9 hours ago
Kill them with success…bury them with a smile:);) #GodBlessedGirl #GoodOverEvil #Unstoppable
**So she still could not watch the show and ignore what Foota said although she had nothing to counteract what he said with :travel**
1 day ago
I Will always stickup for Women because these days the world is filled with Bitch Niggas & Man Groupies. #IcouldPostThisShitAllday

0 thoughts on “MS ISHAWNA SHE

  1. Love the song/lyrics; just a pity it came out the same time with Trey Na Na which knocked the charts.
    I these two adults are getting ready for church this blessed day. Alter call prayer…& more prayers; not preying on each other.

  2. SMH @the two ah dem. cockshawna claim she living lavish…question here is what did you do to acquire di lavishments.Skatta should sidung and shut the f**k up….foota was yuh coworker and fren..yuh shouldnt have cross dem lines. understand man a man but yuh shoulda run di gal! Foota prolly was doing feehim badniss too but why gonna f**k da homies. Mi agree she is the lowest of low…Si Joe flying in Mayweather…she and skatta going to that party as couple or she a pree mayweather to. You know the the girl is f**kist opportunist!!!…HAAAAAYYYY we shall see wont we!
    :supermaho <Cockshawna!

  3. From you and a man is fren yu not suppose to sleep wid him woman much less him yute madda, dem nuh have nuh morals mek a did foota sleep wid fi him woman, some man just do things fi get a hype fi can have things ova man and chatta skatta a nuh everything yu nyam yu must chat, but because you a look a hype bout you a confess fi say you a gallis but you look str88 stupid right now cause nuff woman weh probably did a pree fi gi yu a thing now realise you is a chattis!

  4. Winford seem to be Jamaica passa passa reporta….is dat wah qualify artis fi get onstage? A guess nex week it a guh be skatta telling is side an di odda week a joe, den ninja den smaddy else, roun an roun we go……..jah know dancehall need serious help rasta smdh.

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