1. Entrepreneur MET good MORN! Mi na lie u site a fire. Anyway I don’t c a thing wrong with the girl GOD made us in his own image.

    1. morning nothing is wrong with her the person whey talk bout har nose maybe never see a real big nose yet :hammer

  2. Her nose fit her face perfectly and she’s a beautiful girl as well… It’s been a while I seen a woman rock purple hair and it stay good!! Big up yuh self whoever u is…

    Yuh clean to yuh step mama!!

  3. Videoooo videoooooo meyyyyyyyyy lol unnu leave the girl nose mainnnnnnnnnne lol unnu bad no peanut trash ya man smh

  4. Lol.

    So it is okay for YOU MRS BIG NOSE to criticize people
    But no one can criticize your nose?????? Now u see how it feel
    Leave people alone just like anuh everybody can afford good clothes
    Anuh everybody can have cute nose ARGUMENT DONE!

    Anuh if har nose fit har but why u a done ppl n ppl cah done you smfh

    1. Oooohhhhhh. Suh she did was dunning sumone an dem finishes har back. Ok. We get di smoke but tank you fi di fire Fashion Passion. Good morninkkkk

  5. It r a Dyson!
    Good morning Mamacita.
    Good morning Tawkchuet….thank for making me mobile agen. Owe yu one.

    Nicks for life!!

    1. Willie ur a real bad breed lmaooooo bout it r a dyson lol
      As fi the mobile part I ain’t looking :cool nopes

  6. Mi naw lie she look like shriek. mi nuh understand if someone is stating the obvious. if u fat, u fat, if u slim, u slim, if u nose big, it big. own it and stop gwaan like a lie ppl a tell pon u nose.

      1. Yep as much as Met ride har bike a so u beat up ur head a daytime lmaooooooo when u done u caaaa sensible mums

          1. Met oooo yes Pikky we no forget u eno baby girl i hope u get more pics Met so we can celebrate Pikky’s life

  7. u know seh she fava da big bleach out girl name sosohgosh but she nuh ugly n da nose wide n flat is not everybody make fi have str8 pointy nose me nuh get it why she ah flare up tRU ppl ah talk da obvious jus gwan link up a makeup artist make dem straight u nose out like Michael Jackson if it a badda u so much

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