Melissa so call Lavish why you can never keep no friend? You and Cash thick as thieves all a promote har party all of a sudden not a word. You stop promote and remove har flyer no show at har party.Clean up you dutty bad mine you run in and out a friendship too much.
P. S Cash Mi love the way you how you move on from dutty f**k box Uncle


  1. Cash can get what Lil cash I got!!Yep Cash can most definitely get IT!! forward @realjohncrowbelly ,see a new year’s yummy food ya mi Boss!

  2. Some gal too badmine dem ano fren… Everybody have dem own unique things bout dem.. but sum gal! Once yuh put yuhself together an try look like somebody picney dem hate dat…like bitch put yuhself together tuh. All if yuh lose weight a bitch all a hate… mi bloodclaaat ppl wicked bad. Brush off di crawsis fi di 2019. Fren a fuckery.

  3. Abt time this friendship end because Melissa lavish too mix up and she jus nuff, always up in a cash and cash not even up into her. It seems like they where both fucking each other . When she was with uncle she was acting like she quite and nice and has them break up you see a different side of her, I was shocked asf and who she was even frens with. Cash leave dancehall ppl alone them nuh good, they will come around jus to know your business chat yuh and done yuh and talk bout you a road.

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