1. A lot of these late in life mothers present us with children that bear none of their own characteristics. I guess in the age when most things scientific are possible you can have your hearts desire.

    I’ve seen it with the famous queen b little Kim, then with tired old woman susie q, the small island wannabe Jamaican who gave birth magically in her 50’s and now foxy has done it

    Congrats to all though, in pulling off the nigh on impossible….

    Can’t leave my name on this one cause of susie and her obeah workings bye !

    1. Not every woman is fortunate to have children at 20. Some of you are used to see females around you having babies at 16 years old and younger, so it doesn’t seem normal when a woman such as foxy gave birth for the first time at her age. How old is Foxy anyway? Let her have her joy that other women experience at whatever age they are when they become a mother.

      1. SOUND DEH ALARMMMM!!!! I know she commented in a different context than I will, but Yes these fools who have these kids, that they are incapable of taking care of financially, mentally and emotionally are always the ones to talk about children having down-syndrome if the mother is between 30 – 40. Like its a crime to be educated and financially stable or actually wait to have kids with someone who actually decides to have kids with you. I know women 50 and up poses grater risk of having children with challenges. Ghetto babymothers curse women who want to prepare before they have children. FOOLS ARE SOOOOOO ANNOYING!!

  2. Gooooodmorning cute precious baby
    But one question mi afi ask,wha mek Dovecot,Dirty Magnum suh p**y cloth NUFF shi fi wul har corner more time and build and focus pan har ting shi come in like one groupie.

  3. Congrats, nikky z did diss foxy brown and she had to run like a damm thief from ct. Spragga di benz would have none of it from nikky z. So a long time nikky z mouth a put har in a prablem, both chatting n suckings. Lol

  4. Lovely just absolutely lovely!!overjoyed for unno…Spragga’s nose that fi true! :angel :2thumbup :babygirl :babyboy1 :peluk

    The song nearly made me cry like wow!!

  5. Yea blacks brings fourth any type of baby! But nopes this ain’t spragga’s! This baby looks Puertorican! Foxy too raas good! Lil Kim baby father MiX suh she went and cop her self a mix dude as well with coloured eyes this time smh pretty baby though! Spragga naave no kids looks like this baby here smh

      1. Met a nuh Carlyle pickney .. Carlyle mother a half Indian although it’s possible ..di bby a Trini .. yu can tell from the black bracelet

  6. Dear Alice,

    My husband and I both have brown eyes but our new baby has blue eyes. How come?

    Dear Reader,

    Before your husband starts eyeing the milkman suspiciously, it would be good to keep in mind that most babies are born with blue eyes, regardless of the eye colors of their parents. In the early stages of life, newborns have not yet begun to make the dark brown pigment – called melanin – in the irises of their eyes. As babies get older, their eye color may change as they start producing melanin. The skin also produces melanin when it’s exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Similar to skin tone, the more melanin that is present, the darker the eye color. Therefore, it is more common for Caucasian babies to be born with blue eyes than for African American babies, since Caucasian babies have less melanin. However, it’s still possible for African American babies to be born with blue eyes, and sometimes their blue eyes stay blue.

    Eye color is a physical trait that is determined by the pairing of genes from both parents. It was previously thought that a single gene pair following dominant and recessive inheritance patterns was responsible for eye color, but it is now known to be much more complex than that, involving at least three gene pairs. Geneticists have focused on two of the three gene pairs to help clarify the inheritance of eye color: EYCL1, called the gey gene, and EYCL3, called the bey2 gene.

    Genes come in different forms, called alleles. The gey gene has two alleles, green and blue; the bey2 gene has two alleles, brown and blue. The brown allele is always dominant over the green and blue alleles, the green allele is always dominant over the blue allele, and the blue allele is always recessive. Because of this, it is possible for two brown-eyed parents to have a child with a different eye color than theirs. For two brown-eyed parents to have a blue-eyed child, for example, the mother and father would need to pass on a pair of blue alleles each to their offspring. If this child were to get one green allele in the mix, he or she would have green eyes; however, if a brown allele were present, regardless of what the other three alleles were, the child would have brown eyes.

    But wait, you might protest, this two-gene model cannot explain the inheritance of gray or hazel colored eyes, nor can it explain how two blue-eyed parents can have brown-eyed progeny. That’s were modifier genes, other eye color genes, mutations, and additional factors come in — they can all lead to eye color variability. How you ask? Science is still trying to figure it out! As much as we understand the incredibly complex workings of the human body, there are some details that remain elusively beyond our grasp. Isn’t it nice to know there’s still some mystery in our bodies after all?


  7. If mi neva read the tory mi wudda think smaddy send in mi pickney picture. Congrats pon unnu child unnu a hold on long n strong. Mi did av grey eye to but dem change to green then to the light brown dem be today. Wish dem did stay grey.

  8. Sorry met not the famous susie q I am talking the wannabe from London.

    I forgot that they share the name by co-incidence

    The old lady baby carrying comment was mainly aimed at her

  9. Met if a could a dah next to yuh fi shake yuh hand di baby look just like Carlye if a suh Spragga deceased son name spell

  10. She has a slight resemblance to Blu-Ivy when blue did young…Baby sweet like pure cane-sugar…@MET, Wha gwaan Metty???

  11. Spragga Benz mix and have nice eyes…the baby does look like Carlyle…when two people come together it’s a mixture of genes so the baby might come out with all purple eyes…Go question God about how that possible…also with modern medicine woman a have baby when them a 60…as long as you haven’t reached menopause you can breed…some time we fi mek people live yo

  12. Aono 1st thread you are a low life asshole. Not everyone f uck young n whore young like nuff a uno. Some people happen to go after career, nuff females have problems to get pregnant too. U f ucking awful though if people want breed in dem 40’s dem entitled to it. U is a dutty dog leave the lady alone. U sound rass bitter like u breed from age 10 and have life hard since then. Gosh man, nuff people putting off having a child til later because of many personal choice. A nuh every body want dem kids suffer dahhh.

  13. Nosa… spragga have a Coolie lookie baby mada with about 4/5 kids.. foxy r u serous what number is that child if it’s him? I hate to see ppl do this to kids.

  14. The child looks JUST like Foxy Brown though.
    She is beautiful like her mother. Foxy is extremely gorgeous and her eyes are of a light sometimes darker brown.
    She is from Trinidad and there is a lot of mix up in those Trini genes, Indian included.

    Foxy ‘s brother who is currently in jail, has very very light brown eyes. So anything is possible with genetics.

    Spraggah Benz is a ver handsome man as well and he obviously has some mix up in his genes…

    Anyway, WHO CARES ?? Beautiful baby and congratulations my girrrrrl.

    ((((((((((((. More LIFE )))))))))))))

  15. BEAUTIFUL baby, Foxy mother is light skinned with pretty hair so the baby could look like her grandmother. Spragga is a nice looking man and Foxy is not ugly so the baby could be a mixture of both parents. Congratulations Foxy, the original bad gal Rapper, Congrats Mr.Benz

  16. while i know black children can be born with light eyes that sometimes change – (now dont jump on me)


    Foxy is of dark complexion, Spragga is black and not mixed so how pray tell did these 2 have a light skin gray eye baby ???

    Nobody saw or knew Foxy was pregnant – even Beyonce and Kim k who are mega celebs tried hiding but people see them so how not 1 person saw or took a picture of Foxy for 9 whole months ?

    my theory – she adopted a child ! and she has been obsessed with Spragga for years so maybe he decided to be the adoptive Father

    just my theory

    good for her though – motherhood regardless of the journey is a wonderful thing

    congrats to her and the father

  17. Thank you Met! Spragga son from St. Elizabeth also has grey/green eyes so it no unusual. Congrats Sprague and Foxy!

  18. Is it just me or what? Unno bash Robbas about not having a child then congratulating Foxy Brown for waiting. Hahahahah!!! A unno sey bias!

  19. So spragga really breed foxy brown. Dwllll him better don’t have no beef with anyone in dancehall. How is he going to come out of this now, now everyone’s know spraggabenz like freaks

    1. U late, they been together since the 90s…I was actually surprised that she got preggo..because mi did hear dem leff long time

    2. Since the 90s Spragga done declare his freakiness to the extent he made a hit song outta it.

      We nuh like Fila cause we prefer Nike.
      But we like when a freak talk pon we mike :thumbup :angel
      And we like gal whey keep the something tight :2thumbup :peluk

      The baby look like Spragga’s dearly departed son Carlyle. ..simple as dat!!

  20. Hello spragga dont have a career in dancehall anymore so who cares. Even wen spragga a freak u goodly f uck him if him beg u or u goodly give him if u see him one away. Spragga tell u say him give a phuck ediot gyal, kmft. 90% a jamaican men are freaks and 98% of men in general love a freaky gal, suh anon 3:55 u damm late. The people dem nah beg uno nothing so i dont think uno bad mind comment means shi t to dem.

  21. Den a so much jacket gi out fi dah year yah.. Dis look matterhorn jacket.. Baby sweet still.

  22. Spragga will always be the love of Foxy’s life, she will love him to her dying day. If he is indeed the father of her child then I am happy they were finally able to create new life and have a record of their love for all eternity. Congrats to them! I know Foxy is overjoyed. Hope the baby brings out the best in her. I always liked her, she just seemed like someone who was fighting some demons in her youth. God remembers everyone in time.

  23. baby gorgeous. Stay together the 1st yr with newbaby can be tough. stick it out. U nuh c Spragga brown& foxy mix even tho she chocolate. Them ignorant talk deh mek nuff single mada a batter with d youth by dem self. Do betta. Men don’t yoyo in& out a d youth dem life. It affect dem pon a psychologically. Dem going turn to somebody else. Don’t let it be some dutty criminal r old perv. Stand up stong inna u youth life. Bless up

  24. Has Spragga owned the baby though? If it’s his child why he leaving people to speculate? Why foxy imply he is the father on social media (she never out right say it and she put up a very old video clip of him talking about her), but him don’t say anything? Yes dem used to be together back in 19 long time. But something don’t sound right. As a woman I would want my babyfather to be loud and proud of our beautiful new baby girl. And the baby is so adorable how could any parent not want to show her off.

  25. lol oh Lord poor foxy she love spragga more than harself. But congrats to her. Spragga is no prize so I don’t see the big deal. A child is a blessing in itself.

  26. Spragga n foxy brown never lef after dem meet. Spragga a galis but he aint leaving foxy brown for no biatch, even if a gal just done f spragga, him going right back to foxy. Some women fail to understand men will f uck u 10 days a week 30 hours per day and dem still nuh want settle with u. I have 2 male frens, one change gal every 3 months n wen hi change him still a f uck the trail a ex and his heart is with a young lady ine of his ex that him a dead over and she run him n reject him, every gal him meet him tell dem say a one girl has his heart but him just weak fi puss ssy n if he is to marry a she him a marry. Ladies some men just live f ucking around and das it, dem still nah settle wid who dem active wid, but but but there is always dat one woman who a wild boy love, and she is the only one he will truly love. Suh gal could a give spragga pu ssy pon plater morning, noon, night, late night, spragga must knows the one him really love. None a we can tell spragga who to love suh uno leave the man n him girl alone, is yearsss spragga n this girl coming from far.

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