This saga been a go round like this little girl name blackcherry shanshan on facebook! Apparently shes has beren with this well be known niqqa in dancehall O SHIT he’s been hiding and f**king (I ASSUME) But its clearly based on opbservation shes the proud sidechick cause she always present at the partkies when hes there with his girlfriend as evidence has been showed below Everyone of his birthday parties she there n that man his present with his other girlfriend so to be honest now what could cause her to place a tattoo with his name on her left shoulder!!!! she leave from the first girl to the worst girl! regular time i see ‘the wife’ leaving from his house to school n hes carrying her child to school in the morning girl a time fi you wise up u have your little set example n stop mek d man have u has a little beg bug n a sunday gleaner cause him only look pan u when him want a work! guh find sumn constructive do little girl it hurt me fi u kmt n a better u go cover him name cause people a laugh off a you


  1. Where the hell are the full stops and punctuations? I almost keeled over with breathlessness trying to read that pappy show.

  2. All a the ppl dem who always a cuss ppl bout repeating dem clothes…unno can run een cuz it look like wifey repeat one of the white dress yo!

  3. Mi nah knock har spelling and grammar,cho man. But on topic:who tattoos a man’s name on their body? Do that only for: your son,your dad,Jesus and his 11 loyal disciples. Smh,silly rabbit.

    1. Which is fine dearest ukkibit…I think if you’re a wife you’ve earned the right to repeat as much as u want. ..except for ur wedding dress.

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