1. Dougie platinum a long time him a battyman, a few years back dem did have a video wid two battyman friend a argue ova who buy clothes fi him, and who tek care of him,all of a sudden him waan gwaan like him love pussy, guh get yuh vaseline and guh grease up the batty fi get yuh f**k inna da weather yah!!!!

      1. who cares if he’s a ‘fish’? I never understood why people get so hung up on these things anyway. It’s not like it makes anyone any money trying to figure it out.

  2. Mi never see did man female wide a girl yet, it quite strange iyah, all beach dem a guh and a bere man, plus dem look good, cause all mad man a get girl, so there is no other explanation other than dem love buttocks, straights fishes. Even if dem a try seh dem a keep dem life private, we would a still get da info from Met seh ppl buck dem wid a girl…lol

  3. All gay clowns. What is Mikey Mention doing with an American flag clothing when he is from Canada. They are going to the wrong parties in Jamaica….should be the one where they will fit in better where the real gay people are.

  4. Pure batty man ….can sumadi light dem … Kim YA old oman now dash in di towel tap pum-pum shorts now yu badi WAH tun dung it nuh tan up … Dwl yu look like di fish side a yu Kevinxx35 a yu Twin or nah

    1. Mi nuh bizniz if him old…him a beat nuff gyal bad…gwaan thru yah Kim…yuh legs dem sexy nuh bloodclat! And di hair inah yuh face fit yuh….a di best mi evah see yuh look….don’t mek dem tell yuh nuh f**kery!
      Good day all!

  5. Dougie always a throw word on people about him rich and travel anywhere. Bitch really you work for delta airline. You fly FREE as long as the plane nuh full you and your family fly free. Who are you kidding bout rich. In you f**kry clothes and always love throw word and tell lie on people. And you friend them fly on buddy passes. Has to wait again for flight that not full hoping you mother f**kers get on. What a hassle and look show off and throw word. Fish doggie. We know you have the big a the boy a bronx give you dont spread it a jamaica

  6. Doogie. Bout rich. You fly free you work for delta and you sell your friends buddy pass and love throw word nigger please. Rich you rass. Fish. I hope you not spreading the big A that you have whay you get from the boy a bronx.

  7. For the New Year I purge myself from all these waste life fu**a dem! I just can’t cant with these shallow people dem.
    Dem Fake like the pussy on a drag queen.
    I wonder if these people don’t get tired of going party just to pose model, and lie bout how much dem balling$ ?
    Anybody who knows real people with real money such as millionaires, kno that millionaires do NOT go around buyin brands everyday and postin pon instagram and evrytime dem buy a one shoes. People that are filthy rich are usually very very private and very very careful, even frugal with their money.
    Of course u have u never-come-see Negroes like Mayweather and Fifty cents who nuh use to nothin and can’t rean and write that scandalize their ill-earned bucks from their ‘talents.’
    The reasons Jamaica will continue owing billions of dollars in debt to nearly every nation on the planet and can’t fix most of their infrastructure and have to sell out dem beaches and land to d white man to rape it, is cuz too much f**kas like d ones above pretend to have it when them DONT. Too much people have dem priorities screwed up, so dem nuh realize or care when d government ah rob d country blind and failing poor people.
    Too much people like doggie platinum and other SELFISH People love show off instead of sponsoring or encouraging a child/ neighbor yute that was left behind in d ghetto dem fly out from, who need books, shoes clothes etc.
    Too much people wouldn’t learn to read and write and do effective things with them money and give back. Brands is d God to many.
    While they floss then return home after party to shit in buckets and turn on thief electricity light.

  8. I work for a jewish Dr for many years everyday the mman walk in the office with same 1 pair a Oxford shoes for ova 5 years man own mansion and private beach house boat n things his 3 kids go to 1 of the top private schools in the country. If u see this man u would Neva know how rich he is. All when he shop for his business he shop sale items. unno gwan mek these broke hype dancehall ppl fool DA public bout rich them can only frighten da Neva see come see crowd

  9. KP looks very nice and sexy I don’t see anything wrong or anything old about her keep up the good work girl!!

  10. Di individual who said Kim looks old is too bloodclot wickid. The girl looks good and I don’t think she’s really that old either. Old to me is like when your in your 50’s and up. And for all di Canadian bwoy dem weh love hype up bout travelling to JA for dance and wearing this and that brand, of course if the majority of you live in your mummas yawd and don’t have no real job, bills or responsibilities of course you all can waste money and run dung JA hype. I don’t understand how nuff a dem bwoy ya love brag and show off but have never signed a lease or pushed thier own key in a door. Dem a walk and brag but if dem meet a likkle man or gyal fi f**k dem cyan bring dem a dem mumma yawd. Or if they do dem haffi sneak dem in and run dem out before sunrise lol. Wack!

  11. Because I know all of them personally its only right I clarify everything Now ppl just for the record #1 Mikey gay from long time all use some maga Rat face gual fi pose with him like him gual an never once fukar..true she have pussy.(di gual deh ugly yuh si mon and ar mouth stink)
    #2 Jason is just a follow batty man.fuka love drink then suk cocky after… so much memories and good times with him he is the sweetest
    #3 Loudy have him girl dem he flirt with but suck nuff cocky pon di side especially Mikeys
    #4 Dougie is NOT rich I personally no the Mon weh mine him. and him is a next Mikey pose with gual but suck cocky pon di side like loudy. But they are all cool guys still I wouldn’t trade dem for the world Fluxxing with them this wkn i can’t wait I love my Team

  12. All these people have time on them hands One think I can say though is, it is a known fact that GAYS are the best dressed and well put together so congrats you gay guys,
    Gay Fashion Power

  13. Just for the record I also know all these people and they are fuked up but not sure about gay mickey and Jason are cool but they chill with horing pocaroo so I just avoid them but if they no what’s best they should stop walking with idiot poca if anyone want to know more about poca just keep reading all the blogz this girl is waste and she is the one ALWAYS calling these guys GAYS she is a 2face pocaroo trole!! And princess virgin how can you want to party with them after saying all these things about them… You are wicked I should buss you at least I’m strait up so don’t call my phone later

  14. All I want to know is, is kim possible a mam or woman.. wtf..the rumors have been that she/he is a man…

  15. Mickey and Jason are lovers there from Toronto these guys nuh f**k nothing name girls all dem duh a walk with dem don’t let them fool u they in Toronto a fight off the girls dem in a the dance hall everyone know seh dem gay a Canada

  16. Mikey n jason wear internet online cheap clothes. Look takky. Both are gay. They dont sleep with woman they are down low brothers .why are they hiding that. How come loudy is bald? He isn’t old.jason and mikey always wear imitation wears.they are very ugly. Low self esteem putting on a show for people. I know for a fact they always are getting beat up in Toronto. They came to newyork talking about there crews the hottest but we found out they are loosers poseing like they hot but they are really hot messes man.wearing all that fake Louis v man aint you guys tired making fool of yourselves?

  17. Loudy is a true battyman. Just walk and hitch up underneath Mikey. Di worst part is as much as dem seh Mikey ah fish Mikey DONT WANT LOUDY! Every day him get up and a write one bag ah long message pon Mikey facebook. Like lowe Mikey nuh. Him nuh waah yuh. Plus him just look big and stink. Like him mouth smell like 10 day cabbage wata. Nasty likkle batty man. Him have him man weh ah f**k him inna him batty but ah Mikey him really want.

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