1. Same so.
      Ishawna, that is a peace offering right there. Please to accept it and move on because the two of you do have a lifetime connection no matter what I or others want to say- we’re external to you and your family life and in truth Irrelevant in the long run.

    1. DONT!..From him go hear ishawna say she still love him a dat him a go use fi worm him way back but him gwine get more dan stab dis time if him go back go lick har…foota look like when dem wrap butter ina paper bag

      1. Butterrrrrrrrrr inna paper bag, I tell uhnuh I learn lots here at JMG!
        ________________________________________________________________________Oilly, oilly, oil_______________________

  1. this is a subtle message/ peace offering I believe to lessen the impact after her interview, I think he has now realized that ppl tired a dem an dem days of our lives story enuh aready Foota d girl doah wah no hbd msg from yuh gweh

  2. this could be 2 things a down right publicity stunt fi keep his name out there or this is damn creepy considering she made allegations he is stalking her.

  3. WAit a minute. Mi woulda like fi know how Pretty Dainty have soo much time pan har hand she a kiss more than Ishawna Fake batty. Di gal meck pic collague and dedicate har Instagram profile to Ishaawna. Well mi wah no Dianty is wah you wah teck weh footah woman or nah?’ Gwan go tend to ur 1/4 dozen and dedicate some a dat time to dem.

  4. yea but she now a call him devil..the drama continues. I’m done with these two they both looking a hype. Let there be peace and move on.

  5. Met come back yah man. LoL
    It sickening fi see dis big grey tone woman bout team Ishawna pon har profile and well have up har pic as the profile pic. I take that as attention for Ishawan fi look which she surely did. Ishawan well post up the pic collage and ah Thank har. Dainty you wash you face from Mawning??? is so you love Ishawna? ah wonda if is because unuh have something in common………fkks without apology. mi gone.


    1. She didn’t even have to say thank you, just say nothing at all, simply! Besides, if you so hurt by him, wah di rass you doing on his instagram page, the man not even tag her, pathetic! Two frigging attention whores! So over dem and the b.s.! People need fi stop pay dem mind now…

  7. Good Afternoon Met,Metters,peepers nd Others….
    miss har a dj pon him mike while she a wine pon hood head table…..tell unno give dem mid 2015 smfh.nig nig miss him freak

  8. Mek Foota gweh,u r an abuser that need fi stop being promiscuous and guh get help fi u special needs bout Ishawna come to u bout oral sex and threesome argument.Everytime mi hear sumady repeat di argument mi shake mi head.If she laugh too hard u beat har suh a dat argument she fi tell u…U r being exposed and u a try save face.U were a curse than a blessing Foota,she thank u aready in all interviews..I had a family thing weekend and this was a very big topic

  9. Ladies don’t be fooled its no peace offering. After he disgrace all calling har mattress the one he could never want. He only trying not to look like the asshole he is. Hes playing the bigger one role for all the blame to be placed on ishawna as the bad guy in whats going on. Mi no blame you ishawna babyfather or no babyfather tell him come kiss the mattress and go suck him madda brite. This the act of a crazy man after the fact smh

  10. Her respond is nothing compared to what I would have told him. This is the reason dome of you women enedbeing killed by unno men. You too easy to forgive. Lil niceness from the jancow dem and unno forget the assings, cutup, black eyes. Ishawna NO TEK DEM IDIOTS YAH FOOLISH ADVICE A SHOULDA ONE PHOTO OF YOU TEARING OUT YOU ASS YOU POST GIVE HIM. THESE SAME BITCHES AGO TURN ROUND AND CLASS YOU FOOL. THE WAY THE MAN A CARRY BELLY ABOUT THE SEXING OF SKATTA THATS A WELL LACED CAKE AS YOU NYAM IT YOU WOULDA DEAD ,SCREW HIM . YOU WANT HIS CHILD SUPPORT NOT HIS FRIENDSHIT!!!

    1. Him a breadwinner fi him pickney so him can play the bigger person role of course.
      No gal nu push out nu boi whey ago nimble hand up pon me that certain. Sometimes the fools advise out way the genius advise…”play fool, catch wise”. Tit fi tat pon public display nah solve nothing. She need fi get a mediator and stop social media out har issues, if him want to that’s his prerogative.

        1. no phoenix a nuh you me a talk lol @dwrl u nuh see her comment.. met you couldn’t tell phoenix a nuh she me a talk.. lmao

          1. Ok, I am sorry. This topic just full a tension, lol. Again, my apologies.
            One thing about me- when me wrong me wrong, admit it and move on. Blessings.

  11. Unfortunately yes Phantom…secret all reveal that was kept for many years with an aunt.She took the abuse for many years only because one a her younger child, my cousin seh a lie she a tell pon di man, how her face nuh bruise up and she look pretty a road.Mi surprise wen my aunt spoke about her ordeal,the children all had the same wtf look cause mi did rate dah uncle deh,but it look like di adults dem did know,dem neva look as shock as us

  12. It all started when smaddie comment pon one a Dainty pic say dem tink she was Ishawna….I guess dem tink she look like Ishawna. Maybe Dainty know har from back home. Dem ina di same age group don’t it??? Sumone say Dainty have 1/4 dozen???? _______________________

  13. Like seriously!? Foota a really dunce. Him and de woman leff and him a send on birthday cake wid public display? KMT, How fool him cudda be? Any communication between him and Ishawna supposed to be in private and ongle bout him pickney. A real eediat dat. Ongle a mek himself look like a big fool in de public eyes.
    And btw, fi ar response nuh mek at look good eeda. A simple thank you wudda suffice, if she did feel fi respond any at all. She show seh she nuh have nuh class. Ishawna is a JAW (Just Another Wretch).

  14. This to me is more hush & shhhh dan an olive branch extension. A nuff wi learn since Ishwana start talk like dem hungry while a drive roun inna top notch bimma. Him nuh waan she bus out no more.

    1. Yeah, him nuh everyting dash out. A try quiet har unda style. Him is a peece a shit. Shi cudda ignore him but shi still a fume ova de beatings and any oppty shi get fi humiliate him shi gwine tek it. Dis a fi ar way fi lick him back. Him a WIKID!!!! Av ongle strength fi ooman. No respect foota.

  15. This is just ridiculous now… They both need to stop with the foolishness. I don’t believe the abuse story I think they were fighting, ishawna look like a hot head. For Christ sake they have a child together and no matter what the situation is that child should be put first.. Ishawna start it now she should just finish it move on man. The man wish u happy birthday tek it choke on it or say thank you stunt or no stunt be the bigger person and grow the hell up I feel embarass for this child .. I would never humiliate my child like this it’s disgusting

  16. Hey guys off the topic but I am on a flight from atlanta to jamaica as we speak. Guess who just came on the plane. The big foot boy confirmed it was foota when i saw the big fook in the nike slippers with the black sock. Anyhow He did not look greasy, face did kinda white. as soon as him stop fi look at his seat number this groupie jump up out of her seat a big him up. If you ever see har. Smh. Anyway him gone a the back a de plan. I thought people with money travel first class

  17. How u gwine tell smaddy Happy Birthday, but in di same vein u a seh “we are not friends”. Even eena unno supposed kindness di unkindness come tru.

  18. Foota did try look me back in 2010. I was at a party Resolution and him and ishawna were there together. Couple days later went to a next party with my girls and he was buying us pure drinks and grabbing my ass saying he wanted to talk to me from the other night but his “woman was there”. I did NOT entertain him, plus I was going thru a devastating breakup. But I told my girl and was like wow no matter how pretty your girl is man still a dog.
    As for the abuse that’s disgusting. I congratulate ishawna for getting out of the situation and her music is getting better and better. She will rise and if she makes it on an international level just watch how ALL U HATERS THAT ARE BASHING HER NOW WILL BACK HER. Stupid ass ignorant ppl!!!!!
    I was abused in the past and a friend of mine was abused as well. Unfortunately her abuser choked her to death with the cord of a phone charger and then hung himself in his garage. Abuse ain’t no fckn joke u WHACK ASS NAY-SAYERS. Who feels it knows it and this is HER LIFE.
    Hope this is the end of all this drama and she focus on her son and career. Watch her music ago SHELLLLLLLL

  19. True ishawna prettier than u u haters a bad mind her but why not support our fellow Jamaican who is trying to make a splash on the international market OR support a battered woman instead unnu a tear her down!!! Buff a unnu in the dancehall scene fridge empty but u a floss lmaooooooo that’s dancehall for u at least ishawna na hide and talk she’s keeping it real. Not proud of it but correcting her errors. U must can respect that! Some ppl born with looks, others born with looks and talent. I personally think she’s beautiful and talented but her own people a try strip her of that. THIS IS 100% MY OPINION IM STATING. Only stating it bc it’s in the media/public anyway so it seems wide open for discussion. Stop being such negative haters GOSH

  20. To the person that chose to address me because you didn’t like my opinion. Come kiss kitty minus plus, no man can’t beat me and if him try a chop up him a get, you better ask somebody, anno every woman man can beat and get away wid it. The last man lick a woman in me family walking around with one hand and a stump now. A bet you as long as him live him never lick another woman again. Ishawna stay with him and take his abuse for 9 years because shes weak mentally, plus she weren’t independent she was depending upon him so she had no other choice but to take it, like most other worthless women going through it because they lazy. I’m happen ishawna realize her worth and decide to step out on her own so she don’t have to be pushed around and abuse anymore. Say what the f#&k you want. Let me be ignorant you dont see many ignorant bitches getting they asses whoop if anything they doing the ass whooping. Screw you and him . Ishawna will be just fine best believe once she keep her head up.
    By the way I have 2 children, my children father is one in a million, real men don’t beat women they pamper and worship them. Pussies put their hands on women they know are weak.
    Most the women you see getting their asses beat on a daily basis are women who love likes so they sit and take licks because to them thats the way the man shows he love them smh some no want work

  21. Woman bwoy pickney practice what they learn. so if unno woman stop allow unno bwoy pickney to see man step inna unno face then unno no affi worry bout my ignorance….to the person that address me!

  22., I don’t agree that it is only lazy or worthless women who suffer domestic violence. some women/men stay in such relationships due to intimidation, manipulation or low self esteem developed from the abuse. not everyone is bad, in terms of they are able to protect themselves using physical force, and therefore they need outside support from families and friends and even counseling to try and make a break from the abuser.

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