Want to address this man weh give himself the gq pon him name because me never see him look like no gq type a man. You go forrin and a h&m store you take picta in front of. Your name need to change to chatta box Jah cat because everyday you on fb wid one bag a long status like you a spread wisdom. Social media this social media that. Me never see a man take up gal talk like you bout you Inna your own lane. WHO DOES THAT? You chat too much for a man on social media. Me never see you wid a man fren go see how you and the may pen gal dem si dung and chat people. Stop it and go upgrade you closest. Go find some sports or something post bout and stop this bout you Inna your own lane. Look like you are one of those in the undercover lane . . . Sips mint tea*

52 thoughts on “RE-NAMED

  1. So what if he wants to call himself “GQ?” H&M has great clothing optionsand maybe that’s what he can afford so technically, he is staying in his own lane. Also, why are you perturbed by the fact that he chooses to stay in the company of women? I bet if he was with a bunch of men you would switch and call him b@ttyman. kmt, #Next

  2. This is the best they could come up with? Nooo man. This ya tea ya cold bad. Kmt. And mi deh ya excited as F**kkkk seh mi finally mek it pon Pink wall. Sigh.

  3. And forevea a bash the woman them like say him grudge them for them p. Somebody always a talk bout him on fb I wonda why. Lowe the woman them yute.

  4. Lol TPC…..
    Only thing uno can do a chat shit.
    A bet who a chat all them things her not even have a life
    Not even have a job to bloodclatttt

  5. Mister gp u wicked to rass u a try plug u party fi friday fi free u too good man u need to pay met like everybody else kmt

  6. The wavy skin teeth gal wey send in this hurt because gq never f**k har bitch u just come on party scene and a causr bay drama and a f**kery! Stop mine the man dem stop take out the ppl dem clothes outa the store and give u man dem and leave me team mate alone ye

  7. The wavy skin teeth gal wey send in this hurt because gq never f**k har bitch u just come on party scene and a causr bay drama and a f**kery! Stop mine the man dem stop take out the ppl dem clothes outa the store and give u man dem and leave me tem mate alone

  8. Mi really believe a him send dis in. The ice tea is very cold and the poster is very bold. Gq back at it again with the fu@#ry!

  9. So what if a woman the man a run behind at least a no man if he was running behind man unuh same one would say him a batty man leave him alone

  10. Dutty GQ just come str888 and call camele name cause a she you a stop wid big old longtime man,camele would never beg you no f**k you and the none progressive crew is a disgrace to may pen.

  11. Whoring ruschel bout you name sexyness we all know a you ,you can’t style camele cause you a may pen mattress. You always a chat camele bout her teeth whore memba you pussy kill a ready so easy you self and stop buy out the old man war.Camele you fi get it to causes you know them dnt like you and you tag them in every post on fb but a hope you learn now.If you really beg crawny grandpa GQ f**k you really careliss,dutty chin Dennis come off camele name over here we all know a you name sexyness but you big and stay bad like color save you old whore.Rena should still a beat you old dog.

  12. Yuh see how you chat thou gq??? You talk bout the post pon Facebook already then you talk bout it again you Comment on pink wall then you come comment back again bout love for this shit

    You chat too frigging much for true man. Shut the f**k up already.

    A camele him a drop word pon thou? ??? A lie

  13. Dwrcl @Anonymous a how u hurt so? U sound hurt nuh bloodclaat move u bloodclaat from yah so u mussi a the false teeth gal chuck through u mumma and flash up u daddy u stink nuh bloodclaat cocky feelingz the gal a carry fi me good good fren gq a bayyyyy u and u fren den hurt me sexy body a mad unuh body wavy and shape bad nuh bloodclaaat mad unuh mad bad me bloodclaat bad know that

  14. U miss anonymoeus what a way u hurt? No man u hurt nuh bloodclaat r u f**king skin teeth dwl anyways anyways look yah nuh false teeth gal bcuz me knowva u a write up on yah and a gwaan like say a ppl a back u nobody wid that bcuz me know a u move u shaoe bad wavy wavy skin teeth self from yah u stink nuh bloodclaat bout ubex overcocky and come put the man on pinkwall everybody u waah dash u leggo crotches pon nuh know weyucome outa church fah fi mek problem wid ppl fah enuh 70 times 70 times 70 sinsgone pon u god ago beat u

  15. U can stay deh mek dem judas deh round u boost u up fi f**k round ppl set dem a set u up ediaat gal a u right hand same one come and a laugh and talk say a false teeth dem call u (but me personally think skin teeth fit u more dwl) and she cyaan stand u cause u annoying sometimes everybody a u sista and bredda and man bay beg and buy u buy family man and fren dwl me say whether u waan believe yes or no u fren dem hate u nuh bloodclaat nobody nuh like u nasty gal a pure laugh dem laugh afta u but u know my advise to u concentrate on the lil store work wey u get and try save u money and go fill in the blanks inna u mouth since u so bad come run up inna this

  16. Sexyness you know say anybody can comment as anonymous? You here a kill up uself over gq like say you want one of the h&m blouse.and if a you name chin you shape bad like a nuh you did a bawl pon fb say you done wid dancehall so how you reach Inna dis? Tell yuh friend say him chat too much and him must cut out him gyally gyally ways them. Why unnu a call up camele name. Somebody really cudda carry feelings for gq cocky and gq look like him pop dung like kmt

  17. Gq you is a long time look good big man. Chin Dennis MI can count on my finger the time them you ever look good. You need some of them shape panty them fi keep in the spare rolls on your body. Both you and gq nuh look good

  18. Thats y me a tek weh meself little by little from around certain ppl enuh unuh a wicked thats y anything happen too quick neva happen good some a unuh too plenty

  19. Anonymouses unuh come suck me me defend who me want when me feel like and sooo if a one a the h and m blouse me a work fah dutty skin teeth gal through u know a facts me a talk it hurt u continue write up u soon get what coming to u u stink like. Unuh hurt bcuz me a beat unuh bad #skin teeth and a haron judaz fren a carry cocky feelings woieeee yah so sweet bad

  20. Chin Dennis you can’t style nobody dog shit,camele a better gal fi all a you .same way you buy out other ppl war and chat mizza bling she never did a better thing and run from you’ll. Winston dnt want you gal go seek redemption fi you hole it kill already,Wat away camele false teeth a bother uno set of hypocrite go clean you dutty house and bathroom it don’t look good stop buy out ppl war oh shit figot you a may mattress so GQ probably a f**k you.

  21. And look how unnu say the tea cold but what is in the dark comes out to light camele mumma dem a do you bad ya so. Nah tell nuh lie still. Watch who you call fren nuff a them not with you

  22. Dutty Dianne you have all right fi call you self machine you f**k everybody,who you nu f**ck a who you nu hear beg you sum,dog shit uno think camele nu ave nobody? Beat up unu bloodclaat mouth all you want you and none progressive crew.Camele just walk far from trouble. #teckaDianne you wa bathe.

  23. Nothing dnt left under you fe suck,GQ,you baby daddy that you kill,Winston and many other f**k and suck you out,you is an empty corpse walking.The men them a talk how youlive in them inbox a beg money and send pussy pic,the beaten wey rena give you worn off?

  24. Sloppy body chin Dennis a grudge you grudge camele fi Har body. Yuh body slack and batta batta like. You need a skin tightening remedy. Nothing for you to do but come buy out gq argument. Two a unnu lame like wah and stay bad. Never look good. Gq head top a peel out true people come talk the truth unnu vex. Undercover batty man and muddy body chin Dennis unnu go chuck off

  25. Dutty rathead rathole skin teeth scatta teeth wavy naah bade gal no body hole nuh need redemption like u yes me f**k fi a person me f**k fi wey u waah unlike u u just get up and fling u big dutty stinking pussypon the likkle young boy dem which part a u a gud gal where???? A wi go dig up u file from down a hayes enuh hn bcuz u nuh body a memba dem did dun u aready down deh a doh know a who resurrect u back the money u take a buy bug likkle a dance ungo tek it finish the tent wey u live in but a wah really do deh bloodclaat gal yah doe eeee skin teeth me anuh push over and a wi done u bloodclaat here and in dance hall so dont f**k u self

  26. Anonymous noooooo dont dweet girl noooo skin teeth u a talk bout body wah u need fi gi bback up inna u mumma mek she mek u over ni man u ever really look inna the mirror eee a who r eally a fool deh crowbait yah man u me waah sell me crotches a my business alteast me naah f**k fi ntn or buy beg and bex wid man bcuz dem nuh wqah f**k meme oussy clen and nice u stink like and me naah stop run up and down inna gq argument a me captain so go suck u mumma dutty gal bex u bex cause the man refuse u badmind skin teeth gal u be a who u man nobody nuh stay bad like u u wait man its coming

  27. No man why ova yah so haffi so nice long long time me want dem done deh dirty gal yah h she too nuff man even me she call sista like wtf wey sista ago????dwl she too loud man and disgusting she fi one mussi talk bout nobody body bus right now she wish fi har batty jaw did clean like chin dennis own woieeee

  28. You think winston did ago stay with you?he’s just like the other foreign men that run through you and left,may pen bicycle you stop chat trisan and Michelle yet? You along buy out people war old dutty gal you big red hog

  29. Chin Dennis you can’t do camele nothing whore,you can’t dig up nobody file dead dog.Lowe the bloodclaat gal and movvvvvvveeeee you stay bad self how you hot for her so? No star a the same friends them this? That party from Sunday to Sunday wow me fraid a uno then uno dey on fb a talk bout sis,couz,frens.Mi just a stop by still an a fass.

  30. Sexyness you is a real dunce you nuh understand say anybody can comment as annonmous but it look like say a camele you have belly fa. You seem real real jealous camele a mad you lolllll

  31. Good try skin teeth wey u a try do turn ppl gainst me? A company u alook dirty gal u still notgetting it there is a difference me naah just f**k fi ntn me a f**k fi sumn but u get up a f**k out u big stinking hole fi ntn a bay winston winston u a a talk about the amount a man b u f**k and suck and u cyaan show ntn and dem still a leave talkbout thatbitch

  32. Idiot girl look on any other post on pink wall and see how much people comment under anonymous is everybody camele?????

    You nuh know how much people read pink wall No sah you dunce baddddd as well as jealous over this girl very much

  33. 42 comments really? A so me late anyway nuh camele rushel and gq did just deh on fb the other day? Smh no man a just the other day me did a say a pure hypocrite inna the dancehall/ promoter circle and look yah unuh fi do better. And look her rushel shut u mouth and go look about ur boys and stop target the ppl dem man over foreign u too whore gq dwl boiii me use to admire u alot u fooled me at ine point but on a serious note u move like gal enuh dog u have gal attitude everthing bout u girly even me u siddung and chat u owna team mate dem wid u fi stop it u always agwaan like u a the realest thing and u fake badd pree u post dem more while u have dirty thinking gq anuh everybody u can fool dog be a man and change up u thing u a snake a swear and u ms camele smh loool camele why in gods name u come outa u church u nuh tiaad a dem life yah? Memba a so u use to beh have round a monthly splash and u come back inna it a maypen girl u too nuff too hype and camele me nuh understnd y cause u so green u is nobody camele u is a walking moscot smh u sick me a swear u start take care a u vagina bcuz me wen it use smell up bad smh put u money to good use and stop mind man and fren bcuz a bay hypocrite round u kirk beaten stick smh unuh fi do better ooo if any a unuh feel hurt contact me

  34. What away this big stay bad gal know bout camele hole,really true when them say you a sadomite ,you did want suck mizza pussy fe real you is a dirty girl.woooooooiiiieeee this need more people chin Dennis don’t sweet don’t cuss nobody gal you nu in that category. Where’s camele fe come defend her self.

  35. Did i say every anonymous comments is skin teeth if anuh skin teeth is a one a skin teeth dog face fren so any wey unuh tek it unuh and skin teeth go suck unuh one another me dunce u bright ur do intelligent and arguing with a dunce a which college ugo bcuz me neva go none ununh gwaan man unuh wi soo see wah clock a strike and for u mello get u facts straightttt before u run and jump up inna argument f**king nuff

  36. Dwl smh u see yah now a the other way a round girl dont get it twisted a wonder how much dem a pay u ms suckaton??? But lookpon mizza to hahahaha the whole a unuh come suck out me niceclean pretty pink hole

  37. Chin and Dianne uno stop chat trisan and michy yet? Dianne buba nuh want you the other I was waiting on him woman to buss you pussyclaat.You f**k all team red and black promoter the boy say you pussy stink and boney.camele you love company too much see where it put you mek stay bad GQ say you a beg f**.

  38. Bwoy chin you really need something to go do. All if camele a my worst enemy MI nah go lie and say the girl nuh look good. Camele ever look good all with the false teeth. Chin you always look sloppy. You never stay good. Nuh wonder it’s a fact say you a buy out gq war. To a unnu stay a like.

    Gq don’t make the people open up the file with the chat you chat you owna so call fren them. No man chat lika you. You want a pussy fi yourself

    Chin go choke pon a cocky nobody not even a pay yuh pudding body nuh mind shape bad and sour like wah

  39. Mi nah approve no more comments for this post so that is why ure not seeing your comments..too much a di going on and on and switching of names

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