Post this fi mi deh Ina handicap go sit down fi mi yah likkle gal … time yuh a falla mi up bout poster go bill on house cause you walk and f**k man like dog and yuh still live inna 1 bedroom . handicap tonni weh want born back ova which part a yuh nice murder likkle gal pls cause a alman town alone unno know fi go…. gal yuh know mi fully fully bad stop beat up yuh chest pon facebook and let put it down wha day yuh know bout dance child remember,. dat bout poster up and all now mine cant go up child my well know go find yuh baby daddy that run lef yuh before baby gone my child know her father waste gal landon step to mi cause mi ago deal with you crabbit see mi dance and road but nothing as mi back turn bay video whoiii child unno go sit down yer.



  1. the same amount yuh but into this yuh know yuh can but that and more into an evening class cuz pon a big ooman level mi read dis three time fi mek sense outta yuh non sense,a 2016 de dunce thing nah guh work step up pon de education if is even a basic level a knowledge but dis back bush down under thing nah cut no dash muma

    1. And fr u caa deciper it well something wrong. Just ago call pon you fi a translation lol

      **the fab one **

  2. Senderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yoi! you illiterate as f**k..can’t stand this backward writing.. You write the same way you trace with no f**ing sense…

    Have several seat in class room please..

  3. This is some real slackness. I mean all mi a try read. I’m the real fool because I really sit down here trying to figure this out. Sender u really need to be shamed of yourself. As a big women there is no way u suppose to writing like that. Something is defiantly wrong.

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