Him is a Don, a Con-tractor
Him is Con, Cia Rip-porter
Him is a chauffeur for showing many her-s
Him is a butler for buttering a few-he-s
Him is a teef dat left di PNP in a million dollar ditch
Him is unlit but on some days he like to switch
females for males, boys for girls, beauty queens foh queers
Money kept his secret under the stairs
Don widout home
Buddy widout a zone
After him di dancehall queen did fall off har throne
Him is a Don, a con a real b—mon not a englishmon
But for sure, he made the now dead beauty queen spend much time in Inglon
Him is a Don, a con, a running mon
For him the government made request but Cia wudda kill dem wid trouble mon
Him is a Don, a con, in Cia retired lon
From him di dancehall queen sought to catch her pen-shon
By abiding in the house di don made no man’s lon-
When he failed to pay the monthly por-tion
Who is He?
Remember you now know he like mon, not only wo-mon

0 thoughts on “WHO IS HE?

  1. sombebody did gi mi a joke abt di (con)tractor, had me holding mi belly di way how mi laugh. well dis post just bring back dat memory.
    Met Congrats on ur increase reader/viewership.

  2. Is which beauty queen died? Why women always running down the hype and know that the lifestyle is short lived? So who the former dancehall queen gone to now?

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