Up to press time last night the police say they couldn’t confirm circulated reports that two bodies found in Kirkland Heights, St Andrew, were that of the two men who were abducted from their home two weeks ago.

Twenty-seven-year-old businessman, Curtis Martin, and 25-year-old University of Technology graduate, Mario Daley, were abducted from their Kirkland Heights home at gunpoint on October 21.

However, the police have confirmed that a Jamaican businessman residing overseas offered $300,000 for the men’s abduction.

It’s reported that following the abduction, the alleged mastermind refused to pay over the money on grounds that the police would easily trace him.

The police have since taken into custody, three suspects, two men and a woman, who reportedly carried out the abduction.

The Jamaica Defence Force and the local police force have been pursuing the case.

Daley graduated from UTech last year, and is an employee at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, while Martin is the manager of CJM Metals in St Andrew.

Daley’s mother, Monica Brooks, has made a tearful plea to the abductors, urging them to release both men.

Meanwhile, the police are asking anyone with information on the men’s whereabouts to contact the Red Hills police at 945-8270, the Constant Spring police at 924-1425 or the nearest police station.
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  1. They need to lock up that business man. Unfortunately this is a regular thing people stay from foreign and pay for hits down here.

        1. :hammer :ngakak _______________Well eh maybe JUSTIFICATION PURPOSES….like in better words why the fack those questions, none of that is relevance for kidnapping and possibly hurting these dudes. I guess I’m just upset, that it’s not alright to do ‘ish like this to people….such promising lives too, sad!

          1. Ok well Quena when I can understand ur anger sad to say circumstances does cause pl to get killed is this right? No but if we are to get to the bottom of the whole story we most times solve the crime quicker, I don’t think Willie was justifying the crime he simply asked a few questions that believe it r not may just unlock wats hidden.

    1. They shared the house from university school days (the man and the girl that was left behind) and they decided to stay together because it’s cheaper and the area is nice.

  2. I can’t believe people from far hiring hitman, I know people desperate for money but to take a life of someone u don’t know them neva trouble u for some money most likely you gon spend away… I hate people that is so evil to hire people to get rid of these men what these men did to you, that was so bad you had to hire people, u don’t even live there and u a business man so u have money smfh they need to get the police where that man live nd jail him for murder.. I hope the two men dem alive…. U never safe wherever ur at…. The police need to stay on top of it… Then the man don’t send u the gas stupid ass people!!!!

    1. Don’t let the term business man get to you…cause all handcart men are business men. A su de johncro dem use dem likkle US dollars and destroy we nation and people. Look pon pissing tail flippa whey fling US dollars inna crowd and help add guns inna we society…just cut yu yeye and wish the worst fi dem agents of destruction we call fellow Jamaicans.

  3. Well mi really sorry bout this …..and nobody should take a life ………………but sometime we have to make sure our lifestyle will not cause us our life…

      1. You know that there was a female living at the house also and who was also tied up and left unharmed. From what I read, they took away one guy first and for some reason came back for the younger guy later.

        Rents are high in Kingston, so it is not unusual for men to rent rooms in other people’s home. There are a lot of females who share places, do we also question their sexuality? How do you know if they are not related?

        1. who hav ooman frenz like battyman??? whooo ooooooo :nerd fi a ooman live deh is nothing caw all ooman did deh deh wen dem get tek weh

          1. observer a guess true di oman inna di house dat cancel everything …mi cah manage….look pon di pic di young man look l//////////////////////

  4. Seriously, Willie @12:43. Di two man dem prob dead n dem family a grieve. Using the fact that they shared a place together to suggest dem inna dem tings deh is jus plain wrong- n this is coming from someone who homophobic till it look bad!! Some a di time dem wi fi jus watch, listen, n follow without trying to judge prematurely.

    1. Exactly. Kirkland heights is a nice place. They are smart, live together and gwaan stack your money until you can buy your own. Jamaicans just too damn ignorant. Everybody must be gay kmt

  5. how me a pre this them two boy their a fish them have secret for the big man fish an a treaten fe expose im so im make the frist move. just my oppinion

    1. ppl choices cause them their lives dailyyyyyyyyyyy and there’s nothing we can do about that…their choices are their choices…a nuh di fuss set a men or man ded fi dem choices…cycle ooooooo suh it guh sad but a suh it guh

      1. bwoy a teef and dem shot him off fence …..because him a tief because of choices…… body nah sorry fi him …..

  6. Whether they were Homosexual as is being suggested or not , that should not have cost them their life. We may not agree with ones choices but this would not be right. If as others is suggesting that the wealthy man could be a lover who could not take rejection or whatever still no reason for them to lose their lives. To find reason along those lines is to say a Woman that leaves a man and gets killed is ok.

  7. Puertoquena…..where the fu@k was I trying to justify kidnapping or possibly murder? GTFOH! Yu fi cool wid yu likkle peanut sometime. I’m curious as to the MOTIVE. Someone ready fi spen $3000US fi harm di two yout. WHY?

    1. Wateverrrrrrrrrr and who tell yuh sed my peanut is likklelike yuh Willie, Willie :ngakak Anyway, motive is for the courts to decide when they ketch smaddy……don’t you worry your peanut!

  8. any and all things are possible here, asking a question as to why as two men were living together does not have to suggest the blogger was suggesting anything out of the way and if he were, I am sure the police asked the same questions also, the question does not suggest homophobia (hate that word) it in fact suggest MOTIVE, which the blogger clearly stated in his comment!!

  9. Why mek di HIT sponsor sen fi di two a dem….di man dem nuh work sed place suh how hit purchisser have beef wid di two a dem?

  10. It’s being alleged that the gentleman in the states was Curtis Martin man and Curtis was also seeing Marcus so it seems like an act o jealousy. The man in the states was apparently the person footing the bills etc for where Curtis resides he was assisting him financially so I guess he became jealous when he realized there was another man involved.

  11. Yu have it backway Quena. Motive mek wi ketch di perp, e.g., yu a f**k Met man an couple weeks inna di ting wi fine yu dung ah Bronx bruk up. By establishing a motive we could deduce Met pap up yu raas or Mr Quena fine out and bruk up yu raas. Hence, TWO suspects. Yu si how dat werk?

  12. Tank yu Suss….it BIG BIG a road seh it are a homo ting, but I still maintain I was seeking a credible MOTIVE.

  13. Now I am looking into this all I can say he is that these two men seem to be escorts. Since rent is so high in Kingston and rent cheap every where else they had to save their asses from homelessness.

  14. It is very normal for different men to live together in Jamaica.. Students rent rooms , if you are just a college grad, you rent a one room till you can get your own place.

    Even in the states people rent out their basement to different persons. Most people in NY rent out the basement to different people usually of the same sex.

    although kidnappings are rare in Jamaica.. and kidnapping people who are unrelated to each other even more rare…

  15. So story come a bump and it was really a case of good hole a do it. Never the less that shouldnt be no reason to kill someone. But affairs of the heart can be messy for both men and women. No one likes to be used. Thats why me no gi nobody nothing cause me know how me passionate bout money and mi things.

  16. Woiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Miss Met me gone a the people them work cause me wake up how early fi get mi updates… on my way to work I will be singing “a good hole a do it….a good hole a do it… a no you problem reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehh.Lol…..But big and serious R.I.P cause the two youth them look like them did a try progress.

  17. I know one of these young men very well and I heard rumors years ago that he was gay. I have heard recently that he was really a big fish. Met I can tell you this, he was either a big fish for real getting paid for his ass or he was involved in some illegal activities. This young man that I speak of comes from a poor background and based on what I see on facebook, he hasn’t been affording all those trips and hotel stays on his little salary. Man naw go pay or offer man money fi go fi somebody unless something inna something. One way or another, they pissed this businessman off and ended up like this. In these times we have to be careful who u get involved with and the things u do in life

      1. Mi did a try no put no negative ting on this story but the min I saw this I thought something along those lines smh sad bad y battyman always have expensive taste????? Y come here

        1. Tawkchuet batty very expensive me hear so once dem realize what dem batty can get dem, I guess dem feel like dem fi use it to di best of dem advantage. Negative or no negative, truth a truth and whatever the truth is, then it don’t even matter how u feel bout it because feelings cannot change truth. Whether a batty business or otherwise, dem mix up inna someting so it nuh matta how we feel, dem get abducted and killed for a reason and me say killed because me nuh think a just coincidence that police find 2 male bodies in Kirkland heights

  18. I worked with one of the victims on a work and travel program in college and every body kno seh him a batty man. Although this could just be ignorance. Just his demeanor says it all. When I saw it on the news first thing came to me is a batty man business gone wrong. Sad to know that’s how is life ended. RIP

  19. I have read it all and the speculations are wider than the truth. However, as Jamaicans “WE” cannot use our life preferences to roast or toast other people, everyone has a right to life and a day in Court. If and when one of “OUR” loveones is murdered innocently then “WE” will take a different approach. Both men are hard working Jamaicans, were NOT involved in any wrong doings, educated young men and tax payers…
    How many of “US” can say that of ourselves?
    “WE” are quick to condemn, but how quick and ready are we to do a true introsepction of our own lives?
    Friends of Mario and Curtis are still grieving over this situation which todate has no closure. We ALL have someone as a friend who does not match up to society norms, but we accept them because we find their friendship true, what if, just what if society begins the root out the friends because of their behaviour and choices, how will that affect you? Think about it….

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