Toya’s family asked me to reach out to those of you commenting and some of you who are putting up articles that are not true. Latoya was sick for some time but she was expected to live so this is a surprise to all of us. Please allow her loved ones to grieve in peace and privately . The lies about why she died and how are really not cool. I can say from what I know that her family is a very close unit, they move as one and everyone is close.She was also the only child for her mother Christine. It is not fair to them to read and hear the lies knowing that she has been suffering for over 2 years.

As you know, I have been beside myself because of the friendship I had with her, I admired her strength because trust me, her road was not an easy one. We prayed many times, went over the scriptures, she sang(I did not cause mi cyah sing). Latoya like myself was not perfect but I can honestly say she was a woman of God and very repentant. She begged to live and kept pushing because of her son. The only ones who know her journey are those of us who were in it with her so if you are hearing anything from anyone that wasn’t on our journey they dont know what they are taking about. And those of us who were there have not said anything until today/right now/ this minute, so there is not a remote possibility that you have heard the truth nor are you hearing the truth.
Toya and I had plans to be charitable, to feed the children in Jamaica when she got well . Those who know her knew she had a love for cooking, she will be cooking in heaven I am sure.. I will make sure her name lives on..

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  1. Not lying met had an opportunity of meeting and speaking with Toya…such a down to earth sweet person. This lick me fi six

  2. I find it disgusting of those who were assuming the cause of her death she just died…and on top of it they calling artiste name. R.I.P Toya.

  3. Amen! Well said Metty, I can see that you are a true friend to the end! I noticed that her name was mentioned here a few times, and you really never got into any specific about her, so if no one knew what was really going on with the young lady, we should be careful of what we say. I would not want to be in her mothers shoe, as you have mentioned that she was an only child. The pain is real, may her soul rip. Metty be strong, for her son, words is not enough, I will pray for you guys to find strength to deal with this terrible lost, as there is no distance in prayer. Nuff love from the Jmg family Met, continue to pray and keep the faith.

  4. I’m numb and loss for words. We went to school together even though she was in a younger class than myself. Such a beautiful heart. Too young so soon. Bad mind worst than obeah

  5. I remember the first time Met upload Toya’s video, we all had our opinion about her; from her looks to her voice.Some even called her the Jamaican Rheanna. But we all agreed on one thing, she’s very beautiful! A interview fallowed by the video, it was then we all get to know Toya. She talked about everything from her son to her boob job. Met, most of us didn’t know you were that close to her, so cherish the memories you both have created, those will last forever. Stay strong love!

    1. JMG is my job and I do try to operate with a small air of professionalism so it is rare I will say anything beyond media boundaries in cases like this..

      1. Yes there are boundaries, and when someone put their trust in you (who runs a gossip site) it shows that she trust you and values your opinion. I’m just lost for words right now….

  6. I wish her family strength, love, peace, support especially to her mom. My heartfelt condolences to her the family. Stay strong because i know this is not an easy time. Pray and ask the good lord to guide you. Love and prayers.

  7. Again Met
    My deepest condolences. The loss of a love one is never easy. May she rest in peace.

  8. If she had been ailing for sometime then anything was possible. At times the spirit just cannot endure living in a sick body any longer. The body and spirit depend on each other, although they are masters of their own domain, when one becomes broken the other suffers.


  9. Rip toya and her beautiful voice. Prayers to her friends and family.

  10. OK! Mi vex and I don’t know her!!!!!! Regardless of what Toya and anyone had sickness and death nuh come ya fi dog. So u mean to tell me that all a the money wah Joe spend pon Ishawna, Skatta n so many others …. The man wife dead n none but Don Husky have the decency to say anything on social media about it? But when any other mix up a gwaan them ride it fi get airplay fi dem crappy song.. God naa sleep MEMBA!

  11. Me caan believe OMG !! TOYA a me likkle fren fr longtime me madda must no hear fi call me , me caan believe MET. R.I.P. cause Toya a real girl whe struggle n know what she want out a life

  12. Death isn’t partial,sickness and death is for all of us.When ppl don’t know they speculate and say all sorts of things,especially when you’re grieving….I’m going through the same thing with a loved one close and dear to me.All we can do is pray and console each other,and talk about it cause when you keep it in its not good.My sincere condolences to the family and friends of this beautiful young lady.

  13. Met im sorry for your lost..Pretty girl Toya Sip my love. Met I may not know you personally but I think we all kno you, you have prayed for me in my time of lost, when I was sick so my loving sister I will pray for you and your friend.

  14. Sorry for your loss Metty. Please try not to be bitter.The best ppl are taken from us first idk y but sometimes they r just on this wicked earth to deliver a message and teach us lifelong lessons of strength.
    I don’t believe in a lot of things but I believe that heart of the wicked is poisonous- evil is real but the evil will suffer if they should.
    Focus on the message and friendship your friend brought to your life.X

  15. Death is death no matter how it comes its the end of one’s life. To assume how she die is nobody business. Don’t know her but I read the blog. May her mother stay strong I know its hard but God will if you ask him to help you overcome. Rip in peace. And I hope God guide and be over her child.

  16. I have never heard of this young lady until now ,condolence to the family and friends and may God grant you all spiritual strength to cope, and as met stated in a comment that she died not as a sinner I must say that’s great news, I got baptised recently and I’m happy that this young lady died not as a sinner and we must encourage our loved ones and ourselves to make it right with God because we know not the minute we are going to leave this world , as I’m reading through the comments that young lady was not well for a while and has time to repent as met stated how many of you commenting will have the time to repent or your family ? Let’s open our eyes satan is seeking souls he’s very busy because his time is short

  17. It’s just absolutely shocking that people would spew such venom from their mouths about someone that just passed away. I didn’t know her personally, but it does seem as if she was a decent person. Please allow the family of the deceased to mourn without added grief… When people have nothing doing, anything seems interesting… Sad, but true..

  18. Metty Metty Metty…I am still at a loss..until now I have not been able to even say RIP..Toya’s dad Jacko was my very good friend from before I had kids. my oldest was born 1989..One of his kids literally born at my yard. RiP Jacko my bredda..I remember when Latoya met me n told me that she was his daughter n he always spoke about me..It was based on that that she had maximum respect for me..I spoke to her a while back and know everything that was going on up until yesterday morning..When u c I dont even have the strength to tell dem ppl ya bout dem parts u must know..tears tears tears..Polonia

  19. Shining Star

    The angels looked down from heaven one night
    They searched for miles afar,
    And deep within the distance
    They could see a shining star.

    They knew that very instant
    That the star was theirs to gain,
    So they took you up to heaven
    Forever to remain.

    Look down on your family from heaven
    Keep them free from hurt and pain,
    You’ll always be within their heart
    Until you meet them again.

    (toya interview)

  20. MET mi find it hard fi believe a somebody who was close to her write this, a must Skatta or Shawna dis, how somebody gravely sick and yu a chat bout you never sing with her because you cyan sing, this person doesn’t even soun remorseful, mi still say something ina something memba mi tell you, Toya RIP the truth will come to light, you did full s so much love, light and happiness and lyfe. Evil will never win

    1. I wrote it..remorse is felt when someone does something..I mourn for sure and cyan means can’t..Read before u make something out of nothing and her family is more than ok with that i wrote

  21. @met
    condolences to Toya’s Family. Well without being disrespectful I jus want you to kno that wen there’s lies on here about anyone living or dead that’s how they feel as well. but because she your “Friend” now ure asking ppl to stop talking what they not sure about and lies etc…. I’m just saying this goes rite across the board. Think about it… anyway hope u feel better soon cos I kno how these things go. Kool

      1. You have energy n time fi a ansa. Me we gwan class up de dead criminal when dem picha post up. Me nah sey condolences either and fling shit same time…some people fi nhame dem rip. sip and condolences.

  22. Shani I wonda if dem know say u only defend ppl u know personally. An a wonda if dem know say yuh only defend statements that you know for a fact to be true or false. Smh. A nuff time ppl write comments that are either false or cruel and u delete it. How mi know???? Cause usually dem continue to comment an cuss an ask how dem cyaan see dem comment or why yuh delete it an yuh quickly tell dem say it’s either a lie or it’s not acceptable to say XYZ…..So when dem a mek it seem like pinkwall nuh under no regulation and anything goes…..dem mus tink again. A nuff time u defend ppl an dem nuh see dat but the problem isn’t because you ask for lies not to be told on Toya … the problem is because u said she was a “personal friend”…. So a dat cause di issue. Because yuh is a piece a furniture so u mustn’t have no friend. Smh. Since Toya dead a nuff shit chat an mi see yuh mek it fly. So mumma….nuh watch nuh face. Grieve for your friend and loww ppl who nuh have no understanding. Dem accuse yuh of being bias nuff time…..but a dem bias cause is only certain tings dem mek bun dem. When ppl a dun dem enemies dem chime in tho….but u defend yuh “personal friend” an dem ready fi nyam yuh. Shani doe look. Kmt.

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