Breaking News. Met mi jus ere seh them hold one ah Frenchy dawta them, inna store wid ppl credit card and it lead rite bk to the ppl them inna the store. Yes the cashier, mi ere sey a big big things!


  1. Morning Met dem no hear how Jamaica haad all dese crime fi show off pon dem one anada, whe me waan know anyone a dem evr consider a 9-5???

  2. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others
    suh wi haffi guh wait pon a status update 2deh tuh like fi Cavelle yesideh or wah :nerd
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  3. Cause fi guh buy one used machine pon Craigslist and guh learn fi sew too hawd fi unno. Whole heap a designer styles you can get the pattern at the store for it and meck it yourself. Yes pattern cost money, so does fabric, thread and etcs, but if unno know unno hab high taste and unno bufget low den go dat direction. Is chu dese bitches know di prisons full to di brim and govt nuh hab money fi house dem too long meck dem gwan suh.

  4. U notice say people who work hard for them Dont run down name brand like these dancehall people. These people Dont know the value of money. Something is so wrong with them. How can you run down brand name clothes, n have no where to live and no job. Smh.I just can’t understand that. No time at all.

  5. Empty barrel makes the most noise. That’s why no one should envy anybody for their things. This is a perfect example of you don’t know where and how people get them dirty things.

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