Here I was wondering how Andre Duffus missing from Jamaica party scene but look here him gone a America go tun thief … Nuh Greg Millwood cousin this weh use to show off pon Instagram, acting like he has all the money and he’s the flyest nigga on the scene smh … u can’t be a thief and popping my nigga acting like u work hard to get things kmt






  1. :ngakak Don’t grudge a man for what they have, at the end of the day, I am not the one who will be in Jail cell. Why can’t my Jamaican people behave themselves and go look work, this flossing on insta and know you selling drugs, scamming and teefing for the hype, with technology evolving How all a you so blatant and fool fool? 360 phones to one address? ok. 260 likes for his Giuseppe gold shoes and 261 likes for his new TOY rolex. Gwan go rub your time my youth and enjoy, me nuh frighten fi none a you wannabe hurry come up ghetto mentality fools. :2thumbup

    1. It’s funny how y’all studying this guy and know every detail about his shoes and how many likes he has on ig… y’all need to go focus on your own lives and find something productive to do with your time

      1. It’s in the picture…all if we never know, we know now (you talk as if the person went and dig up and mek di comment!….you can tell he’s someone you know…sorry, but we don’t feel sorry for thieves!

        And yes he’s a f***g thief!

      2. Study ah when yuh seek out enlightening information fi uplift yuhself. Nuttn bout dem teef deh no uplifting. Yuh sound hurt seh yuh dude get busted. Wi have zero sympathy for thieves, suh gwaan beat up yuh gum.

  2. Lol. IG a meck many a dem a nyam shyt, tecking rodding in all a dem orifices and teef and scam. Young ppl wasting away demselves fi worthless things that are passing. Weh di kicks and Rolex deh now my yute? Orange jumper and smaddy a tell you when you can shyt is your new reality. Madness!

    1. You sound hurt! Go find something productive to do with your life and stop nosy in pple business. You guys don’t know shit and still yapping. Go read yo!

      1. Bloodclaat hurt ova wah? Some a unno too damn fool, mi fi hurt seh three ugly man get collared by police and gone a jail :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak You tell him seh mi seh orange is a good colour and will bring out him eyes.

  3. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak David Richard Bagot AT YOUR AGE???
    Grandpa did ah try mek ah ting auffa HiPhone :ngakak :ngakak

  4. It’s funny how y’all studying this guy and know every detail about his shoes and how many likes he has on ig… y’all need to go focus on your own lives and find something productive to do with your time

  5. F**k…but why though…if you can’t keep up. Just gwaan floss with what you have…look wah greed send him fi guh do

    But I curious of something happened with him and dem though, because he used to be on site with them and then you just stopped seeing him!

  6. Is 3 ppl get arrested but y’all jus focusing on 1. Is wat the other 2 never use to floss or hype. U ppl jus full of grudge and bad mind. Leave ppl alone. Nuff a uno mother use to thief or sell pussy fi tek care a unu. Nuff a unu work and slave fi white pl nd still a live from hand to mouth. So don’t Gwan like unu happy wen u hear say a man buck him toe in wateva hustle him choose. The majority of Jamaica is build up from drugs money or sum criminal proceeds.

  7. @Talk di truth

    With the mentality you possess, prison nah miss you. Whether you believe or not, there are still HONEST Jamaicans out there who’d rather be a slave to their work than end up behind bars. This guy dishonestly generated an income by exploiting another person’s property to boast on insta, and you have the nerve to speak about “him buck him toe”. This ‘get rich quick’ mentality needs to stop. We are hustlers not thieves.

    Majority of Jamaica is built on drugs you say? I think you meant the Milliard Development, everybody knows Money mike is one of the biggest hustlers in Jamaica

    1. Deze fckrs tink because dem and dem cronies a dweet dat mean everybody a dweet. Look at all di honest Jamaicans who took di education route fi earn dem success. Deze ppl completely demented fi tink seh ebrybody and dem is di same. If mi did teef and criminal when mi work place did an international criminal background check mi couldn’t have gotten clearance fi wuck fi dem. Many a wi live clean and happy fi live clean. Mi can drop di soap in mi shower and nuh haffi fret, dat is the freedom living clean brings.

    2. If prison nah miss mi or not tht is my business but 1 thing for sure nah miss all of us and tht is death. Whole rass a wi ago end up 6 foot 6. So until tht day come each man to him own in however him choose fi live. Unu too fckn badmind. Y u glad fi hear say a man get lock up. Are u one of the victims of tht identity theft. Unu quick fi call up ppl name on internet. If u so honest y u don’t leave criminals business alone. Y u so interested in the wrong doers. Y don’t u talk abt the real criminals THE GOVERNMENT. Google the Wells Fargo CEO and watch wat is going on and u see sum real theft.

      1. Wah kina f**kery comment this? Ur thinking is warped and u will never have true success or happiness thinking that way? Imagine we a lick out pon tief n is like u bex? Like ppl cyaa seh nutn re stealing/crime/criminality/???? Is this the new normal?

  8. Y u don’t talk abt the lottery tht takes 100’s of millions fr ppl and only give bk a small % y u don’t talk abt the Jamaican govt tht charge 100% duty to bring in a car and promise to use tht $ fix roads throughout the country and no road not fixing. They sell out contracts to foreigners to build sum idiot highways and charge us toll fi 100 yrs. so jus cuz a man is not a suit and tie theft unu fi post dem on the net and cut dem throat. Talk bout di theftin police dem not the lil ones on the roads tht terrorize motorists but the ones in the offices sitting in big chairs tht is on criminals payroll tht use to issue gun permit to criminals and inform them wen any sting ago tek place. Jus tell mi if u want mi continue bcuz di list no stop ya suh

  9. @ Talk di truth!,,,,,,, bro you need to tune in to pinkwall more often and not only when your sidekick or family makes the headlines, because if you do you’d see and know that everything that came out of your mouth or off your fingers just now is regular topic & comments on pinkwall, including topics not even a month or so ago on the suit & tie one who have the whole parish of st. thomas under siege, and the high ranking police official in the anti-narcotics division and is one of the biggest narcotics trafficker in JA! ,,,,,, bro you really need to tune in.

  10. Talk Truth mussi neva kind har phone wa Dutty Duffus promise har…lolll…weeeeeee..n me no grudge nar badmind teef…a want dem swell up him bottom hole…

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