10 thoughts on “MAJOR A ONE A HIM SHOW DEM LOL

  1. Same way suh down to the finest o details yuh captured!

    These encounter more often than not end in someone flinging something or bouncing somebody. I love me some lady saw but I would specifically tell the selector not to play that song at any dance me a keep…too much shyt gwaan when it come on.

  2. Them can always play sycamore tree or that wicked legendary combo chune with beenie man….lady saw yuh a mi woman but yuh know man a Ole dawg…chuuuuuneeee!!

    Just don’t play that warcry song “man a the least of mi problems” cuz it mash up the most dances in the history of dancehall,school fete (I WAS)there plus it responsible in large part for the brawls that made Cactus n Mirage clubs shut down! !!

  3. Met is which country Majah from a lot of people want to know he doesn’t want to reveal help a Sista out

  4. Stop watch me Sir…lol.
    I will be more mindful not to do this next time me touch rd and hear this song…lol.

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