Full the video with the shooting

Full video with the shooting wid Vegas narrating

Posted by Pinkwall on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Man in blue shirt-Security guard working at the complex:

‘Blue shirt’ is the guard for the complex, it is claimed that he and Woolery gets into an argument, so he spitefully presses the panic button that locks the gate.
King Alarm team turns up, in response to the panic button pressing, and it is claimed that a female guard who was there is said to have pulled a gun on Woolery.
He asked her if she doesn’t know the law and that she can’t do that. Two more guards appear, then guard in blue polo decides to try to disarm Woolery and we see in the video what happened next, the guard got shot in neck!!!

39 thoughts on “FULL WID DI SHOOTING

  1. F**king fool. Lucky is only dat him get. SOME rent-a-cop need to take chill pill. If the King Alarm men didn’t engage y he thought he should. Him would have to pay me back fi mi one bullet weh lodge inna him neck. Mr. Vegas chat too rass much to. Voice is so damn annoying.

  2. The man was not wrong Vagas need to shut the f**k up. Why the man in the blue shirt attract the man. That man had all the rite to defend himself

  3. Yes mi family!!! protect ur self from fools! One of my favorite video to date :cendol don’t trouble crocs!!

  4. Met I saw this and was so appualed with the level of disrespects of the law by person who is suppose to uphold the law. Why is Mrs. Vegas in every tamarine?? They should charge her to. Met in another video you can see the female security guard threatening the man say if him come near her she shoot she clearly say PUSSY A DEAD YOU WAAN DEAD! Are these ppl cannibal? No man me shame like dawg. Look how blue shirt mek d devil ride him n spit him out. D man fi sue d whole lot a dem fr King Alarm to Vegas herself

  5. The gun shudda run pan Vegas! F**k nuff! And wagonist! Andrew Is not a f**king child f**k off vegas f**k oooofff just interested in a video! Andrew shudda Neva mek dem deal wid him suh afta! King alarm is not law!!! All the one bout him want kick Andrew INA face! And box mi huuurt all a dem shudda get shot! Dem too disrespectful!

  6. :marah :batabig :batabig I have met Gaygas n him is the biggest eediot there ever will be cuz to me a him caused the whole ting.Him claim him a tell di man fi listen n look pon him when everyone knows if you have any sense at all ,u woulda never tek any shyt chat from gaygas.

    How can a man attack me from behind n wrestling me for my gun to do only God knows what harm n I don’t let him have it??pop off MI 3star ratchet ,could a even a bicycle sprocket MI a let have it.My solemn regret is that gaygas never get shot pon him twitter fingers dem cuz that’s more ideal than the neck shot di Yute get.Gaygas you are nothing but a attention seeking fame whore always antagonistic n making any situation you are linked with worse.Go suck yuh mummma yuh disgusting crabblehouse mampala battymon…suck yuh mumma n give social media a break we sick of ur shyt bombohole :marah ..suck yuh mumma again n agen!!

  7. I am a lawyer, this a clear case of self defence.The man had all right to use force to defend himself. He was attacked from behind and had a genuine fear for his life. This man was walking away when he was attacked, he needs to file a law suite against all of them for assaulting him. How you dis arm someone and then assault them. No reasonable jury will find this man guilty clear case of SELF DEFENCE. NO INTENT on his part to harm anyone, in fact it would be a serious case of miscarriage of justice and waste of the courts time and tax payers money if he were charged and subsequently had to stand trial. SELF DEFENCE LACKS CRIMINAL ELEMENT!!!!!! Closed case

    1. You’re clearly not a lawyer but I agree with you…. Listen u don’t need to misrepresent yourself to speak the truth. ..the truth actually speaks for itself.There are several obvious reasons why I would know for a FACT that you aren’t a lawyer so kindly do not respond with an intent to prove otherwise! Big up your opinion said speed though!

  8. Oh dear I know this guy (not well). He is not about that life. I hope the other guy survive. This is horrible

  9. Vegas go pay the Obeah man the money you owe him and stop hide under christianity Crosses dey pon ya . Anyway you walk a confusion mi pick it longtime the spirit no with you . The Obeah man up a St Thomas . Tha spell can’t break untill you pay the man the rest off the money or give back the ring .

  10. If you have a licensed firearm, someone try to disarm you, you fi wait till afta dem kill you? Vegas need to shut the fu#* up. How KING ALARM boys a beat the man all kick him in his face, is that right? Lawsuit unda dem nasty R*SS, rent a cop too brite.

  11. Hi Met and all Metters.I saw 3 videos…That man to woman disgust me. This could have been handled differently. King Alarm members on site should lose their job and he should sue the company. The security forces need proper training.Met if he attacked me from behind, i would have done the same thing.The man should have never been treated this way. He was just expressing his concerns and arguing.i hope that man is not in jail tonight. Thanks Met again ..u are the best.muah

    1. Well it come down to that but it shouldn’t be out there that the man try disarm him jus so. King alarm have nothing to do with it , the management told them not to open the gate which caused the initial problem

      1. But the management can’t tell you to break the law, you comply and use that as a defence. That’s false imprisonment. If he owes money, take him to court. If him gun butt the man, police is there to deal with it. King Alarm is not the law. Bitches handcuffing citizens and pointing gun in people face

        1. Well that is it. Management should have given no such instruction n the man should never bring no man fi bad up the security. Everyone is at fault here. I don’t think king alarm should get any blame tho

  12. That guy in the blue shirt is wrong!! The man had all right to defend himself cause he was attack. Vegas shoulda get one in his mouth to chat too much and those guards that were laying hands on them man shoulda pick up couple too!

  13. How Gaygas saying the man was killed while he’s still walking. Wounded but still alive there. Did he die after?

  14. my whole take is first management is wrong giving the Security guard that instruction here you put a lien on the property and if the man call his friends to beat the security thats a case for the police and court plus that king alarm female security needs to go and charges press on all the others that guy lucky he is still alive plus he can face charges and I don’t know that man never tell Vegas which part a him mother to go dive in

  15. If him gun butt him up, even if him beat him. What was shown on the video change the whole entire case. At one point he had a hammer wich is a deadly weapon, but he still didn’t attack anyone with it. Now from any angle you watch the video is, he was leaving and blue or green shirt, attack him lifting up his jacket to take a way his gun. He has a Licenses to carry a Gun with proper training. He was scared for his life so he acted on it. Hope he lives, and the whole thing could of been avoided. Just let him go.

  16. 1. When you live in apartment complex you are issued with a covenant (I think it’s called). This I assume is legally binding. It’s there in such cases where maintenance is not paid. This should have been used to take the gentleman in violation to court to recover these payments.

    2. If the guard was instructed to not open the gate, he should not be preventing the gentleman from opening it himself ( this caused the situation to escalate and as I’m hearing there’s some historical background to this as the guard was previously roughed up)

    3.now because of these previous encounters and the attendance of the King Alarm guards, the complex guard felt emboldened to try and attack the tenant from behind – wrong move- and we see the results of that

    4. I’m not sure if King Alarm has powers of arrest but I don’t think they are allowed to remove the tenants licenced firearm from his possession as well

    5. What happened after taking his gun is clear for all to see and these guards have been removed from active duty pending further investigation. As trained security guards ( especially where a gun is involved) their first priority should be to de-escalate the situation.

    6. Vegas now- this guy did not help one bit . The tenant having discharged his firearm is in a state of heightened agitation and you are going to rile him further. What about using the phone to call the police or an ambulance to tend to the injured guard?

  17. Mek I mek it clear…
    -I have not said the security is right
    -I have not said the management is right
    -I have not said the gentleman is wrong for defending himself
    What I will continue to say is that all of this could have been prevented. People life a nuh paper. Every human being is conceived and labored into this world so our lives have value. Management could not expect the instruction they gave not to cause problem…

  18. @Yardielovetug,I dnt seem to recall you being there was I was studying, training or started practising but I see you, JEALOUS AND NEGATIVE HENCE the comment. I will not give you the attention you are looking but let me school you in relation to criminal law. In order to be guilty of a crime burden of proof lies with the prosecution to prove to the jury that you are guilty beyond reasonable DOUBT. At the time of the offence you had both the actus reus and mens rea. Most importantly what was in your mind at the time of the offence. Did you “INTEND”to do the act, this a matter of SELF DEFENCE. I was attacked and used reasonable NOT DEADLY force to DEFEND myself as I felt threatened, my life was in imminent danger was at risk and used reasonable force to defend myself. NOTHING ELSE matters, at this point. Any good defence lawyer will can put this to a jury. In a case of this nature a Judge has to direct a jury to find guilty if the case is proven. If reasonable doubt is found then the jury must return a verdict of NOT GUILTY. These people are wrong here the complex management company, King alarm/staff. The actions of these people lead to this fortunately the man was not killed or worst happened.If this man was my client when I am done they both would be declared bankrupt and no longer have any company to manage.Trust and believe I am very ruthless when it comes to litigation matters. Boo dnt hate, we all have 24 hours in the day its how you chose to spend it. Now my time nor advise is not for free its back to work for me. Honey have a productive day.

    1. :hope :peluk :malu2 :najis :maho :malu :ngakak :ngakak Oh good Lord this is gonna be way more easier than I thought.Listen I’ve been called several things on here but NEVER Ever a Hater or Negative… Thus this will be the reason I school you in Grammar cuz u frigging wicked n lie bout yuh a school me in the law!!!Here is some of the proof why it is IMPOSSIBLE that you even qualify as a pattyshop lawyer.

      1)dnt recall you being there was I was studying… Wtf?

      2)any good defence lawyer will can put this to a jury…u mean a good one like you!!??…hmmmm OK then

      3)The actions of these people lead to this fortunately the man was not killed or worst happened…u meant LED* right??oh n u meant worse* don’t it!!??

      4) Then u run een bout if u were di lawyer how both company**(companies Smh),would be bankrupt… But a which two companies u talking ?u said king alarm staff but the property manager is NOT a company.. So who yuh really a sue goodie?

      5)if dem declare bankruptcy n nuh have any company to run…how u n ur client gonna get paid goodie??

      6)Not its..should be it’s*…can’t be chose* Smh it’s Choose..active participle…yuh know what name Suh?

      7)lawyers get paid to give ADVICE… How can smaddie claim to be a lawyer n not know the difference between Advice n ADVISE.. The Verb!!!??

      8)Honey boo I beg of you please to respond cuz I have top 10 lined up but holding the last 2 cuz trust me it’s all over by the shout then n I promise u will make my month although it just started…I doubt anything will top this for July. :kimpoi :alay

    2. I would not like to even read one of your Affirmations, Briefs, Memos of Law or a simple letter to the Judge asking for an adjournment on a Preliminary Conference. Your articulation of something so simple, trying to S’chool” people, speaks to the fact that you are not a lawyer. Kiss mi teeth. I agree with Yadie.

  19. The “narrator” is damn annoying.

    If he was trying to genuinely help the man, he wouldn’t have no time to have the camera so up close and personal.

    Unless, he’s trying to he’s trying to capture evidence in case story gets twisted a little later down the line.





    1. Exactly so just as how they say it takes a thief to catch a thief… Then if I can admit I’m annoying and even me fed up n annoyed to high heaven! I annoy this lil gem of yardie vybz space on the http://www…he is a public figure n annoys internationally n is an embarrassment to Jamaica… Maybe is just goodly you n yuh Fren dems dung the lane alone MI annoy. :ultah :nohope :mewek :selamat …my annoyance never ever n never will result in anyone getting hurt especially physically not so with Gaygas!

  21. Wow Girl/Boy bye!! qualified and practising earning 250k, partner in the firm and well travelled. Qualified with bar NY bar license and Florida bar license ahahahha. I will leave it there because I dnt argue with broke people my son’s schools fees are probably more than your pay check for the year. Have a good one!!!! ZERO F**KS GIVEN ABOUT YOUR OPINION still dnt change my past nor current position!!!!

    1. #9… “Lawyer” I was actually in court today so pardon the late reply.your litany of unbelievable grammatical errors prove to all you can’t even be a lawyer in ur wildest dreams.law suite* ..how u gonna sue n u don’t know what is n how a lawsuit spell?Dis arm..oh I never knew is 2 words DAT!!Even non lawyers know lawyer language stating case closed or open n shut case…no one ever say closed case Smh!

      Qualified with bar NY bar license ..a which bar NY bar license DAT now ?mek MI guh Google it.Are u frigging kidding me that u can’t even spell Hahaha..what the actual fcuk is ahahaha!!?
      My son’s schools fees *..OK you’re super rich but ur grammar beyond dirt poor for u mussi want we assume DAT a so much schools ur son a guh suh goodie!!? Oh u should have put the ‘S at school NOT at Son enuh MI LAWYER n fees* ought to be singular no matter the nuff nuff money yuh a pay..a one fee dawling.The Ny n Florida bar clearly do not require the use nor mastery of English for one to pass cuz u don’t have a clue about comma,full stop or punctuation on a whole.lawyers must master English but u haven’t qualified to pass JAMAL levels.

      10)The only error u did not make was when u copy n paste from an article from Google…I highlighted that part n input into Google n the article came up sure snuff smh..that is plagiarism.. Obviously u don’t know the meaning so Plz Google it.Now that I have proved those weren’t ur words n as such along with the other evidence… We KNOW you’re lying,I see no further use for ur rich lying ass.MI will stay inna MI bruck but credible lane.I’m done with u trick!!

      Big up all the Regular Metters cuz it’s obvious lawyer is a newbie n probably never heard of me…if u still come back after this I challenge u to let us put it on the line…imma post my real name n credentials.. I’m NOT hiding,never was…the amt of ppl inbox me DAT they know I’m YLT up to Tues gone… n you post ur NY n florida license details so Pinkwall ppl can see for themselves who is the REAL FAKE!!!Bye Bye Wicked liard Witch!

  22. @Lawyer, what yuh trying to prove? If you have all these accolades you just listed why reply to Yardylovethug? Give yuh advice and keep it moving. It’s not a dick measuring contest.


  24. Despite the little tiff between Lawyer and Yardie…I agree with them both. Gaygas’ action exacerbated the whole situation. King Alarm needs to be sued. All the king Alarm personnel should lose their jobs, especially the woman. The questions that I would like answered is “Does Gaygas live in that complex? What was he doing there?”. This little battyfish just irks mi nerve! For good measure I would sue his ass too!

  25. @”lawyer” telling one heap a lies does not make you a lawyer… as yardie say speak your mind freely without the fake credentials n ppl will see and know … make them ask u if u a lawyer. By your works you shall be known and right now your writing nuh tan to

  26. My two cents:
    This is SO sad,
    From he BUSS the gun illegally the police was suppose to LIGHT UP THE ARMED ASSAILAINT WITH THE GUN. PERIOD.
    They there petting and powdering the man because he is light skin , probably well known in the community and has money.

    If this was a dark skin ghetto youth the police in Jamaica would NOT afraid to light him on FIRE with bullets . Even a light skin poor ghetto youth would have been shot instantly for JUST the “ threat “ of perhaps* having a gun.
    Sad and concerning state of affairs in Jamaica . Jah know.
    Senseless violence.
    Let me see this man get bail now , leave the country unde the grounds of either self defense or his life is in danger.

    I hope the shot man didn’t die, did he ?

    I don’t care what happened before the video reached here, we are going based on the clear evidence.
    Police in Jamaica a bunch of PUNK .

    I also never see a Caribbean country like Jamaica that worship and pet the white and light skinned so. Tragic self hate of a nation.

  27. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak this was funny! Lawyer, writing aside, maybe lack of basic FILAC or IRAC etc and the forcing may give off the wrong impression (I’m just saying). I would love to hear from the defence in this case because from what I see, apart from the actual gsw victim and the woman everybody else can go home if dem “Lawyer” good.

    As to the shooting I personally would not fire there n then once I had retention (gun in holster and under my full control/grip) Not because he didn’t deserve it but I would be mindful of my surroundings. In the struggle he had approxy three persons at least one armed different from the attacker. I also have a hostile and arm person somewhere in the background (Her gun was drawn and a shot was fired). Had that bitch been as serious as her bark Mr. Woolery, may have not survived. I actually applaud the team’s action upon the shot being fired. It could have been taken as an attack upon their colleague(s) and fire returned. Remember, emotions are running high, a round was discharged prior and now another round discharged and someone injured. To be honest, I think Vegas there talking and taping is what save this situation from start to where it is now.

    P.s. unnu see how pussy back up and off when one pop Hahaha all who did av mouth draw up quick dwl

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