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  1. Lemme start with the positive here…..Foota/Ishawna son is such a handsome lil fella *nice of him to show him daddy how fe use Skype lol*….Now!!!…let’s move on to the meat n’ bones of this whole fiasco!!!!…suh Foota DID use tuh beat Ishawna…Ishawna, so sorry for the physical *and mental* abuse you’ve suffered within that relationship *Foota, you aughts be ashamed of yourself for that, str8 up, and I hope that you’ve changed and will seek/counseling/mentoring for domestic violence* is one thing to cheat on the woman you claim to love, but to beat her and mentality ruin her sense of security and security, can be very devastating for her to handle *and to think that this took place within the span of your son’s life…Foota n’ Ishawna, both of you need to remember and think on this…children can sense/feel when something is wrong with their parents, and that is not a good feeling left for the child/ren to deal with because they sometimes think any wrong doing is their fault, so stop behaving like 2 grown n/ selfish assholes….now, since yuh guh call up Ninja Man name, hopefully he will step forth and shed some light on the situation and talk eeh truth, cause feem mouth nuh partial none atall…Foota, I hope you’ve at least apologized sincerely to Ishawna for all the cheating, beating and disrespect you’ve shown her over the years because no woman deserves dem deh typa ill treatment, but it is now really time foonu part ways and re-buil with other mates/partners…Ishawna dawlin, you are on the path to destruction; do not use your body as means to seek revenge against any man who has done you wrong cause inna the end, you will always lose modestly *you dot have to sleep with every Tom, Dick n’ Scatta…you are still a young girl….put your abusive past behind you and enjoy your life and continue to be a great mom to and take care of your son…it is time for you both to part ways..

    1. Him might can try fi put fi him abusive past behind him, but she might not…wah him nuh realize is dat ah him mightah all beat di gal suh much she get crazy and not only tun “studio vixen”, but but also a drinkah, but it look like seh it all blind har too, caz di man dem wah dem seh dis gurl ah sleep wid she muss be..

      1. Foota n” Ishawna past relationship reminds me of Ike and Tina’s…jum started her career,so because he made her he could break her suh til him start beat and chat on her, left him and it becomes very toxic til she breaks out on her own….story comes to bump like no other…Foota, bad enough yuh admit tuh yuh infidelities and domestic violence, but even worse is how you casually describe it as if it ah joke ting and should be expected, accepted and tolerated…* why she neva dash hot grits pa yuh like Al Green’s woman did tuh him when him use tuh beat ar tuh is beyond me*

        1. Foota n” Ishawna past relationship reminds me of Ike and Tina’s…jump started her career, so because he made her he could break her suh til him start beat and cheat on her, left him and it becomes very toxic til she breaks out on her own….story comes to bump like no other…Foota, bad enough yuh admit tuh yuh infidelities and domestic violence abuse, but even worse is how you casually describe it as if it ah joke ting and should be expected, accepted and tolerated…* why she neva dash hot grits pa yuh like Al Green’s woman did tuh him when him use tuh beat ar tuh is beyond me*

  2. Leave her to time…sir!
    She is stepping in Keisha Cole foot prints…from her husband to Birdman to jail.It’s a groupie thing!!
    Ishawna please contact me….I have an ex who believes in sex every night with a different tool.

  3. So Shameful. “Winfred, remember me did always a cheat yuh nuh”. have a nerve. I notice he didn’t say she was sleeping with Joe.

      1. Metty, does Foota’s infidelity involve any other children outside him n’ Ishawna’s 9 year relationship?..cause I find it kinda hard for a woman to accept big public engagement and then still “plan” fe breakup with the man after all that….

  4. Scatta nuh easy atall..what made u confessed u were sleeping with ishawna…was ur intent to put down ishawna, or to embarrass foota…I know the atmosphere must b tense between u n her. . But of course yall r going to front for the public.


    @mslegendary you wake early

  7. Wow,This guy is disgusting! He beats/cheats on her and act like it noting. Men like Foota always piss me off. No matter what you and your ex have one shouldn’t go on a public rant about his/or her bedroom activities, it’s just wrong. how is it someone like him who has a unloyal d!ck always want a woman with a loyal puzzy?
    Morning met…..

    1. Ishawna know exactly what she was getting herself in.. she was just there for the opportunity she never cared what was happening around her.. as a man raise him hands them to hit you the first thing you do is leave and never return.. Ishawna remind me a the NFL player wife.. the man knock her out and she still deh round him bout show ppl what real love is. Ishawna was just wanted the opportunity and now she feels like she got it.. so she gwaan if a man start cheat why stay when u can just leave?

    2. Him nuh star..blame di women dem wah mek dawg shite lakka dem yah sleep wid dem and continue fi sleep wid dem wen dem keep up dem nastiness..bwoi just rub mi di wrong way man.

  8. omg, my girl u really sit dun tek lick fr foot hype, foot yuh big black n ugly nuh pussycloth, YUH SHOULDA SUCK HAR PUSSY N LICK OUT EVEN HAR BATTY THATS HOW MUCH U UGLY BOUT YUH A BEAT WOMAN

  9. Foota yuh cyaa use how ishawna talk to joe fi suspect nuttn cuz it seem like a suh all a unu talk to him….to me joe is weak boss him nuh seem to have nuh control ova nuttn everybody seem to jus a do wat dem want wen dem, downsound seem to be plague by controversy if a Neva dis it wud be somn else…..all dese damn artis an where is di hits??? Is like dem jus roun deh fi Nyam, chat, smoke, f**k, argue, sleep, an joe jus foot di bill.

  10. Me believe everything expect the three sums and no eat pussy part!! Sorry Foota couldn’t believe you pon that deh two deh.. Anyways it’s morals not marals ok sir and bad to bad if she did a talk to joe so me would and feel him a f**k her to or maybe she has some secret we don’t know and the way how MET bad pon research me no think is a secret so me think them a f**k sorry bout a so me think to Foota

  11. Morning Met, Metters,
    Dis bwoii Footah yah is something else..him a star suh him aguh cheat and him can beat caz him a star to? Look how him a admit seh him hit har like a hand him hand har a cone with icecream..I can’t stand a beetah and it look like him proud a it to..should be ashamed a u damn self. Footah u dumb as rassclawboh, bettah u did shut u dyam chappahs. Wuss of all u know seh u son know how fi use computah and u deh yah a chat dem sinting bout him ma..u is a dutty dawg of di wuss kind..di more u chat di more u sick mi tumock ole fart. But look pan u to..favah dem mungrel wah deh hide undah black scandal bag wen rain a fall. U can’t even chat widout drawing oddah people innah unu nast tory..ole droncrow, a want Ninja kum tunovah dah raincloak u got pan u head..ole abuzah. Mi guh si how much international big people u going to get aftah u admit to di whole wurl seh u a abusah and sound proud a it..dumb ass. smdh

    1. Yes Tinan, dat ah di wickedness part bout it; him ah talk it like seh ah summen fe expect and except once yuh date him as if ah summen fe proud ah*and me like f**king eediat ah geem good advice widout knowing the full hundred; look how him shame mi tuh raas :mad:*…suh him probably huh roun ah di studio fe lay hands on her again n’ again and the camp man dem probably had to go to her rescue…mi seh mi shame bad fe him baad! :malu2

  12. She better off without hi but where she goes destructive is sleeping wid him fren; and the songs should been about domestic abuse and cheating instead of the antagonistic restraining order and cry baby. Who taunts and abuser? Plus Skatta ain’t shit either

    1. Leaves me to think that he slept with some of her friends too suh she decide fe fling it back pan im; you screw my friends n’ I screw yours *which is still no excuse Ishawna*

  13. This one is for scatta. Y did u feel the need to tell foota u slept with ishawna, was this an attempt to hurt foota r hurt ishawna…despite the public display of everything being Kool I know there must b some animosity with u n her……scatta u sneakily love what’s going on. But pretend to b a peace maker….y doneisha man never publicly admit to foota r the others she has been said to have slept with…I think scatta gets a kick out of these kinda drama

  14. MET good morning Honestly me na condone Ishawna behaviour me still feel dem fi just lo d girl cause she na do nutten whe no other female did. Only in Jamaica a man could be on national television and boast about beating a woman n then in the sam ebreath say jamaican believ in morals??? like really?? This MR BROWN LOOKING UGLY GREASY BOY ya was the 1 whe mek me stop go BEMBE from him did tek d stage n say n I quote ” FROM UNU KNOW UNU DRAWS CRATCHES NO RED, YELLOW & GREEN LIKE TRAFFIC LIGHT SCREAM” (n me know me fren dem a go know a me dis ya now but me no care) Me look n say how me fi de some whe whe a man a go talk bout oman so n den have d nerve a go step to me a try get me number after him carry him pretty browning pon stage fi sing ??? HE IS AS BAD AS ISHAWNA u waan say a 6 months it tek u fi chat some man wouldnt chat at all. U n u oman been a gi unu one anada 69 so dnt come pon TV n front, if u dweet to other girl whe u wouldnt dweet to she…GTFOH :hoax2 . Do u know the results of a woman that has been in an abusive relatiionship?? Right now me guarantee Ishawna nave no love in her fi no man she just a go through. Me did love my baby fadda fi years upon years 11 frikking years of abuse mostly physical n after me get d strength fi finally leave a married me get married less than 2 months after n up to this day have NO LOVE FI NOT EVEN D HUSBAND R NO OTHER MAN N ITS BEEN 5 years since we left… so u lucky Ishawna tun video vixen stop watch d girl n bot of yall have improving to do for te sake of the kid not just she

    1. Same so it goes. I have never been in an abusive romantic relationship, but I have been in an extremely violent parent/child relationship and it has affected me to this day how I interact with men, sometimes mi wish mi was actually gay suh mi wouldn’t even haffi deal wid dem. But unfortunately mi straight, so there is always some sexual desire there. Girl, who feels it knows it! Ishawna will never be the same again, and when a man beat u in front of others and humiliate you publicly like he did to her I can only imagine the desire she had to get back at him, she could not fight him physically and win, so she did the only fight she could, and that was sleeping with his friend, it is the only way she could get her strike in. I understand 100% what drove her, and however she is today, he fully contributed to it. Some a dem ongle hab ooman strength, why him neva step to Scatta wid him fist? Ongle ooman strength dem hab, weak freakin mofo. I also hope she go and seek therapy, cause no use she lose herself or morph into something else because of this low-life loser. We women should not feel like therapy is a sign of weakness, so Ishawna, please guh get therapy cause di emotional damage that has been done to you, you neither know the length and breadth of it, and you are young, so you can get yourself back on track quicker than waiting until you old fi seek out help.
      We will overcome, all we abused ooman wah feel it and know wah it feel like to be humiliated and degraded at the hands of men who were supposed to protect and love us. #wewillovercome

    2. Those who feels it knows; so you can relate tuh Ishawna in some way then…..Foota, me cannot advocate fe yuh again, sorry yute, but last words of advice fe yuh…stop abuse yuh baby madda *both verbally and physically*, cause there is one more man that will eventually come to her defense and safe keep….YOUR SON!!!!!!

  15. You know now that I hear this interview with Foota, the more I know Ishawna need some guidance. Can you imagine how much forward she woulda get,if she did do a song on domestic violence, and the strength of women and women standing up for themselves???Him woulda end up looking so bad to the public and she would appear a strong woman who refused to take shit and people with sense would look up to her…..instead she come out in a blonde wig and lingerie and rub down herself and a sing purely bout u tell me??????

  16. A which part a foota and ishawna is the the number five power couple a Jamaica. Foota tek a seat and go stuck u head understand ishawna frock..

      1. which money? a you give him the money? lol kmt dat part a doe believe! u nuh see ishawna dun out the likkle weh him have and gone to her other victim…

  17. Foota need to find him self sumbady else pussy to suck on and leave Ishawna alone stop clocking har pussy you ain’t gonna get no check for doing it suh jus man up and know dat your time as expired!!!!


  19. Boy is a shame tho, what ever each don all a dis could a b dealt with differently. Foota a say him over her n me na buy it cause whatever a oman do to him no man no fi vent so n dash dem mouth so. MET a long time ishwana have dis up her sleeves fi him me a tell u. Me na say she at no fault at all it takes real guts fi dash it so. BUt teh thing is she wasnt like dat before she met Foota so a wha bring her fi do all dese tings??? Met a Rodney did tell me say she tek Vado n it look like Vado really like her a frighten till a nearly dead :ngacir2 :ngacir2

  20. I figured since rodney say dat to me bout 09… But me feel Vado did really like her fi true him just know it couldnt go no whe

  21. Met me na lie when all is said and done u know some a dese women are truly somen else u kno,,,as whe me say me na condone she a tek dung d place n FOOTa is a piece a shit fi his crude behaviour but there is a but…ISHAWNA I only hope after Skatta if unu r there fi true u no tek nobody else in a d industry cause u should tink of uself more than these ugly ass men

  22. Ishawna no more low budget niggas PLEASE make this be a lesson learned you’re too beautiful and bless fi mek stinking feet / mouth Foota ah deal with you like that baby father or not know your worth girl!

  23. They broke up 6 months ago, nobody knew the depth of the break up much less what they went through. I must say Ishawna opened this can of worms. The songs she has been releasing are clearly directed at Foota. If anyone of us was in Foota position we woulda talk up di tings dem too. It look bad because dem a celebrity. Foota need fi count him loss and Ishawna need fi find better songs to bring to the people cause when this fiasco dun what will she sing about?
    Skatta yuh need a kick inna yuh face. For you to go tell Foota something so personal and then guh write song gi Ishawna fi sing against the man, I’m wondering what was your aim.
    Both parties need to move on. Act better for the sake of their child and do what they love best which is music. Break ups happen, just deal with it properly. Big up yuhself Met and JMG family

  24. I am so shocked at Foota’s lack of empathy about the abuse, he referenced it as tho it was nothing, well I guess we don’t know what prompted her to go down the path she choose maybe a d beatin otherwise Skatta u want a fat shot and Ishawna need not do no interview just ignore and it will eventually go away but she fuelling the bs via social media suh none a dem nuh seen to care bout dem child, a which part a Foota hb money I kaint

  25. but met yuh notice seh him nuh mix up joe name inna a dis interview yah guess because joe said him a think bout sue him lol .my thing is even if him know why she an him lef i don’t see no reason for him to do this interview because is not like she call him name in the song dem yes we all know a him she a talk but dat can’t guh court if him fi seh she a mash up him character once she nuh seh him name him can’t do nothing about it an if him so mad about what she did why wait till now fi show seh u mad caz when she go on stage she call u name an him never talk den an him been know a skatta write 1st di song so why wait till him write di 2nd song if him a such a thug foota needs to just don’t say nothing more a let her keep destroying her life if a dat she want to do caz di more him talk di more him look like a cry baby dwl lol

  26. cockyawna pus-c suda have sum kine a teeth dats wen yuh did a tongue or dick it mek a clean bloodclaat bite awf u cum a big up yuh no chest bout buss de gal ass like a ntn….stop lie bout yuh nuh suck pus-c where is Renee from long island wen yuh need har not even vacum have ur kine a suction powas yuh germs yuh kmft

  27. The whole dancehall knows ishawna wanted Mavado bt couldnt get tht opportunity, Footah was around him nd thts hw he got her, even when they were together it was stink in the streets tht Konshens f**k her cuz tht man dnt hold him mouth no matter who u are. Man a beat u an a ill treat u u f**kin leave!! He proposed to her and she said yes so y must we feel ooooh so sorry for her?? She should knw wat she wants really, nt saying he’s right he is wrong!!! Next thing when they broke up she said they were good its mutual wadeva sooo then hw it reach this far? I remember at Unruly Clash she was going on with her antics nd tht night alot a stars and industry ppl were there an dem a try boost footah fi guh defend it and him tek the mic and seh him build her him nt goin break her so I knw this really a bun him nw. To me she just doing this for a forward cuz before she call him name the crowd did stiff. Nd this drunk head man, one a dem top man deh shout out batty man a fck Ishawna nw jus like hw Beenie ketch Angel a fck a man ova spanish town, dem did haffi cut frm the event cuz he was just tooo much. Its nt a good look.

  28. It irks me how he spoke about the infidelity and physical abuse so casually. When you see some ppl have their hardcore exterior you know deep down they are very emotional. I always see her on tv advocating against domestic abuse, had no idea she was affected by it personally, which there was some way they could have both worked on their issues without playing it out in the public’s eye. Children are very smart, and they understand more than we think they do. I ended my 8 1/2 years relationship with my daughters’ father couple months ago due to infidelity, he called to beg for 1 final chance. The kids were outside playing (at least so I thought) unbeknownst to me, our oldest daughter (7) was in the bathroom washing her doll hair, when I took the phone call I got up to check to ensure that they were not within an earshot becuz I knew I had nothing nice to say to him, and was about to unleash my wrath on him. I look in d bathroom and figured d coast was clear because d curtain was drawn, but I did not know she was behind d curtain and didnt wanted me to see her, because she knew she was not suppose to be playing in the water, so she kept quiet. Anyway I proceeded to tell my kids father that he was a mistake, Im sorry d day I met him, and I failed my kids by giving them a bad dad, and I wish I could take back my eggs and give him back his sperms. I had no idea my baby girl was listening in on that conversation I had with her dad, until I sent them to spend summer holidays with their Grand ma & Aunt. One day while I was @ work abt a month after I had d conversation with my kid father, my sister called me and tld me I need to have a seat she had something very important to say to me….. She said my father came to her and said Aunty can I ask u a question? she said sure baby!!! she said “Am I a mistake” she said she didnt understand what she was asking her at first and said she thought she was asking her if she made a mistake, but my daughter corrected her, and said no thats not what I meant, I mean if u think I (insert her name) is a mistake, is not suppose to me her, or is here by an accident??? She said it finally hit her, and she finally understood what she was asking her, she said no baby, ur mommy loves u endlessly, why would u ask a question like that?? What made u think that??? We were both in tears!!! That day and the conversation that I had with her dad, came back to haunt me, I questioned how could she have known that I said all those things to her dad, when I checked the bathroom and the room and no one was there??? She said she told her that she was in the bathroom bathing her doll & washing her hair when I got a phone call , she said she realize its her father, she said she kept quiet becuz she knew I wld be upset if I caught her playing in d water so she hid behind d shower curtain, she said she had never heard me got so upset and I got really loud and angry on d phone with her dad, and that was when she got really scared becuz I sounded like a monster!!!!! and she overheard it all, I said all those awful things to him, I was telling him I hated him, he did not deserve those 2 beautiful daughter and I wish I had given them a better father, and I wish I could take back my eggs and give him back his sperms. She reasoned it out and saw that there were no logics behind what I was telling her father she told her aunt that if we both werent her parents she would not exist, so that mean she would not be here another little girl with another name would, so that was why she asked my sister if she was a mistake. I was so distraught when my sister told me, and she didnt even said it to me, so I could explain that I didnt mean it. I left worked instantly and traveled hundred of miles to apologize to my baby, and let her know that regardless of what daddy & I were going through, we love them very much. My word of advice is; do not play out what is happening in front of ur relationship in front of ur kids or via a medium which they can access. U might not still love ur ex becuz of what transpired, but they still love their dad/mom, so do not speak ill of them in front of ur child it affect them. In d words of one of my fellow blogger, I love my kids more than I hate my ex, so regardless f what I will be civil with him for their sake and their sake only!!!

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