Tashamay did a hope say britjAm man woulda lock har dung but him do weh every man in har life do to har. F**k her and run har weh ca she is no goodas too much mileage deh pon har (Edited). (Edited) u and dis mixup gal is no friends she just call unu frens fe be in unu business and den compete and chat unu.
(Edited) u a cool gal but u anuh no exception tashamay chat u too! and d man weh she say a u a mind him and a pose like him a give u tings! U support har all the while she a stab u in a u back gal run!!!

(Edited)u too stop do har makeup she is a user! Lawd all (Edited) she chat how much u a try be like har, u a lickle gal and how she only tell u certain tings she nuh too chat up to u pon certain levels.

(Edited) of all the gal dem a u she jealous a bad ca true u a get money from (Edited) was poppin days and when u do up u breast dem it did a kill har bad ca true fi har dem flat jealousy did a rage and she chat you all d time from u gambling problem to d man a canada to busy to u pickney nuttin nuh off limits. Worse u did go do u ass lawd a true u a original hot gal and she want so much fe compete but bruck like dawg and nuh half as classy looking like u she have nuff sleepless nights. Ca true Ur rent and u car payments did nuff and u did a make it even when dem tek back d car a dat sweet har. She a try be like yuh but u mek har ***y and mouth burn har too much fe compete. A fi u bday party mek she wa keep bday parties too. And d furniture dem in a yuh house mek she go trust furniture too. Off all the gal dem a u she hate the most cause u keep winning! See she go married d short toku toku man deh fe tings and she wouldn’t even mek d man buy har a propa lace wig. One wid free style so it look natral d one in a d pic look too cheap man. And like always she still a sell up d (Edited) tings dem in a shop ca see har deh wid d fake lv bag. A so she sell d entertainer dem and ppl (Edited) goods. Bout bday party a special invite tashamay don’t nobody care ca u is nobody u is a groupie and will always be a groupie. Yuh tink a so tings go all yuh life u f***k bare (Edited) man and cause how much pain to how much wife and dem husband mash up ppl life and den on to d next man. Well b**h Ur time deh yah ca karma is a b**h u a chat bout husband me say u ago get some bun all pon top a u him ago bring woman come f***k. Cuz u do too much dirty deeds so a Ur time now. And worse dis ya marriage soon end up in divorce ca u too wicked an u is a user!!! A come galang like u a dignitary when all ova d island know how (Edited) u stay. Notice how u always nuh have on nuh clothes ca u face nuh so nice so u haffi show up d naked body! Dem gal ya fe run u ca u too damn 2 face! U chat all a dem a true me nuh wa sAy certain tings fe u know but u is a B***H!!!

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