Question: Gay or not? A woman involved with a man for over 8 years and recently found over 40 downloaded porn movies all of the movies had either transexual men or gay on gay porn.. This man lives in the home and while he stepped out these files were found by his woman. She says she doesn’t know what to think but he did some thing in the past that made her question his sexuality. The young man is a popular D.J in the Jamaican community.

21 thoughts on “GAY OR NOT?

  1. If he isn’t physically gay, I’d say he’s mentally there. And lady, whatever you do, don’t fling this up inna him face. Assuming its an issue for you and you don’t want to be a part of life with a possibly gay or bi man… Come up with an exit strategy and exit gracefully

  2. Some Women are partly to be blamed for these slackness
    Man bore up him body unno welcome it
    Man bleach him. Cute eeh
    Man wears tight clothes him sexy
    Man have tattoos him hot
    Man put in extensions him handsome
    As far as me seet not until women start puddung dem foot a pure sheman ago deh bout

    1. Willie-Poo, I have not a clue… mi hear it being used to describe men who sleep with men and women.. sleep as in the biblical sense, not in the sense of nightly slumber or puss nap :maafaganwati

      1. There is no such thing. You are either attracted to one sex or the other. No straight man would look at replusive gay porn. That is how gay men get outed. Isn’t that how the author (McMillan) of the book “How Stella Got her Groove Back” found out about that her Jamaican husband was gay?

  3. There are few things you can do, you can do your own little investigation Is he meeting with a particular male friend too often or other suspicious things of that sort? First you need to probably get tested for STDs that is a lot for you to deal with. Sorry you have to go through this then decide if you can confront him calmly. If you can then you, need to explain why you feel what you do, if he’s willing to come to terms with you, then great. If he is not admitting to it then I would tell him you have the evidence and tell him about the videos so he has proof that you know what you are talking about. You deserve to know the truth. In-fact no straight men I know will watch gay porn; they refused to even look at it. He is mentally gay and I think if he gets the opportunity to try it on a man he would have done so.

    1. Confronting an undercover Jamaican battyman wid strong social ties to a homophobic community WILL NOT go down well for the one doing the confronting. Yes, me love yu man is GAY.

      Lady, pick up yu pride and make plans on how to live without your husband. Nu badda try fi prove sey yu can change him or out do yu male matie…MOVE ON WID YU SELF/LIFE!

      1. I think you are right, it may even be Dangerous to confront him with what you found especially since you said he is a well known DJ he may want to harm so his secret is not exposed, in case he doesn’t trust you to keep quite. Find a nice plot to move on.

  4. 40 movies wid dem deh sinting deh??? Plus him have a past weh cause yuh fi question if him a fish or gyalis? Ray Charles dead an gone could see dat dis is a full fledge BATTYMAN wid all di lace and trimmings. Lady dere is nuhting fi tink bout except run fi yuh life and don’t look back.

  5. No No NO!!!! :najiss You don’t need an explanation. You’ve seen enough to make a move. Confrontation could lead to physical attack so exit stage RIGHT!!! Get tested, which you should’ve done anyway whether he was gay or straight. If you have something confront him w/infidelity. If not, then thank GOD you’re OK & move on w/ya life. :newyear

  6. what else she need fi si, him with the hood in his ass lady him gay. If a show even come on TV with gay tendency my husband a bun it out and cuss bout tun off dat and worse if my son is in the room ,much less have it pon computer a watch

  7. He’s gay straight men has absolutely no interest in watching or even seeing gay men especially straight Jamaicans they are very homophobic….tolerance level zero. I’m not sure about confronting him you should know is demeanor and know if that’s the best thing….if he’s a violent person I wouldn’t.


  9. You see the girl weh send you this post she try everything just fi destroy the man life me know both of them if they have a lil argument she blow up Facebook with it say the man this an that deh gal deh fi gew wid her f**kry.

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