This is the story I received from a few witnesses on the scene.
The tall brown gentleman, Mr Woolery was the previous property manager and lives in the complex. The security guards along with the one who was killed were told by the new property manager not to open the gate for Mr.Woolery because he has not paid his agreed portion of maintenance costs.
The gate not being opened by the guards have a source of many arguments between Mr. Woolery and the guards and things escalated yesterday resulting in Mr. Woolery and the said security almost coming to blows.
Today , it is said that Mr. Woolery brought two men with him to confront the security guard and the men pulled the security guard into the guardhouse and beat him allegedly under Mr.Woolery’s instructions. This is why the video shows chaos around the shooting.
The said security guard who was beaten did try to disarm Mr Woolery when his back was turned but this is no random attack. The security guards have complained about Mr Woolery’s treatment towards them after following managemnt’s instructions.


  1. Boy it sad because why yah send man fi beat the security guard but him shoulda neva draw the gun , the man lose him life just like that

  2. This narrative sounds exactly like the voicenote going around on whatsapp with Mrs. VEGAS voice verbatim. I must say I wasn’t there but for Vegas to be using his platform to state his opinion is rather stupid cause he can be charged with spreading malicious information. Is he stupid? Even if he was there why does he wanna be apart of such f**kery. I would disassociate myself from what happened but NO Mrs Vegas wanna just use his mouth as per usual.
    Which 2 badman a go come by and no police no come? The man and an elderly man was in the altercation with the victim
    Even if they were in a scuffel how you gonna come back after the fact to try and disarm the man? What were you gon do with the man firearm? Hold it for him? Foh

    1. He was not going to hold it the guy knows the guy was going to shoot him because of the altercation they had. The female security can verify what I wrote.

  3. You cant not because you don’t like someone discredit what they have to say even when its not about them. Whey di Vegas backlash fah? This is a serious altercation and what has He has said or done that people a seh him fi get shot? So wait Vegas less than a dog then cause pets get better treatment. I could never because I don’t like someone call for their death for nothing. Now, when I saw the video, the shorter version I wondered why the guy moved to the shooter in the first place. Hearing that they had a situation makes sense to me but him taking his gun from behind was a wrong move. Split justice down the middle man

  4. Met I was being sarcastic when I said hold it however my opinion your opinion is not facts and the same female security isn’t credible based on other videos that are not on your site. However you wanna spin it that man has not 1 right to try and disarm the man after whatever scuffel they had if it was the other way around and blu shirt disarm the man and kill him it would be premeditated but guess what all this is opinions until the man free fr all charges. And I will say this again Vegas is a real waste hes everywhere in everything that dont concern him like him demon posses.

    1. No sane person could say he wss right to grab the gun but it wrong same way ten times for the man fi carry man go beat the boy . Vegas was there because that’s where his apt is. Mi nuh know no typical Jamaican that would walk whey when a confrontation of that magnitude a gwaan so I don’t know how to appease those who want to be appeased about that part. I haven’t seen one person saying it shouldn’t have come to that

  5. 2 wrong cannot make a right!! A bill him fi bill and mek it play out, weh him a disarm from back way for ??? Mi sure them would eventually kick him ass out the complex. He was never gonna shoot him if that was the case than why send 2 men why not just do it him self? Kmt.
    And I agree, why the f**k Vegas wants to be in such mix up and f**kery, it had nothing to do with him he could have just stood and watched like everybody else. Mi jus nuh understand why him cannot mind him f**kin business, a same nuffness mek him guh the people dem church guh lose all a him stripes!

  6. No one was killed , and the story is , the property office told them not to open the gate or do anything for Andrew because he owed monies, but Andrew and the certian securities there are cool, cause him give them money all the time, the one in the green shirt insist that the others dont open the game , so argument developed, so he pressed the alarm, and the rest came so because he saw his co workers, thats why him rush Andrew to disarm him, he would have shoot andrew, andrew didnt shoot him, the gun went off in the scuffle, right now, andrew lawyers are on the case , he is suing the property, the securities, and everyone else involved, cause if andrew owed money he was suppose to be taken to court , they didn’t, so they had no right to lock him out or denied him service, so it escalate to this , vegas is a piece of shit , he is andrews friend and hear him big nasty mouth .

  7. He is not dead… You can’t run up on someone with a gun and not expect to get shot.. it’s sad what happened to the guy but he gave a way his rights when he tried to disarm that man..

  8. He only got a gage,He’s not dead.
    And if the security didnt want to open the gate the man was gonna open the gate n the security them rush him,them even a say don’t lick off the lock.Cause the man with the hammer was going towards the gate n them rush him
    King Alarm come out and say The man in the shirt that got shot wasn’t a staff member.

  9. ms met I understand what you saying. but too much of us lose our life too foolishly. I am pretty sure the guard could have gone to the law. our ignorance will remain our biggest down fall. I don’t care I would not attack anyone with a gun, dem beat mi ok police. now him dead .. wats the point

    1. At what point did I say any of the parties involved were in the right? I have taken no side but king alarm because a nuh fi dem fault..but everyone else had fault in the happenings today.

  10. Met a wah really a gwan him dead or him nuh dead cause some news reporting he died and others saying he’s in stable condition

  11. Open the gate let him leave.. Mi watch the video n the gyal fi charge fi murder to a she cuz the hole thing.. Jumpy idiots with guns

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