0 thoughts on “FOUND ONE SO FAR

  1. Well she did a envy ebry bodie fi wah dem got, according to her FB she sell har soul to di devil fi a few a dem tings she si people a wear..hairstyle,clothes, shoes and jewelry. As someone seh chupidness and criminalism is a bad combi..

          1. Shi mussi a seh a Ms TT induce/convince har fi do it caz she must be very persuasive, she must be fi get all dem yah big man fi be doing har dutty wuk..knowing di consiquences.

  2. Suh wah wrong wid Wet Seal, Conway, F21, or di cheapas pon Flatbush? Dem neva hear seh u tan pan crooked cut straight, and fi cut u jacket cording to u claat. Hope dem nose hole ready fi smell big Bertha fish ebry rass day when shi bitch dem ass out ova wutliss tings. sell dem soul and freedom fi wutliss tings.

  3. So sorry for her. She’s just a kid. Clearly she was influenced. Though I never stole a thing in my life, I did so many shit at that age that coulda landed me in prison. So many times I was around enough things to get me killed or a life sentence, thinking it was cool. I pity her. If a my child, me tell her to tell them all wey nuh guh suh fi a plea deal. Hopefully she’ll get probation, but even so, they’re gonna have to work on getting her record expunged or else her life is completely ruined before it’s started. Such a shame.

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