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Subject: Tawanna /Julius washer lady

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Gal tawanna go to the house and thief Julius woman and kids clothes down to panty she tek Julius never tell him woman but this b**h because she is a nobody ,stay bad gal from Fletchers land.him woman no have no competition cause she stay bad and Julius baby mother look good comparing to that big black fat gal who need to fix r body and face.she get park like a car when the man woman come hot gal no get park when wifey come but she is no competition as far as I can see one bbig hot mess she be and the mind woman a model chick

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  1. Well all who want to talk and get f**k Kerryann from Canada a wife so all a who a tek f**k fi nothing sorry cause him not leaving the love of him life if all you idiot bitches who get park pan bench when she come #julius a real star cause them gal have to look pan him and the first lady kerryann a model pass them #julius and him model chick ago mad you gal#lmao

  2. A the wife mussi send in this kmt. Julius is a nobody please go have a seat n y would twanna thief clothes I don’t believe that. The wife a Canada Kerry please go have a seat because u a hype with u cow shape looking man ain’t nobody want dutty Julius

  3. Julius Bruk and hungry no bloodclaat, him cuda gwan par wid Tawanna caz a nuff hungry she n him bare. all dat humpy dumpy f**ka do a walk n tief ppl money fe hype.

  4. All u a talk a something unnu want to know about the man a must unnu madda money him thef all u wah a talk probably a beg the man when u see him on tru him stop give that y u start a talk now move u bloodclaat

    1. F**king Idiot me nave a f**king need fe beg lashy lashy Julia (Julius) dat man is a f**king tief n brag bout wa him did have inna d past n hate pon others wa him see a try do something outa dem life now. Julius come talk about whats current. u f**kin Cunt

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