A movie producer, who earlier this year did a documentary on gay prostitutes in New Kingston, became the target in an attempted robbery by some of the same men he had interviewed.
The 44-year-old producer was reportedly cornered by 18 gay prostitutes, armed with knives, and who demanded his phone and cash.
Last Thursday, one of the men, Orlando Morris, who was involved in the incident, appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court and was remanded for sentencing after he pleaded guilty to attempted robbery.
The 23-year-old Morris was pointed out in an identification parade following the approximately 20 minutes-long incident on August 27, which took place in the vicinity of Island Car Rentals.
According to the complainant in his statement, he was walking in New Kingston and talking on his iPhone 5 about 8:33 pm when he was approached by a gay prostitute known to him as Trina, who was reportedly adorned in make-up, and another known to him as Sasha Berry.
The complainant said another one called Maurice joined them and started to search him and demanded that he give them money.
One of the men, he said, kept on demanding that he give him $1,000 as he was hungry.
As he was being searched, the complainant said other gay men began to gather and formed a circle around him. He said that they assaulted him and pushed him around.
The complainant said he counted about 18 men.
According to the complainant, while he was being searched by Sasha Berry and Trina, his phone rang and Maurice started to gyrate on his foot.
“He also bend down in front of me held onto to my feet and started to hump like a dog,” the complainant said in his statement, in which he alleged that the men kept rubbing his chest inappropriately.
The complainant said he was detained for about 20 minutes by the men and that for the entire time he was in fear of his life. He said he did not respond to the men’s aggression because he thought it would have escalated the situation.
However, the complainant said that he was able to escape after he spotted an opening in the circle and ran. He was chased by the men, but they retreated when he got onto Knutsford Boulevard.
The complainant said he ran to the New Kingston Police Post and reported the matter and returned to the scene with the police. One of the men was spotted, but escaped into the Shoemaker Gully.
Morris was later held and was pointed out by the complainant in an ID parade.
He was subsequently charged and was cautioned he reportedly told the police, “Mi know a lie him a tell pon mi.”
However, when he appeared in court he did not challenge the allegations and quickly pleaded guilty without saying another word.
His sentencing was scheduled for October 10 to give the magistrate time to check his criminal record.
Woman chased and beaten after being called sodomite
A woman was hauled before the court for reportedly wounding another woman with a bottle after she and her friends chased and beat the victim following a quarrel.
The complainant, who was dressed like a male and sported a ponytail hairstyle on Friday when she appeared in court, received injuries to one of her toes and her left foot after she was hit with a bottle, allegedly flung by the accused, Nikodene Grey of Unity community.
The court heard that on September 8 about 4:00 pm, the complainant was walking on Balcombe Drive when Grey, who was among a number of other women, saw her and shouted out “Sodomite!”
Grey and her friend reportedly started to curse the complainant and during the argument it is alleged that Grey made further disparaging remarks about the complainant.
The complainant, who reported that she was “telling them hot words too” said she was attacked by the group of women.
She ran, but the women caught her and rained several blows on her before she got a chance to escape when a passer-by came to her rescue.
But the group of women, the court heard, chased the complainant to a bar where they began to throw stones and bottles at her.
During the fracas, Grey reportedly threw a bottle which hit the complainant on her toe and foot, causing a wound.
It is alleged that the women continued attacking the complainant, but other people came to her rescue and she managed to get away from the angry group and reported the matter.
Grey was later arrested and charged with unlawful wounding. However, on Thursday when she appeared in court she pleaded not guilty and the case was set back for mention on October 3, awaiting the medical report.
The accused woman’s bail was also extended.
Bus conductor accused of abducting ex-girlfriend
A bus conductor was also dragged before the court following reports that he wounded his ex-girfriend at her workplace and abducted her, claiming that he wanted her to spend his birthday and the weekend with him.
The accused, Dwain Brown, 28, of Dallas Castle in St Andrew, allegedly went to his ex-girfriend’s workplace at 7:30 pm and chased. She ran inside her office where he pulled a ratchet knife and cutt her on a middle finger.
It is further alleged that Brown then took the woman away against her will and told her he was going to take her to his home to spend the weekend and his birthday. However, he was held after he took the woman to a doctor’s office in Papine in Kingston to get medical attention.
The incident reportedly occurred about two weeks after the complainant had moved out of his home.
On Friday, when the matter was mentioned, the prosecutor, after outlining the allegations, told Magistrate Lorna Shelly Williams that the police were opposed to bail as the complainant was fearful for her life and that Brown knows where she works and where she lives.
However, Brown’s lawyer, Pearline Dove, told the court that the incident did not occur as it was reported, and that the two never ended their relationship.
According to Dove, Brown went to the complainant’s workplace after he spoke with her, as they had never stopped communicating.
“He is accustomed to going to her workplace, and he would often bring certain things for her there,” she said. “Even as recent as last Thursday.”
“Is this so?” the magistrate asked.
“Yes,” the complainant replied.
“For all intents and purposes they were still together,” Dove further stated.
However, when asked why Brown had pulled a knife at the complainant, she said that he did so to fend off the complainant’s co-worker, who had intervened in the domestic matter.
“He had the knife in his hands, but he doesn’t know how she got cut,” Dove told the court.
The lawyer also told the court that her client did not abduct the complainant, but that she went with him willingly.
This was confirmed by the complainant in court.
“I went with him with the knife in his hand,” she said, before indicating that she did not wish to go any further with the matter.
But the magistrate told her that the case was very serious and that she needed to give the police a further statement and to speak with the probation officer. When the matter was resumed, after it was stood down for a short while, the prosecutor told the magistrate that he needed to speak with the complainant.
As a result, Magistrate Shelly-Williams offered Brown $60,000 bail and ordered him to return to court on September 30.
Man dislodges other’s false teeth
A Kingston labourer was also hauled before the court for punching a man so hard in his mouth that he dislocated a tooth from his dentures.
Wayne Brown, 48-year-old resident of Frankly Avenue in Kingston, reportedly waylaided the complainant in the parking lot of a bar in downtown Kingston and assaulted him.
On Thursday, when the matter was mentioned, Brown told the court that the attack was sparked by a unpaid debt.
“Him owe mi some money from February and ah can’t get nuh goods, and ah can’t get back mi money,” he explained.
“So when you punched him, yuh get back the money?” Magistrate Simone Wolfe-Reece asked.
But Brown said he delivered the punch after the complainant punched him when he confronted him about the money.
“I was talking to him and I hold on pon him key and him flash me off and punch mi and mi punch him back,” Brown said.
The magistrate, after hearing Brown’s report, extended his bail for him to return to court on October 3 for the matter to be mentioned.
The incident occurred on September 23 about 8:50 pm on Victoria Street.


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