1. Yes Foxy mi love it di game need yuh kick down di door and come back fi yours mi neva feel remy,from day one and mi caan Tek nikki abc rapping style,foxy and Kim mi listen to from day one till today

  2. True man typical yankee behavior hate u cause u did the right thing nobody never send har a jail I wouldn’t answer har either not my coattail nopes no free ride for u

    1. A ride de gal a look of course, Chuet.

      Little Kim beef had merit and not even Kim got so damn deep and personal to where there’s no coming back.

      That butch bitch need a dose a shnago unda har ass.

      1. Go low and come up with all kinda lie and a bring people ina di beef whey nuh fi in deh..Real dirty yankee roach bait project bitch. Likkle Kim a good gyal long time

        1. De gal name alone annoy me. Me no like bullies and a some bully ting she de pon.

          If a me that bitch neva hear har own voice again.

          She should be sued for slander…point blank period.

          1. I would teach her a lesson right ina court because she call all trey songs name fi nothing.

      2. Not true. Kim took it to the point where that’s all she spoke about at every single interview. She also made a diss track for Nicki but because fans are not loyal to hiphop artists for very long and Nicki was becoming the new Kim, the song fell bt the way side.

        1. Yuh know u right bout loyalty cause dem a jump pan remy side like she in the right and envy should never be given light

  3. Nicki did diss her in she song she did with Gucci call “Make Love”. Nicki love diss people, she meet her match. Sameway she try stop Safaree food and blocked him from the award show. She jump down lil Kim throat multiple times, but scared of Remy. Not a fan of neither.

    1. Scared of which Remy? Nicky did not call Remy name and as mi seh from Remy come out she been a try offa Nicky because people a put ina har head seh she wudda be the biggest. Nicky appealed to the pre teens and teens with her style, it is not for me but she garnered her audience which were not hard core rap fans..little kids who will more likely follow, buy and support her..Remy audience neva did a go do that but…Yuh seh Safree? really??? So him deh wid someone like Nicky and haffi disrespect the relationship everytime by cheating???? So Nicky a dog then cause she shudda put up wid him disrespect? Him fi gwey because he had it all and gave it away..If Remy did bad she shudda step to har fren whey she shot instead a back out gun but that is how a project yankee roll though, they have a lot of noise to make, mostly lies, decent people shuddent dirty demself up fi dem because in time dem will represent the true dem and that is grung level….not all yankee doe but the project ones like remy whey neva tan good yet

      1. If Nicki was not afraid of Remy, she would not have tried to get her blacklisted. She is not the first person who has stated this about Nicki. The thing about a hiphop battle is that it is not about truth or numbers, it is about bars. If you call yourself the queen of rap that’s cool but you must always defend that position. When Meek came at Drake, it took Drake two days to respond. He defended his position. Nicki’s response was to draw for record sales and Beyonce. Looking at it through the lens of hiphop culture, Nicki was dethroned. Not responding is fine but she has lost respect from the “streets”. The streets do care about her wealth or her attending Paris fashion week, they want this lyrical battle. Another reason why Nicki is a loser in all of this is because to be rap queen, you must write your own lines. Safaree wrote for Nicki period. With her not responding she is solidifying the rumours. As for Safaree, Nicki is a multi millionaire, why would he walk away from that lifestyle for no reason? He left her she didnt leave him. I have seen videos of her speaking to him like he is beneath her. He could have revealed her business and til this day we aint heard him say much. Meek now robbed her house allegedly, took her business to Remy and has mocked her in all of this.

        1. Nicky put out Safree he did not leave. Also, Remy started this war before she went to prison. She seh Nicky seh she waa suck her and bay tings. When she came back she was tekking boasting and throwing words pan Nicky same way. I dont believe in no blacklist because a industry blacklist people not individual artistes. Why Nicky fi war with Remy and it nah go put more money pan her money? I would never look at her publicly , because all that remy wrote were lies and she was a lie from the time she claim nicky did waa suck her out. That was the reason people thought nicky was bisexual. Safree and Nicky did deh years and years so if he helped her a did har man and she was his woman. Not responding can also mean whey u a seh nuh valid. Look how much time all mi people tell lie pan and mi nuh respond..Its simple..Its not worth responding to and allow people fi believe what dem want as long as u personally know the truth its all good. Remy need couple pack a oddles a noodle and she good. She too damn red eye

          1. The black list thing mi think a industry do it. While an artiste can say the dont want to do a show with so and america dem cyah blacklist dem all by demself it takes producers and di big spenders to do that so remy fi go look fi di source of her blacklist

          2. Remember when Chris beat up Rihanna? Jayz had Chris blacklisted. He told BET that if Chris performs, he and Beyonce would not be attending. That was all Jayz’s doing. Point is Nicki may continue to make money in the POP WORLD and still maintain her fan base (young gay boys who think they are her and teenage girls) but guaranteed if she steps on a stage she will be booed. Her paper will be affected by this in regards to ticket and album sales. Nicki is not an independent artist, so like Remy said, she has a 360 deal and her contract with Young Money is about to end. If her album (she has not released one since Safaree stop write her verses) stop selling, then whats gonna happen to her contract?? Met I’m telling you she has to respond. Money,success,character, where you were raised and popularity are irrelevant in hiphop battles. No one cares. All those things you say about Remy might all be true but it does not matter in this case. When Remy uses the ether beat and kills you its like she’s saying Im Nas and your Jay…b__ch you dead. Until she responds, Nicki can call herself the queen of pop music. Bars Met bars!!!!

          3. Jayz could only say he wouldnt attend but he couldnt blacklist chris..american media takes domestic violence seriously is by the grace of God why he came back. Nicky career dont revolve around remy and remy is looking a come up from her remy cant stop nicky food that is a fact.

    2. Me no like rap music, but me go look for the lyrics…YOU TOO DAMN LIE! No place in those lyrics is that crothes vaccum name.

      The girl say platinum and record fail…to that effect NoT a name call fi she.

  4. Member say Remy did claim say Nicki did a look har n beg fi eat har front n all manner of things all this when she was getting ready to come out a jail so she started to try figure har self into the game

    1. A so yankee stay and dem act like dem have short term memory. I think dat lying ass remy did all have recording or something to that effect. Nicky a trini and dem dont know war, a shudda one Jamaican she tek on mek dem see har one a way and deal wid har accordingly. She too red eye

  5. Remy ma is a typical yankee, to be be more frank a hood rat.

    Nikki no fi ansa that bitch. Is hungry that mac n cheese bitch hungry why she a create conflict.

    Minaj done pass hoodrat conflicts, so there’s no need fi spit back a har.

  6. So u support Nicky bailing her pedafile brother? She is a trouble make, troubled everybody, remy will crush her, fake ass.

    1. Nicky’s brother is her brother and she cannot change that. If u waa use that fi seh she a trouble mekka well thats on u. I never hear Nicky a trouble nobody yet

      1. Met u see how ppl can stupid then if my brother rape somebody I’m a bad person?????? No sah this caaaaa real smh

      2. Taylor Swift, Lil Kim, Farah Franklin, Demi Lovato, Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, Azealia Banks, Iggy, Tyga, fashion designer Giuseppe Zanotti etc. She mostly likes to bully white women. Imagine if she had walked onstage and said Rihanna what’s good? Or Lil Kim whats good?

        1. Giuseppe did put out her out of the shoes deal…the rest mi nuh know bout but I dont see her as the bully type or trouble mekka…Iggy did fi gwaan long time..azealia too …miley and all mariah she dem chuh…the only problem mi did have is that she try tek lil kim style

    2. Well a two court house case Nikki can deal wid.

      Seeing har brother face justice and mek that butch bitch have fi go back to quarter juice and salt n vinegar chips…bum project rat.

  7. I totally agree with you met nicki nuh fi answer har, she a bigger celebrity than remy. She a look a hype and promote she and fat ass fat joe album because nobody not buying that crap.

      1. Met I have a friend who is in her corcle and close to her aunt that knows I knew way before Wendy said it on her show, I was going to send the story to you like 2 weeks ago but didn’t bother, it very much true

  8. Met me glad u rinse di full hundred pon Remy. She’s a trifling badmine ole skettel whe luv gwaan like she a bad gal. She Go prison cause she put herself there. She shoot her own fren in her stomach ova something very petty and when she was interviewed while in prison she showed zero remorse. I cannot stand that big bully cow name Remy. Har money nuh near nikkie own and neither is her league. Nikkie nuffi ansa at all. Somebody should sue her trifling ass for slander. Tek it to har Foxy…Bet u any money, if that was Rihanna she would neva went at her like that. That lying bitch looking a stripe name Remy.

  9. But didn’t they say niki went to people trying to stop remy food? That’s not cool if it’s true nicki didn’t want Mariah Carey to be on the idol with her she wanted to be the only person she have some dirty ways and her attitude is bad that’s why most people don’t like working with her!! I heard they call riri for some business deal nicki should be doing but because of her attitude she didn’t get it!! Nicki is a f**k up bitch for what she did to safaree who had her back all along, let pussy meek full up her head of carbage bout safaree, look now meek giving her the business didn’t like that move she made but that’s her life… to me nicki is very beautiful but I can’t stand her clown ass when she make a bag of noise on the songs acting like she f**king Crazy

  10. Hiya Chuet,PP n everyone else

    I have recused myself like Pence because mi overly bias in this beef.Onika and Wendy Fitzwilliam are the only two Trini women in history mi love n rate highly.Who can tell me just one more famous Trini woman n don’t use machel Montana scraps Kaviel plz. I won’t forgive Foxy brown for introducing “Coco Cola” to my all-time favorite dj n that in combination with whatever”wine” she gave him,as resulted in Spragga unable to recover past Glory.

    Having said that Remy Ma bodied Nikki, it hardly matters if any of it was true but as a spectacle n appreciation for the art of spitting sick rhymes..wowza!!Stay down Onika me hun u will rise again n she can’t take your spit because ASS doesn’t BEAT CLASS in the medium to long run.

  11. Unu please don’t act like safaree was a saint. He was a cheating and disrespectful scumbag to Nikki when they were together. Bottom line any treatment him get from Nikki, him most likely deserve. Fact is Remy is a trifling bitch and made nikki her target even b4 she leff prison. Mek Remy gweh and go sort out she and Papoose life and low Nikki mek di gal live. Remy will neva be where nikki is career wise. Enough of that bully Remy.

  12. @met……di minute mi hear dah diss song deh mi seh to miself seh dis is a hate-plosion, das wen hate buildup till it explode…..from shi come ppl bin egging her on to tek on Nikki but shi did a wul out caa shi know shi nuh have nuh real reason, but shi get a wan tune in rotation suh har head start get big shi start jus a nitpick every likkle ting di girl seh fi find reason fi attack……yow an mi hear ppl a seh Nikki nuffy respond bout weh shi have! unu cyaa dictate wat har bars shud be about, dis is a dam war shi suppose to bring har best weapon, if dat is har money empty di clip pon har bruk rass yes!……long as di song soun good is all matters loll

  13. Met Nikki have that dutty way bout har she wants to be the only female rapper out there.. love REMY


    1. How? Drake a di top ”rapper” people would say the same. Everybody have dem time people should respect that

  14. Why di whola unu ova yah a gwan like Nikki nuffy get empty dis a one time me a ride solo remy straighttttt… acts nikki no much better than Reme. This bitch took jabs at everbody when she come out and didn’t want no one else to eat… tek har self claimed crown yes REMY.


    1. Remy is a dirty noodle eating project yankee whey neva reach full stardom yet and wanted to kill har own best friend. She cudda rap till she unwrap she nah go reach nowhere because she still nuh learn

  15. Which female rapper nikki work wid? Drake work wid everybody dung to di dawgs… who nikki work with but male rappers???nikki fight gainst all of them.


    1. She not obligated to work with none. Nicky has her stuff, its up to her if she waa share or not but u cant carry feelings fi people and dem tings cause a fi dem tings fi do as dem have dem own like wid. How Nicky fight gens dem? By keeping to herself?? And furthermore Nicky have tracks with people. Remy is too redeye..dont support badmine cause a same so u cudda have your tings and a mine u own business and someone whey feel entitled to it waa beat u out of it..that is not each dem own

  16. I have a love/hate relationship with Nicki and Remy. Nicki likes to whine snd seh she tough. Member the hissy fit she threw ova not winning an MTV award ova Taylor Swift? I was like like plz it’s a damn moonman move on. Then how she went after Iggy when she had her one hit shading her bout ppl nuh write dem own music etc. Like Nicki mek she have her shine,this will probably be her one hit calm down. But i love what she has accomplished so far,how she help her family etc. I like Remy and her hubby relationship it seems genuine and cute. I was hoping she would come out redeemed and give speeches to kids about avoiding violence etc. She has a platform there. Instead she is out riding on the coat tails of her infamy and picking on someone she views to be weaker. Bully behavior,go try test Missy or Lil Kim. I can’t with both of them.

    1. Remy is a old project bum so u nah go get no better than that attitude and di man will stay because he is a bum too and him nah go get no better than di crew whey nicky did come out wid lil wayne and dem mek she think she tough and have bakkitive …trini a nuh war boat :alay

  17. As far as Foxy she…she needs to sit down and STFU real quick. Was that song a diss track for Remy or a love song for Jayz? I was waiting to hear her say I miss the way you used to dig out my punany Jay. Remy called her a deaf b__ch and reminded her of having an std…what’s the problem? When Remy pulled off her wig in the club years ago, why didnt she defend that? Foxy’s file is longggggggggg af so she better go breastfeed her newborn and stay outta the crossfire.

  18. And this we are united together as Trini girls is bs because neither one has done anything for Trinidad. Nicki remembers Trinidad when she wants to shoot a video there. Look at RiRi she goes home constantly and has donated millions to Barbados. What has Nicki done for Trinidad? Nothing. Her money stays in America.

    1. I’m listening lil Kim from 5th grade and she is the truth! foxy and Nicky are the same so I’m not surprised! They are both copy cats! Foxy copied the album NOTORIOUS Kim, I won’t even bother touch on Nicky cuz she has mental issues, foxy is like a fish that saw a bait and took it and sound wacker than tanto blacks with this diss track which i considered to be an insult to the The real female MCs in the hip-hop world! Remy, I for one didn’t rated her but dat gyal is mash dung Nicky! And didn’t had to big up no other female in the game! Nicky is not hip hop and will never be a battle MC! If Nicky come out with a diss track 2rmrw it’s not going to move nuhbaddy! Her *wrappigs* are wacky but flows well on rythms that’s it! All Foxy she do a use with badwuds in a songs for hype and this diss track was the f**ing worst diss track utter Rubbish!

  19. That was bullshit, the only place ppl is talking about that whack ass version is on this page…n truth be told nicki whack af, and im happy remy did shut her fake ass abc rapping ass down. N foxy u mad, bc u didnt get your std taking care of ….your fault….remy to the world

    1. We nuh falla falla so who waa celebrate remy dem free but nicky wid har wackness made her money full stop period. And u cant argue with someone whey nah argue wid u, thats like talking in the mirror.

    2. Foxy is an OK wrapper but this diss track is an insult I’m confused as to why she didn’t lay low still! A Betta she did gi Nicky hahaha right now the streets and heavy weights a seh SHEATHERR! Wen Ja rule and 50 and a whole other heavy weights were beefing they all went head to head Nicky is fraud but I know she gonna and will answer! Her zodiac nuh back from nothing! Nicky copied Jayz’s Blue print to Pink print damn sicko! Streets seh pink lemonade album next time hehehe! SHEATHERrr:)


  21. Metttttty deaddddddd whey you say don’t support red yeye???? Me did always a cheer fi REMY man, she have bars for days. She’s a lyricist, I’m just never a niki fan I just don’t think she could rap at all pure rhyming shit no sah met but the beef a fi dem ting still.


    1. Yuh can cheer fi har but she is red eye. Im not a nicky fan neither but mi nuh like when people have dem tings and a next person want it..Im not in the rap business.

  22. No matter if y’all think Remy better
    She not taking Nicki place no day !
    It’s not happening Remy Ma blacklisted her own damn self
    Shooting ppl involved in drugs and all this shit with papoose
    Saying you the best is one thing but showing people u are thee best is another Remy is a weak bitch that never focused on her damn music
    She just riding nickis coat tail for a comeback ! And just like the beef with KIM people gonna forget this diss song because Nicki gonna come out with some hottt shit that y’all all gonna like and they gonna play it so much on the radio that y’all gonna know it word for word
    While Remy Ma out here struggling with her album nobody will buy
    Sorry Remy Ma time up and y’all know none of y’all defending her gonna buy her new album !!!!! Remy it’s OVA get over it ! Go rap about some inspirational shit!

    I do believe Nicki has a bad controlling attitude as well. I believe she was bisexual and used it to make records and get money .. then decides she wasn’t ever at all it was just marketing but that’s how it is with these illuminati puppets ! Nicki troubles me with her dissociative personalities. I just don’t think she’s normal but then again she sacrificed her soul and sold it to the devil she’s only doing what she was told ! She bleach her skin like bleach it all the way outttttt ! She say she have 4 people living in her Roman, Martha, Barbie & Nicki so who is ONIKA? all me couldn’t deh wid all dem deh gal deh

    1. It’s a battle rap! ye ye we all know she gonna have radio hits still! but once u say hip hop hip hop u have to be prepared for a battle everyday! She ain’t above NAS and JayZ who both battled so why run? This sweet like our dancehall clash! Nicky was only hyped cuz she knew Kim ratings went down bcuz of her constant make overs Kim is a beast and still queen today like our very own Lady Saw! Irreplaceable! Iggy PO white Iggy lol dat girl felt threatened and went for the white chick now Remy is giving trouble and Nicky hiding! Hip hop clown! Mi still nuh like Remy but hip hop battle is abt facts and SHETHER was a eater! Nyam Nicky to pieces! I hope Nicky a research on Remy to come with sum facts to dash out on Remy when she rise like a Phoenix and not a Phantom hahahahehe

      1. it was never really that serious I didnt like remy ma diss she sound very slow i dont see what the hype is about .. i guess its street rapping but that was so 1995 .. its 2017 the younger folks who actually buy music won’t support remy.. so whether she bodied nicki she never coming back with her one hit lean back ass verse bye hoe! kmt

        lets be serious remy was never popular like that lol IDK why some of yall going in yall just want reasons to hate on nicki .. Remy look tired badddddddd all of a sudden she dressing girly but wanna get at nicki yo she a fcking biter! A damn hating ass hoe nicki look way better and more appealing mek remy gweh wid r crusty self no bada na pay her no mind this shit is just for now we will forget about it next week cuz nobody really cares who never kno nicki butt job was nasty? we all got eyes it didnt stop her from selling records though… who didnt know meek was a snitch??? … who didnt know safaree wrote few tune fi r these are things we all knew … who didnt know Nicki and Gucci had beef when gucci was on crack chatting how he fck nicki on twitter and then come back next day a apologize bout someone hacked his shit and he never touched her lol yea OK … remy is just tstaright making shit up nicki and trey songz??? really remy? so its ok for pppl to go around saying u sucked fat joe dick for a come up???? u dumb bitch!

  23. Forget Remy n Nicki mnl Foxy brown is a bum hoodrat just hear waiting to hear the desperate dude that breed her

  24. Remy still nuh inna Nikki league. This is 9 day talking and in no time nobaddie nah memba shit bout diss tune. Remy will neva be where Nikki is career wise and that’s what has her hot and bothered. That big bull cow Remy.

  25. Foxy career dead an done like TRUMP hood it nuh have no revive a revive an dat shit she put out a pure garbage. Inga u nuh just push out a Pitney ?? Bitch go change u bloody pad an teck care a u new born & gweh. Inga nuh meck queen latifah come fi u BITCH because u know it wouldn’t be nice

  26. Unuh call it what it will Remy is the only female right now that can come for/stand up to/ and give Nicki a run fi har money she’s Nick’ s biggest competition and Nicki kno dat an she nuh like it.

  27. #TeamRemy this is hip hop come with bars just like in jamaica we have artists that clash Nicki Minaj has a rep for being nasty to people so I’m not about to defend her just because she’s Caribbean. Please. And we’re just going to overlook her paying for her child molester brother’s legal fees? Remy shot someone and served her time. Does that mean she is incapable of being rehabilitated? Nicki is just as grimey.

  28. Met I’m sorry but you are taking such a strong stance when nicki has a known rep in the industry or are you just choosing to ignore it? Marie I agree. To be the Queen of Rap you should actually be able to rap, especially when your ability to do so is called into question.

  29. What some of you dimwits not getting is RAP DAYS ARE DONEEEEE jesas man ! No one really and truly cares for that shit this is a new world this aint 1995 its 2017 you have to be versatile. Nicki can bring a pop album, a rap album (her earlier years was straight rapping and i never liked her then), she does a good techno, she is pleasing the people the younger folks. A so the world set up now! Nobody cares about Remy MA she na guh get d comeback she want member me tell u dat.. as fi foxy brown shes irrelevant as fck fi are days done done done done doneeee it no av no come back a come back!

    Nicki is who MAJORITY of the mass rooting for because like it or not she is more appealing to the eye and she has already made her mark ! It is going to be hard for remy to even take nicki place ! everyone screaming remy but nobody buying her album tho lmao like whats the point? Look how long remy come out a jail and is hate hse haffi hate on another female for people to notice her?? I mean the bish is on love and hip hop lmao thats the worst thing she coulda ever do! When dem ask nicki fi just appear in a scene she turn that shit down no amount a money fi mek she degrade herself so … pooor remy NOT!!!! lmao she ole like she na get no come back AH BAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  30. All 3 need this moment to shine. Nicki has not been popping since she bailed her brother, point blank. She supported him, her fans are mostly pre-teen, the media and industry was not having that. Nicki is a little Kim knockoff, when you’re not original it’s easy for people to take jabs. She can’t answer because she cannot. Kim did call her out but it went nowhere because she was on fire at that time. Remy friend really stole from her, she didn’t have to shoot but she needed to be dealt with, stealing is also wrong. Foxy need fi go bathe, she just look dirty and crusty. Can’t believe Spragga really still impregnated dat. “Lean back” will get more play in the Yankee clubs than any song Nicki ever put out.
    Nicki, Remy, Foxy please pass the baton to the next up and coming female rapper. You guys ship has sailed and is in the middle of the ocean somewhere. Nicki keep venturing out with other business ideas. Remy get your own reality show. Foxy keep rapping in your Jamaican accent. All 3 was hot when they needed to be. Remy/Foxy would’ve been even richer if they came out during the same time as Nicki. Artist are smarter at negotiating and gaining more control over copy writing, music rights and marketing than back in the 90’s.

  31. JAL…. I agree but what I don’t understand is why Met and so many others are going in on Remy when it’s not that hard to understand that it’s all in the goodness of Rap, like what a Rap battle should be

  32. F**k Nicki Minaj ! She is noo victim! What about all the other people she has disrespected?? What about the fact that she jumped in and ended Iggy’s career cuz she felt she was a threat, whether Remy want a hype or not mi glad somebody tek on this fake bitch Nicki. Majority a dem dancehall clash song deh dem a dj lies bout each other and all a we a jump up and a enjoy it suh why Remy cant do it??? A suh clash guh. Nicki is scared just as how she wanted to fight Kiesha Cole back in the day and the girl step to har and she run like coward bitch she is. Mi did wah she ansa cuz she a proclaim fi be queen and the baddest for years why she dont defend her title ??? Nicki dont fck wid nooooo female rapper, a Lauren Hill alone mi see she drop to har knees and bow down to like a damn claffy.

  33. Safaree left Nicki. She said it on the Angie Martinez show. Safaree is a low key savage, he is also smarter than most people give him credit for.

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