Carolyn C. Yapp, former Miss Jamaica, Appears To Be A Prostitute



Written by a former guest at Iberostar Resorts in Punta Cana, Doninican Republic. It seems Carolyn Yapp has been using her formet Miss Jamaica title as a marketing tool for her busy side job of turning tricks for money while officially working at the resort’s marketing office. The back story, which of course, she will vehemently deny.

My husband and I went in March 2015. The place was lovely and we had a great time but I had to leave early for an unexpected emergency business trip back home. I didnt want my husband to miss out so I told him to stay. I ended up returning to Punta Cana after 2 days because my wonderful assistant managed to get a handle on the emergency issue. So I flew back but didnt tell my husband (I wanted to surprise him). Got to our suite and found that prostitute Carolyn Yapp sucking my husbands bits in our bathtub. At first I thought she was a Dominican prostitute my husband found at a bar, but turns out, she works in Ibero’s PR/Marketing dept. I know because I took her bag and found her ID. I threatened to call resort security and the police but she pleaded that she had a child, a daughter, and she only wanted to give her child a good life. I have children, so I felt sorry for her. I told her to leave and I wouldnt report her provided she promise to never do it again to anyone else. I dealt with my husband too. Now, I was willing to let it go until I overheard a male colleague talking about a former Jamaican beauty queen in DR that for “the right amount” will be your girlfriend for a few days. Keep in mind my company exclusively uses Iberostar for all it retreats. I knew immediately it was in fact Carolyn he was referring to, because I remembered her distinct non-Dominican, non-Spanish accent. I remembered an island accent but at the time did not know it was a Jamaican accent. I asked my husband a few days ago to tell me the her name (I remembered it vaguely from when I looked at her ID). Sure enough, I googled her and she was in fact the beauty queen my colleague was talking about. She is a former Miss Jamaica! So my thought is, this woman has strategically positioned herself as an employee at a resort in order to meet wealthy clients. I implore Iberostar to remove this common prostitute from their employ otherwise its only a matter of time before she ruins their reputation.


  1. All was forgiven until u found out she is a Jamaican…bitch please guh suck yuh muma and loh d woman. U making too many assumptions. Go learn fi f##k yuh man how him like it or get a divorce. How come u don’t put up ur husband’s name and tell us how much of a stray dog he is and we should run him when we see him, how come? Unuh luv dutty up women character and praise man when he is more at fault…bye dumb bitch…hope u have better days ahead because today is not for u.

    1. Mi nah lie dwl🤣🤣🤣 that comment sweet me baaddd! I use to chat to this woman every night on the phone. I’m a mixed race guy Spanish Jamaican English but Born and live in the uk. At the time she had one Child and wasn’t married at the time. She use to say she wants to give her a son cah he would be brown and pretty but she would say thats all she wants me for cos I’m a man whore and that’s all I’m good for 😂 What ah way she bright nuh bumba!!!! Dem time deh she went by the name of Nicole.well after about 5months of speaking to her on the phone every night her Number change and her Instagram account disappeared lol. Never hered from her again and couldn’t find her anywhere under the name of Nicole. Then last week I randomly come across her picture online but under her real name , now I come Across this….. Shocking!!!

      1. She is among the many very attractive mixed race Jamaican who positute themselves at many small island. I have met a few over the years and who is quick to tell you that “yuh haffi set them” when you approach them. I remember meeting one who I initially though she was hispanic, only to find out she was Jamaican. There are many who do dispicable acts just to make ends meet.

        Have you ever seen a flight to the Cayman Islands after christmas holidays? There are most hustlers, although one might think they are uptown queens!

  2. Well it’s her right to make a sell discreetly. I’m not gonna knock her hustle. It’s not her fault that your husband got caught cheating . Like seriously it takes two to tango.

  3. sender you mad or nah lmaooo…..she been a hoe though she and rebecca although met na go agree wid me bout rebecca lol

  4. Ur just bad mind n wicked. The problem is not her she is doing what she has to do to make a living for her child. If it wasn’t for these nasty men like ur husband. Who go looking for her she wouldn’t have any work. Leave the girl let her make her money. Worry about y ur husband is looking prostitute as soon as u leave.

  5. Gorgeous woman, smh well a nuff a dem guh other countries guh bow out and come yawd like dem nice! Mi glad dis get loud up! Then again these girls will now be motivated to continue selling abroad,seeing that an abassador is in the same trade lawd a massy :hammer

    1. So, You are happy this story get loud up because She is Gorgeous or you happy because it is her mouth and vag jay jay and she can do anything she wish? Send your picture into met let us see how you look nuh? KMT. Don’t be so quick to Judge your own.

        1. I see you are still entrapped in mental slavery, No one is being defensive, Do you have prove that this Girl is indeed a Hoe? if you do then send it to Met and we will say other wise. Brown, Yellow or Black has nothing to do with just being HATEFUL. Who is Lauren O Lauren you speak of?

          1. i am not the sender u guys just usually go inn on girls who run in these circles who get called out. now yall playing Captain save a hoe…interesting

  6. Ok…so she works at Ibero in the PR/Marketing Dept. but turn tricks on the side uh??? Omg :hoax2 She just wants to give her daughter a good life? :hoax2 Sounds like Carolyn Yapp a use the people dem place to market her own services. 😀 😀 😀 😀 On a serious note boo, you need to live within your means. The child that you claimed that you want to give a good life might soon lose har madda to A.I.D.S.


  7. Wow. All that glitters is not gold. Whatever happened to the business that her ruch man had opened for her in Barbican, nylorac? She does have a daughter for real, that baby is gorgeous. I remember seeing pics of her in Paris and assumed she must have a rich man minding her but maybe is her escort business put her there.

  8. I was watching an episode of forensic file last night where a former Jamaican beauty queen is now locked up life without parole in florida for hiring two hit men to kill her doctor husband . Her name is Denise (1994) and now this what’s going on.

    1. The same thing I was thinking, Us females in this Century is now BUYING MALES to be Our Husbands, Yes I said it! We pick up Men who look to us to take care of them and it is sad! You can tell the Wife is Jealous of Yapp, What I really found to be appalling is the fact that Her Husband cannot be trusted however she feels the need to come out with this article so scandalous, You leave for a couple days and your husband find time to go find someone to give him a blow job? Then something is not right with their marriage. Even if this is true, There is some underlining hidden agenda, Yapp is Gorgeous! Is time We females understand not everyone was born with it, we will always have someone look better than us. Lady Gwey! Can bet you Ugly like sin. KMT. Bun me fi some females, Label other females as hoes because they look better than them.

  9. She has a right to sell to sell discreetly. I’m not gonna knock her hustle. It’s not her fault that your husband got caught cheating. It takes two to tango.

  10. story yah sound very fishy! sound she take the husband and you hurt and just trying to dedtroy the girl OR you could be right and she is really a prostitute. who knows

    1. Exactly and considering the facts that a ppl husband she breed fah, cah it was being speculated on the social circuit and she can’t give the child the man last name, you my dear (sender) is being vindictive. U a try dun the woman by doing this!!!!!!
      Gwaan tru Carolyn yuh dun breed fi the man and dem a try find out how yuh doing, despite you having to live in secrecy bout his identity

  11. So after all is forgiven you come out with this? Some females are so vindictive because of their own insecurities, Some of us will go through the extreme to LIE/MISTREAT Our Sisters because they may look different from you. This story is so deceiving! Why are you trying to destroy the GIRL? What is the hidden agenda behind this even IF it was true you caught her with Your Worthless husband who was willing to CHEAT or even cheated on you before, Lady? Leave the girl alone you wicked b*tch. People will judge you just because of how you look, So because Rachel and Yapp cute and maybe these worthless men are attracted to their looks They are Hoes? :ngakak Women with self esteem problems always try to tear the ones down who they considered a threat. lol

    1. :ngakak Ditto, or maybe her corporate job has her so busy she don’t have the time? bout her assistant took care of the emergency. This story no seems right, fabricated much.

  12. So since she soooooo hurt and write such a looooooong story why she can’t call say her name, her company, hee husband’s name. Bitxh please we need proof. Bout all is forgiven….and u have kids…..a suh u wld on ur knees a suck d**k to give then everything? U wldnt be mad if it was a DR girl don’t? Or is just because she’s a GORGEOUS Jamaican woman why you mad. Yuh probably look like roadkill that’s y ur so called husband GI Yuh bun as u gone

  13. Sender gweh wid yuh hubby and him roaming buddy. Bout you couldn’t place accent; yard ppl caan hide wi accent from another yardie.

  14. Actually she isnt living in secret about the man at all. The man she breed for is just a dirty man who wants no kids. He plays tennis for Jamaica and has several other kids he does not claim/or there for them like a real father should. He isnt married either. according to the article she did he asked her to get an abortion which was why she did not give the baby the last name. The saying ‘pretty girls attract the worst men is soooooo true’

    1. Him IS a fisH.. POINT BLANK. wHICH MAN WAH JAM POKEY AND NO expect baby fi come. I bet you all the womane are just as pretty to coover his liefstyle..

  15. Lot of uptown girls prostitute (go-go-dancers) themselves at these small island, especially the small eastern small islands. Met one at a New Kingston Hotel and the girl looks hispanic, until she start talking. Find out later she is a “dancer” at one of the small island and was offering her services at the time we met. Lot of them live/work in the Cayman Island also.

    I don’t Carolyn Yapp was selling. She has a full time job, plus her side business. Wife is just trying to sully the girl name and probably make up the shit about sucking her husband.

  16. Look di levels some ppl fall to. Dem girls like Carolyn would never look pon a country chap or regular dude in JA to build a relationship with, but she would sell inna next man land. Her parents must be so proud. Dis a suss a 2016 fi gossip lovers. Thank you sender and ignore those hypocrites cussing you. Mi haffi kotch mi hand a mi jaw fi balance mi head fi process dis yah. Miss Jamaica pageant need a good character category because between dis story and di airport runner dat title ain’t shit. Again, thanks sender fiddi suss, dis will meck top ten story fi 2016.

  17. Carolyn Cassey Yapp
    Director of Marketing at Iberostar The Club – Jamaica

    Iberostar The Club – Bayahibe, Sunkissed Ja. Ltd., Unlimited Vacation Club by AM Resorts
    Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

    Gerente de Mercadeo
    Iberostar The Club – Bayahibe
    May 2015 – October 2015 (6 months)Bayahibe, Dominican Republic

    She was there only for six months back in 2015. I doubt this story!

  18. Wicked, bitter, vindictive wife. You are lining up for a deformation of character law suit. Check your husband, I’m sure the woman didn’t stick up your husband with a 45. And force him to have her perform fellatio on him. Who died and left you in charge of moral character. Sanctimonious bitch. Prostitution is the oldest proffesion in the good book besides being a carpenter. Check your husband cos I’m sure he was more than glad for the opportunity of a gorgeous beauty queen servicing him, instead of your sanctimonious and judgemental ass

  19. This is a very libelous claim. If it’s not true i hope Carolyn seeks legal actions. She needs to find out who the email address that the story was sent from is registered to. Sender you and your whoring husband better have up unuh dutty money!

  20. I was just about to say, I know for a fact Carolyn wasn’t in Dr very long, this story seem suspicious. Look like somebody out for her. Where is the proof cuz Iberostar have nuff employees and more than one working in marketing.

  21. This hits home for me as I am close to her family. Im not swearing for no woman but this sound like f#ckery bcuz She neva deh deh long and she av access to likkle funds. But mi ago ask str8 up when next the link mek. Knowing she if and its a if, she a sell body she never ago do it desso and so. Question, di man neva kno u a come back? How u just pop in pon him so? A wah so mek she a target fi u company so ma? And how u reach a pink wall wid it if u nuh know bout it fi splash the tory? HHHHmmmmmm something smell fishy. Carolyn tek a gal man to rass. This ago funny as hell when a draw card time.

  22. If you know her you know this story not far fetch. It likely happened. Carolyn a hustle long time. From high school she a sell front.and I am not asking I know it to be true. Her sister Kim is a decent person.

    1. Care to explain how you know what this girl does in her private time? Were you selling your front simultaneously with her to know her closely held secrets? My guess is you don’t like this girl from way back and decide to add fuel to the fire just so that you can bring the girl down to your level. Badmind at kill yuh!

      1. Them too wicked, bout likely it happened. Ms.b. What Carolyn do to you Mi Love? She never use to talk to you in High school don’t it? So you run come with the pettyness bout the story is not far fetch. You too good Man!

  23. Actually, if you google “Carolyn Yapp prostitute” you’ll see the original story written back in 2015. Based on the other comments here that shows Carolyn work history in Dominican Republic, it was during the same time when the story was published on wordpress. Check the dates. I think someone found it and then republished it here. Someone should tweet Carolyn or bring it up on her instagram page and see how she reacts to it.

    1. I google it and found it…..a blog with a bs name…no comments…no links….no content other than that story…..April 2015….this whole thing is odd

    2. We don’t have to google anything. The writer said…“My husband and I went in March 2015”. According to her work history, she started work in DR in May of 2015. So, this took place about 1-2 months before she start working in DR.

  24. Nothing beats a nice cup of HORLICKS tea…. boy MS.B how u know seh she a seller?? Mi naa guh seh u used to with her cuz u nuh affi du the same things like the person to know of such.. so how u kno?

  25. A fuss mi see everybody pan this wall guh suh hard fi a person, hope she nuh shame unuh, me personally nah swear fi NOBODY.

  26. I don’t know what to believe so I hope and pray this is not true. Unfortunately, base on personal knowledge prostitution run rampant in DR. DR is extremely poor and this has become a way to make ends meet for alot of the females and the men who pimp out the staff that work with them at the resorts. I would hope that based on her education and the connection made through pageantry her option would never be this limited. Lets all hope it not true and even if it go so today can be her day of redemption – she is not the first so no condemnation from over here in fact she can push pass this experience and have a good life.

    Now to my Sisters, I love unno. I feel that I have to remind us that proverty is not a crime nor nothing to bring down shame on you/or me. Believe me when I tell you that it is only a season. it what you do in that time that matters. Please don’t think this is a way out. No child should eat, sleep on/in or wear anything that come from this kind of money, its not good it full of crosses. If you choose to do it then use it only on yourself because you dun big and understand the consequence. The babies dont know better. Turn your face towards our Father and tell him all that concerns you and ask him for help. He is able and his hand is not short. Unno ere wey mi ah tell unno – he will make a way for you and provide for your needs according to his riches in glory. I am dead serious. Bare with me I have to drive home this point. Unno more prized than gold. Infact Father love is unending towards his children. Don’t fall for the wicked one and his trap. God bless each and every one of you.

  27. LOL@these people suddenly not believing a story … I bet if it was about one dem robbas or whatever people would believe. Some people who come on this website are so stupid. Why would the women reveal her identity ? so she can be linked with a prostitute ?

    Why would miss Jamaica be sucking a guy’s dick who she just met ? Likely she is selling like all the other ones – the woman likely got upset to find out she’s going around blowing and f**king other husbands etc like a dog. Women don’t like competition like that – especially the cheap ones.

    1. exactly why i ask what i ask earlier if a true she brown? because if it were AAAAAANY BODY ELSE u woulda hear “yessssss” and them file dash out so me nuh know how this girl entitled to a formal investigation like she special but everybody else a whore from birth

  28. We all kno Mobay gal a whoring dogs. Carolyn is a stone among a roadside. Gwaan like some cute and f**k anything for money

  29. Carolyn is a beautiful girl, whom I have had the pleasure to know. She is a woman of integrity, who holds a degree from the top institution in Ja and has innumerable, legitimately marketable skills. Unfortunately, because she is beautiful, women who lack what it truly takes to be a credible woman (belief in their own self-worth) have to direct their jealousy towards her. It is sad that someone would resort to making defaming comments like this about someone like Carolyn. Shame on you!The story is written by a dunce and makes no sense. If the writer of the story is a self-respecting woman, respect rule number 1: leave that man, whether he is father, husband or otherwise, as he has betrayed your trust. Jumping on a random site to try to fabricate a story points to your deeper psychological instability where you conjure up random stuff from the deluded pit of your mind. Be a woman: be smart and respect yourself!

  30. I think the man persuaded beautiful Ms Yapp. I am sure of that. She would be convinced by a wealthy client. Women were made that way. Either flirting or sexing to get things done. I won’t judge any of you. You were design to attract the opposite sex. I am sure she reluctantly went with his persuasion. And because he was a perhaps rich client or his wife was. They are not even probably rich but a business owners. And you don’t have to have sex, you can go out to dinner or on a date to close a deal as well. I know we men and I know you women. Perhaps you have not done it yet. But time will tell.

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