Subject: 2 Old Fowl and an Over used Cock

Message Body:
Woiiiiiii, how the two old fowl dem a gwan so over di over used cock…..Maggie wah does walk and sell earring and tings mek ugly Angela tek away di ugly man Charlie from har. Maggie me call it di good di bad an di ugly to rass. Meh hear say because Maggie nuh live no where she is homeless and Charlie say him affi live somewhere.

Angela say di same way Maggie take di lady man fi 16 years and laugh a so she gonna have him for 20 years…….Lawd mi can’t take it…..And him musta really like Angela because at Soul @ Soul dance Angela and di man dance to 7songs. Maggie say him never dance with her so. Mi can’t believe Angela end up with Maggie man and dem say Maggie tie all his spirit all him shoe lace but Angela ugliness pull it. Maggie go a road say Grizzy fi get a man. I think Maggie a turn mad woman, she take show off an put him out an now a walk a look fi him like her shadow People, it’s good fi her, she talk people too much an laugh off of people down fall.

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  1. Unuh lef Maggie alone dis Oman a walk Ina cold a hustle from mi come a foreign. Sender get a life Maggie is nobody to dash out pon JGM wall. Unuh lef the rass woman alone. All Maggie guilty of is to walk and sell earring and shi don’t tief dem fi sell dem she try hard

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