nuttin like dis yet..Him n Skatta was fren…him ooman sleep wid him, it confirm and dem admit it and all nowwwwwwwwwww him cannot say or do anything bout it ….it look like a true di people dem a talk den foota

  1. Sometimes you get some hit songs out of mix up. So it go. Foota a push Ishawna and she not going anywhere. She get a little buzz ougt a ‘restraining order’ more than any push that Foota do over the years.

      1. She too slack doah. Mi nah go say she deserve fi get stab or beat, but jus cause u an di man lef nuh mean u mus broadcast unnu bedroom business especially when unnu know man sensitive bout dem ting deh.
        On another note: who the phuck is dressing Joe dwl…u tink u a young bwoy Joe

        1. :ngakak whey u seh him dress like him a 16? hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
          but u right ishawna wrong and have a piece strength in her wrong its sickening to me the same time all when u waa tek up fi foota u cant because him lie and love to run his mouth. He should have been the one held in regard because what happened was wrong and the songs make it double wrong

          1. With that pleather jacket dwl…mi figet say him have young wife so him affi stay up to di time. So who else get paypas met? Ah doah hear yet.

  2. Hailingz everybody……suh met it nuh take more dan one smaddy have a mixup suh how a foota alone lef/retire/fired/resign? Loll

    1. _______________________________________ hailings ooo…a talk him a mek way fi talk di tings to di media neatly because him a walk and tell di whole jamaica long time and was still going to di studio but because most a dem get dem walking papers yessideh and there is no where now for him to go…………him waa chat all kinda something and want news paper people call him

    2. KINGSTON, Jamaica –The Supreme Court has handed down a judgement giving the owners of the popular Downsound recording studio at 43 St Andrew Park, a property zoned for residential use, to return the premises to its original use by September 16.
      Suh if Foota did waa look relevant him shudda type dat weeks ago when he was suspended and week before last when him draw knife pan ishawna infront a joe..

        1. u nah falla di tory…she talk in front of the boss…in a meeting…that footer is a “eater” an di man back him ratchet affa ar

  3. but foota suden mek it bada him cuz as a selector dem stay down’n ppl nd more dan mix up suh him suda can tek de mouthing weh him lub give..smfh

    1. simply dere is nothing bothering him because a nuh him one let go.Maybe Joe only a keep ishawna and a next artiste so all dat goodly a hurt him

      1. oh okay but the restraining song bad still enuh har punch line is now de latest tawk “stop watch out mi” nd yuh add wat eva ppl fi tap watch

  4. Heeeyy ISHAWNA & FOOTA was di 2 most mixup people inna dancehall dem did mixup bad bad bad dem did love people business bad chat people bad bad love laugh off a people misery, instigate nuff mixup so now it tun round pon dem big time & a dem everybody a chat bout now. Sweet mi. What goes around really come back round. Cause fi dem mixup turn out fi be di biggest

    1. u know i hear that long time but mi neva belive till all man mi hear a talk up how foota mouth portion a gwaan and him lie

      1. U see him damn mouth too kmt so if u a leave no just say thank u for the experience I’m moving on to other things n done remain professional no kmt damn bitch ass dude, Foota u mouth too active man cho

    2. People who love to gossip will eventually become the topic of gossip themselves. I’ve seen this time and time again. Dis world is the fairest place, cause everyting you sow, you shall surely reap.

  5. But Met in the beginning nuh Ishawna and Movado did deh and Foota (Movado bestest fren at the time) tek Ishawna straight off a Movado pinnacle and breed har same time cah him neva want Movado get back d wuk. Now d table turn pan him caa a fe him bestest fren a do him d same thing. Outa d 2 a them me nuh know which one worse…

    1. talk up di tings demmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and di same fool fool foota walk and tell people say is lie dem a tell she neva sleep wid mavado mi sehhhhhhhh

  6. I don’t feel that she is wrong fi do di song i think this is years of being under his control a come back fi bite him caz him use to beat her an plus him worst dan dog when it come to cheating .all mi him did a look an mi an one a him so called fren dem deh when him did a look mi an mi mek sure tell mi man caz mi nuh want him guh tell lie pan mi but how i seeit u get back wah u do to ppl in life but when it hit u back it’s never pretty .she wrong fi sleep wid him fren but dats all mi think she wrong fah …

  7. Dwl foota mouth coming like cow pussy when the woman cow open up den pussy deh fi let out the piss.. it’s like it can suck in the world.. footahype mout remind me a one cow pussy!
    footahype you are wrong on so many level the man have a music studio what that means? footahype business is business and nobody tell you and ishawna fi go down a the man place of business with ooun foolishness. the man have him music studio and he produce song that is his job.. emotion and business nuh mix you see wha happen to Yandi???? jim jones let her go because she mek har emotions get the best of her! so footahype u still have your jet? dwrcl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. But seeyah,is not him one got fired, a bagga a ppl get fired so why him a tek it so personal, yeah man all who used to live off the man money get knock.
    Gwann foota yuh accustom to good and bad life so just tek this as a stepping stone. Ishawna is wrong fi cho, but she sound like a airhead to me that needs guidance, whenever she speak a bare garbage.
    I love the songs though, be fair though it must hurt foota, after trying so hard fi she get a hit and only now fi get a hit off their mishaps, memba him a human and he was always pushing her career talk choot. Hush foota a life so it go, God just never ordained it in the stars fi you give her a hit (no pun intended) lol

  9. From mi see da ugly suddy frawt mouth boy yah pan the gully a big up movado an a say a gully him say a neva like him an still dow like him….. him auro green dan a smell bad arm pit him just look like a trouble …. all you dutty legendary …yuh love likes cause this yah nasty mouth boy couldn’t even nyam mi much less breed mi so yuh fi get some rass lick and yuh big lip boy ….fotta slight….. a that you fi get you time up yah now lol you should a did dig 3 pit tielit cause a shit yuh drop inna now….. if a laugh inna this evening

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