Message to Jaykrome & Dose you both need to go do a STD & HIV test because to how puchi a dash out the p**y outta road, Dose she said you don’t like condom and Jaykrome I saw screenshot messages so I know you two still f**king so go get your self tested, can’t believe you still f**king puchi didn’t you just got a baby girl with another girl the other day omg I hope someobody who knows your daughter’s mother see my post and let her know to go get tested poor girl don’t even know what going on smh. Jaykrome you need to leave puchi alone sir she all have video wid you a suck her p**y a show Inna the hairdresser shop on (Edited) Jamaica ave. And you need to take your sons from her to because that big all fight at her house the other day with your kids in the middle isn’t a good look.

Dose well what you getting is what you should get in away because you and Jaykrome was best friend and you f**k puchi so Momo just run back your own game on you. It funny ehhh man I like you still Dose so again I’m telling you and Jaykrome to go get tested because Momo a walk wid a big gun inna him pants so I know puchi get shot and both you and Jaykrome might have it to, to rass dew yo how Jaykrome might have gotten the clap Inna him mouth to bloodclaath queens niceeeeee again dwl
Sign NanaFire


  1. Yes met I saw this video Nana talking boy bad pan him mouth yuh see nuh wonder him a try turn DJ. But at the end of the day him a puchi a come from 15 and 16 year old days so I don’t see the problem if they want to link here and there they have history together plus two sons, has for the daughter mother nobody even know who she is. Dose f**k all bout the place so if puchi want to exercise her pussy it her right to do so Nana leave the girl pussy alone

  2. Big fat sour beach whale Chrissy mind yuh business nuh! kmt yuh neva get a better name cho Rha$$ man mi nuh know who stay worse you or DHK Chrissy cause Andrew nah nyam yuh expired fron yuh ah faas inna other ppl nyaming argument, as for you Nana yuh shoulda name NoNo cause you ALLLLLLLL wrong its 2017 b!tch PuXzy fi get nyam!!! kmt man outta road a lick out battyhole and suck off big toe why Jay cant lick a clit even if is Puchi dun tongue? you is a next one weh walk and watch ppl front cause yourn (yes YOURN) ah host a cobweb convention. you and Chrissy need fi go find a gym and work out till dem time yah next year due to how unno stay bad and badder

  3. Jaykrome should be a shame of himself fi a suck poochie pussy and mek she a video him, I would really love to know who is his daughter mother because she must don’t have no sense to have a child for this big waste gender confuse boy Jaytee aka Jaykrome. He went from fucking GQ for clothes right to taking romanic trips with dougie then after all a that he got a daughter poor girl pussy shit up and full a std

  4. Yes bodygood we knw yu send this in it ok i would do the same too hun so make them talk i knw it hurt seh them a dun yu on live and bun yur shos but make them stay cause DHK chrysy and stay bad puchi a di less cause the way she big shelter could nt hole her so plz

  5. But why bodygood mix Jaykrome when the world know he don’t like puchi that youth walk pass her like she’s nothing Inna party all the time leave the youth and him daughter mother out of this mix up nobody don’t even know who is daughter mother is so why you a mix the girl smh. Bodygood a you wrong to leave your shoes a puchi yard wid rat a take change, I don’t know how people friend puchi and she refuse to be a mother to her kids kmt as for Chrissy shelter soon put you out bitch just wait

  6. But Momo don’t have no money so everyone arguing over a
    Nigga that’s broke like boyyyyyyyyyy bye everyone needs to talk about that how dem a argue over bruk man

  7. Listen Jaykrome and tire waist chysy however u name waa spell. Uno si mi put nana fire pan di post yessideh because a suh di smaddy seh she name is not nana propa send in no post. Nana know uno fi know if u a burn or bus shot like mattick? Uno a some proppa idiot though because di person seh dem si screenshot…where nana know uno from fi see screenshot idiot bwaay?

    1. But met why you calling Jaykrome name when you well know who send in the post because a you it send to, just leave the youth name outta the mix up because that youth don’t trouble a soul he don’t even party no more, kmt mi see people all a post how the boy son dem suck off cocky when them little all because of waste puchi. Why they don’t keep the mix up between body good, Chrissy, Nana, and puchi why are they mixing Jaykrome and Dose the man dem nuh have nothing to do with this bullshit between these bitches who use to eat and sleep a puchi yard but now them ready to talk shit, low the man them outta the mess man

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