12 thoughts on “SENDER SHE SUPPOSED TO

  1. So wait ….there is a picture of her and Saco in the pool where he is laying on her back smiling with his eyes closed….he seems happy and quite comfortable with her. How dat nuh reach over here yet???? Or the video where they’re dancing…..again he seems happy. In the video he actually whispered something rude (I assume) in her ear and she bust out laughing ….telling him they were being recorded. How dat nuh reach???? Uno can low Nicole fi di new year now eno. Gosh. She nuff yes but mi nuh see har doing nothing wrong. Uno a talk bout her and Drake??? I’m older than her and trust me…..if uno put Buju or The Game in front a mi right now… cry shame a mi. Give di girl a break man.

  2. What way sender?? Come on it’s 2019 get a life. You sent in one picture of the woman smiling bc she Merry a celebrity. She’s not even hugged up with him! Girl bye keep them lame as stores in 2018! :salahkamar

  3. Sender, no-one ever tell you that 30’s are the new 20’s, 40’s new 30’s etc etc.

    In any case, Ive seen much older than her going on like this.

    You may not like her, but this is reaching!!!

  4. Said this before, Nicole maybe a little on the “Nuff” side, but lawd cut the lady some slack man – sheesh!

  5. Bwoy Nicole caan ketch a break e. Is she was standing and not smiling, you would say she stuck up and because DRake bigger than har man. Low the gal.

  6. Seriously?!!!! Sender, what has she done? I see an appropriately dressed woman, having a polite conversation. No man, you really need to let this bitterness go!!!

  7. :ngakak Elfie doe eva seh nobody ova pinkwall nuh like yuh eno lol comments tun up fi yuh tidday miss suh nuh badda go take it up a notch now dwl. Go choo.

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