but met ishawna really nuff and outta awda fe chuuuuuuueeeeeeee!!!! she a perform and na get nuh forward but pree clip 3:24 where she start whine up on the married man right in front of him wife. notice when u hubby beenie man come out a den she start get likkle forwarding. the man and him wife leff the building. wonder what happen to him lol. ishawna walmart lingerie line look better than yours. my girl u nuh ready fe di 8 and 3 quarter business. leff dat to Oliver.


  1. yes mi watch it, and then when the man put up him hands dem inna the air she turn her head to the wife and say nuh worry bout me cause me na worry bout you wifey.. you can see the man wife did really feel away..

  2. Point was Ishawna was an abused woman.
    .. Still
    some people OUT fi bring her down and chat.
    She is Performing here jjust
    Ike lady saw and every woman does on a show.
    WHY unno Nuh go look footage of FOOTAH beating Ishawana or cheating on her a thousand times?
    Some of unno have NO life and seem like unno Nuh get sex when d night come.

  3. Its just a performance ppl unnu too much…behinds n other artistes do it to….buoy ishawna I would just go back to farrin…u hve pon yu bad baby girl….no more foota interviews plz….although mi feel u guys gonna get back together

  4. She’s performing nuttin’ no wrong wid wha she do. If di man wife vex she’s petty and childish the mans hands were up in the air a no like seh him han dem did all over har all she haffi do when she go home a finish wha hoeshana start KMT this gone too far nung

  5. whoeva send this in is very unnecessary and simply hatin I am not an ishawna advocate…but she did look damn good and the girl a work….har only wrong is sleeping with her coworker/family friend/foota bestie/her bestie/skatta…mek it rest now man!

  6. sender weh yuh nuh guh drap asleep and doah wake up and gweh a who u be one a d big stinky foot bwoy side piece? lowe d gal man nutten nuh wrong wid her performance! afterall that’s what it was a PERFORMANCE kmt ina d blessed Sunday yah

  7. I was watching it the other day and was soo embarrassed for her smh. Everywhere she performs she has to whine on a man smh

  8. These are grown ppl they dont keep up with certain things like us young ones the man seh no keep ur half naked body away from the woman husband

  9. But di man and him wife was still there long after Ishawna dun dance wid him…ahhh sah…sender yu is a hater…low di gal and guh look sumptn do..

  10. Ishawna is one sexy girl. I would do her anytime. On another note, she and Foota is milking this for all its worth. An Entertainer’s dream, with all the free press and attention. The more you folks blog about Ishawna and Foota the more they remain relevant. Keep the money flowing into Downsound pocket.

    1. yes she is working but she never have to wine pon the married man lap suh in front of his wife face. thats why she only get 2 hand clap after she done perform lol.

  11. Leave Ishawna alone in the name of Jesus mek she prosper she’s a beautiful young lady very talented and very bless bad people guh hide inna pit toilet because Ishawna is here to stay, Ishawna I hope everything works out for you and your handsome litle boy!

  12. Sender clearly you are a motherf**kingndumb hater. She is performing just like ANY other female artiste . The issue with US Jamaicans is that we like to bring down each other. Sender take a look into yourself, leave ishawna Mek she work and make her own. Sender badmind a kill yuh bloodclaaat. Unu Jamaicans f**king sick me .

  13. at least she is tryin who send this in just hating he/she probably don’t have dry sh*t in them batty the girl lingerie line looks good… mi nah lie too much negativity deh pon dah site yah now a days….

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