1. unuh woman love play come-to-help-us with them young bwoy yah too damn much. First red flag is if him family dont want nothing fi do with him stay far, nuff a unuh love company & friend too much. These guys dont want to work & dem love likes, next ting, dont yall have bank account fi keep money ina?? why unuh so careless fi have money throw dung ina house fi man teif it??? hope u learn your lesson Wally & stop sorry fi man. especially dem he/she bwoy yah who love likes, 9 outa 10 times man a fk dem unda quiet.

  2. Wally how yuh miss di red flags? Were thr flags like di dress weh ppl dem a war fi know if it blue or purple? Red flag him own family reject him, red flag,mi bruk an wuk,red flag him willing fi share the garage wid raccoons. . .wait is dem him leatn fi teef from enuh. Lol. Anyway Stop wid the threats cuz it’s a serious offense..

  3. What did he steal, was it money or drugs ? cah mi have a strong feelings a drugz based pon how one a di followers commented

  4. There’s more to this a think . Young Bwoy use Wally and gone ‘ bwoy wosnt sleeping in bed no garage Wally hush .

  5. I want give her ten red flags fi that ugly sinthin she changed into last at her party and a million red flag fi all a da careless living she a gwaan wit in a har house with her pickney. Pinckney all a bust breast, she Nuh fraid them feel feel him/her up?

  6. From screen shot & police argument we know what him theif but my girl you red flag everyone except your self and in times like these girl be careful

  7. JESAS CH… no matter what him thief, him f**kin ungrateful, him ha papers, u kno how much people a look smaddy fi help dem for dem cant tan one place and him get garage floor and a wash wid hot wata f**kin eediat hot wata mash up u clothes a done them want done ppl fling up u hydro, weh him deh, if she a sell tings nx ting u kno it backfire pon her, HIM A CRACKHEAD?? FOR DEM LOYAL TO NO ONE

  8. If she have kids y allow all these strangers in her house she Nuh know dats how pickney end up molested sometimes these mothers set them own kids life up for failure thru careless living

  9. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peeper’s nd Others

    fi smaddy weh always a tell ppl who fi luk out fah aweh fi duh how cum she herself fall inna dis a wah redflag nuh work fi she. Wah kind a gud name Wally out here looking fi open up her place tuh smaddy weh she seh homeless like dis… a floor and food alone did a run? a place weh not only she but her child rest him head suppose a next weh yuh uh waan seh him teef him teef but buss yuh throat unno run way too much careless risk all because unno a luk good name.

    1. @Simply Gm! After her party she invited people to her house which was surprising to me. Even people she’s not too friendly with was at her house. She say is money him teif, but from him go to the police, that seems like him have more fi tell dem and fear for his life. I hope she put up security around and inside the house. And best believe that the police dem watching her now, bcuz I bet that trifling teifing jancrow tell dem all whey nuh guh suh. She did good and it came back to haunt her. Better she did put him up in a one room bcuz is same way him could have killed her and her child or set her up.

  10. If you can’t report it to police stop reporting it to social media, you are only setting up yourself. Wally mi like you, be careful, remember watchful eyes are always watching your every move. Sometimes anger and disapointments will make us go so far we expose ourselves. Remember the words of the great Elenor Rosevelt, anger is one letter from danger!! Do the maths.

  11. But look how dem deh pon the wall a warn har wah day. and see it yah now. I still have a feeling that they were sexing under the quiet. Mi lose offa Wally still. sometimes u fi just keep yourself to yourself.

  12. At first she said he rape a likkle pikney in har house now she seh him tief har money which one is it Wally .. smh!!!!

  13. Mi feel a drugs now yuh see why all of a sudden that Jay icon became her bestie and she up and dung a par wid him. Someone up top ask if hse could a be so brave fi inna public eye and sell drugs , unnu figet bout the dolphin flippa ?

  14. I’ve never had a issue with the one n few hypocrites who come on pinkwall..till today seet ya! How frigging naive yuh have to be to not realize Wally did a pay koki pardner??Why unno a skirt round n sugarcoat the thing??

    If it was anybody else unno would a ridicule them about not getting any draw.I agree a thief is a thief is a thief but that’s separate n apart from the hypocracy at play here.How does a person go on n on about red flags abt others n not see n deal with their very own red flags till seet deh..story come to bump.

    I am fond of Wally but unno can stay deh mek unno fondness or hypocracy blind the truth that wally must tek full responsibility n stop excusing her role by placing all of the fcukery pon the wicked teefing yute.

    1. Mi want shake yuh hand Yardie. Mi Mada watch Wally from shi come out with her videos and she use to falla har pon instagram, and I think about a year and half a go when mi mada go down a country a ja shi seh it shink a road seh Wally a tek some young bwoy dun deh. So this confirm it Wally been throwing koki pardna long time but through nuff dem weh a comment a do the same think dem want skip that part (uno nah get nuh draw a bay lol). Yardie dem don’t practice what they preach. Wally I hope yuh learn from this because it sound like something else hurt yuh (we need the full story)

  15. From a lickle girl growing up in Jamaica mi always hear ole people wid the saying a cappinta (carpenter) never have a descent house fi himself yet dem always a build fi somebody else an neglect their own , same thing goes fi di “red flag ” queen.

  16. Unnu don’t do the raas gal dat!She keep her party and you can see Seh a money mek.How di f**k drugs drop in???Furthermore it don’t even matter how she get her money.
    Obviously she know di youth but never know him would a bruck her foot.
    He is a damn thief!

  17. I know Wally for years and she is not who she protrays herself to be…. mark my words!!!! She is a devil in disguise and mad woman in clean clothes!!!! She Eva a buy young f**k!!!! She buy out all the young boy and girls from Portland but no one wants her cuz plp always find out her true ways after being around her a while. There is more to this story I am not going to bash the young man bcuz based on the Wally I know she always use her followers and who she pretends to be to win people…..

  18. She say him thief her $8000. Safe sell a Walmart, 200 can buy u a decent size one, that’s heavy and nuh easy fi move. As well as chase, boA, Wells Fargo and a host of others why not utilize them Ms British?

  19. Yes anonymous11:05. She was saying him a rapist fi tru now she delete three ig post dem n a say him Rob har. Which one is it

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