0 thoughts on “FROM BUM TO BUMBO

  1. you and your captions lol yes Met it looks real nice upfront too, the tummy well sort out yah now too no more spares lol bless up on the Saturday

  2. Shi too young fi do tummy tuck n shi no gi birth yet, guess she nuh plan fi hab no pickney. All vanity fi hab flat belly n batty.

      1. Whe u a cum tek mi on fah? Yes she has no kids yet so is sheer vanity fi do tummy tuck n juck up batty. Wha bout dat is hating? Mi entitled to mi opinion! What odda reason is dere for someone to do up har belly n batty at dat age when she dont give birth yet?
        Galang ya Miss Lady, mi still maintain is V A N I T Y. If she looked this way naturally or with hard work (exercise), I would gladly commend her

        1. Miss dumb non hab no sense bird how u know wat procedure she has done n if it will affect her childbearing abilities UNNU love run off unnu finger DEM too much in this day n age medical technology is as such where when she is ready to breed she can n will matter of fact how you know she want to breed non a tall MECK har worry bout that man is either u comment bout the stay good or bad condition of her body or STFU

  3. Bum to yah Met.. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak. Miss Kit ah gwan good..she soon drop off the fluff and the Mi loike her still.

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