1. I always want to see the first comment on these battyism threads. Met, yuh funny nuh runks puss! Not a ratings yuh a gi dem. Nuh eeven fi di one wid di curly ringlets? DWL

          1. Omg Met I was thinking the same. The one towards the end in the blonde wig though? I thought he was blind too looooooool

  2. An man really lef and cheat on dem woman wid dem deh something deh, dem need fi go bk in a pussy and f***k over dem ugly and tuff like… None a dem could never pass for a woman

  3. them ugly bad! all the one in the blue,an de one with curly hair.shuvell mouth shark! no man dem a gwaan bad! diva she look like night of the living dead!! HOW CAN THEY CALL THESE,MAN WHO WANT TO BUY ORAL SEX FROM THEM GAY! WHEN THESE FAGGOTS GET IN THSES LAWYERS,,TEACHERS & DOCTORS CAR,AND DONT TELL THESE MEN THAT THEY ARE GAY!! IT SAD BAD!!

      1. met dem farrin minded bad! if dem a twang suh an dem nuh reach a farrin yet! dem ugly,dirty & stay bad,no man in them right mind,nah look at these germs,bout $1000,fi oral sex dem sick mi stomach!!

  4. Any man really f**k dem deh nuh have no ambition bout lawyer doc etc dem luk unattractive and nasty nuh bloodclaat like some big yaad dutchie whey use over the years whey food build up pon an it can’t scourer off old germs carrier dem bout dem want even up with civilise people.Discusting

  5. Mi nuh agree (at all) with their life style, but I also so not agree with people abusing them. Why fling bottle and stab dem if they are not bothering you and yuh nuh inna di lifestyle? God know me feel it fi dem when di person drive by and fling di thing and almost hit the bwoy. At the end of the day we should all treat others how we would want to be treated.

    1. Big up Same So! Even if we do not agree with their lifestyle, why the Verbal abuse though??? I feel really sorry for them, maybe because I live in a society where Gays/Transgendered can go about freely and they do not impose on anybody. They are afforded the same respect as everyone else.

      At the end of the day, they are human beings too.

  6. Met so mek I ask u what happened wit d one Ashley that was Featured on Ur old blog some time ago.. She seems to be doing well. I’m following her on imstagram.. How she manage to escape d brutality of being a homo in Jamaica and d rest of them can’t.. Just a curious hypothetical question..

  7. Me huh feel it fi dem a bloodclot, weh dem sey dem don’t tell the men that they are men, stone out dem bloodcloth yes.

  8. I hope the “lawyers, doctors, ect” see this video and jump off of the highest building just because of shame.

    Nicki Minaj Couture….I see you girl!

      1. Met as you said up to ” man a daaag”. Look at some straight me who have a beautiful girlfriend or wife at home then go out there and cheat on her with a girl that look like one of those in the video. I am not going to doubt them that some of those men are who they said they are, but most of them in my opinion are area men, who are on the down low.

  9. Met so mek I ask u what happened wit d one Ashley that was Featured on Ur old blog some time ago.. She seems to be doing well. I’m following her on imstagram.. How she manage to escape d brutality of being a homo in Jamaica and d rest of them can’t.. Just a curious hypothetical question

  10. mi nah lie …beyonstray and kim k and dem oman deh really have a demon weh dem lego pon dem young bway yah mi cah manage

  11. Oh thank u, I’ve always wanted to ask u what’s going on wit her cause I see like she’s doing OK.. .. That’ll be great.. Will it he this coming week or the following week..

    BTW the boxing promoter cancelled the fight. He said his conscious wouldn’t let him do it and he wants nothing to do with Zimmerman. Go on his twitter, he announced it and a couple news outlets already reported on it.. He announced it today

  12. The last one funny doh “him have feeling to mand an him cyaa shunned it” what a twangment. Mi a kin ova. Mi feel sarry dem doh although mi nuh condone it

  13. Smh that’s all I can say. If them did stay good to Rass. Both she give the man blow job before tell him say him is man. Nuff a them ago dead

  14. Met , you know that one day I was listening to Justice with Judge Marlene Malahoo Forte and the gay in the white wig who calls himself Marlene Malahoo forte call the program and said “this is Marlene Malahoo forte” . He call just to tell her he admire her and that he’s a gay. When he said he met Marlenes’ husband my eyes pop wide open lol. But I don’t want to be small minded, and accuse her husband of being a undercover, because I dont think he would’ve been such a fool to tell a street hoe his wife’s name.

      1. it nuh hard fi believe look pon de Minister ah ????? inna Jamaica, whey love dress up lke ooman wid wig an lipstick an :shutup:

  15. @Real, u need a clap pon dem finga tip deh for dat 9:54pm comment…U r dam bad!!! what a way dem leggo beast drag queen deh UNATTRACTIVE??? Gosh dem unsightly…

  16. This is depressing. I don’t find it funny. I myself av participated in brutalizing Gayes when I was younger, I remember one in particular that ended in tragedy(G.P. Prison). Then as a so called gangster I thought it was the right thing. But later after doing a biology class (human sexuality) in college, I learned about chromosome unbalance. To me this is segregation, I do not agree with what they are doing. Just as I do not agree with thieving politicians, murderer police, extortioners etc. but throwing garbage at them, police who should protect n serve a pepper spray them, n the prime minister who promised to give them some kind of protection forget them…. Again I do not support their act. But these are our young men who should be leaders n fathers of tomorrow. One of them even said he was on the street from he was eleven. He was just a child. Something is terrible wrong. I really think this needs some attention. And am not talking about gasoline n fire.

    1. I also used to think they needed protection but then I thought about it and I think they actually need to integrate into their communities more rather than protection. I think protection may actually make their lives worse

  17. Am I the only one who noticed the dark skinned girl pinching nicki when she was being interviewed? Hmmm dis seem like a lie they are not living on the streets for no two year. And how can u be sleeping with gunman politicians police theifs artist and none of dem can’t give you nowhere to live or carry you go to foreign to claim asylum? Trina looks like she was born a woman and man mixed together but shes gonna end up dead if she keeps on sexing men and then telling them AFTERWARDS she a man. it was funny when I watched this I was expecting them to say that police treated them differently to the average citizens come to findout they beat shoot at and pepper spray them aswell. They need to start charge more money and save half because what will they do when they cannot sell their batty anymore remember batty and puss is not the same u use ur batty muscles alot to push out so if u keep pushing in over and over won’t your batty mash up? Girls u need to make the man dem send u to a class to learn a trade so u can stop sell! Any prostitution gay or straight is very dangerous u need to stop but it look like u proud of it so … love and respect same way tho

  18. Met that is just a short term re-solution, not a solution… Neither do I av the answer. But the police force protecting them without bias would be a good start….

  19. LISTEN!!
    Dis mek me know some dutty man will sleep w/ANYTHING!! Look pon di long down lip & dry face crawny man!!! :najis I don’t promote the mudering or attack of ANYBODY however, how you a give blow job to man & den tell dem you a man AFTER not before! You fi get brick inna yu face if not worse :batabig
    But you know what….. di batty couldn’t deh deh if man neva pay dem!! And the consistently said BADMAN a di regular :cd customer.

  20. Kmft…. suh afta dem duh dem service a wah dese doctaz an lawyaz a pay dem wid crack? dem look like a bunch junkie kmft.

  21. That a real violation fi true… To deceive someone of being the opposite gender before a sex act is something in my eyes that can not be talked over… But for the ones who honestly belief they are females trapped in male bodies is a next question… Ignoring them or parents evicting them is not gonna fix the problem…

  22. ppl keep talking bout dem a deceive di man dem, dat ah rubbish!!! everybody an dem granny kno seh ah bare man a sell pon trafalgar road, so dem muss kno seh a man dem a buy

  23. Please help me to understand what IS the government suppose to do with these fellows in terms of housing and such?…is it within their HUMAN RIGHTS to secure free housing from the state because of THEIR sexual orientation?…

    As for people attacking and throwing bottles at them as seen in the video, should we be so quick to BUY that that bottle flinging at the precise moment of the interview was REAL, knowing HOW LIE, VICIOUS AND WICKED these people are??..and clearly THEY the gays reason for doing this video and showing them selves up on camera as clearly seen is for them to use the opportunity for them to get off the Island, through the sympathy of the international community, or probably this was the argument the interviewer gave to them which made them so willing to show themselves to the camera.

    They seem like quite a happy bunch to me, and quite contented with their sufferings (according to dem, dem ah suffa).

    When in Rome do what the Romans do, Jamaicans nah go love si oonuh inna frock, dweet inna oonuh house!!!, Jamaica is not nor will it ever be ready for that!!!… the blonde hair one whey sey him have a very strong relationship with both his parents, why is he out there??….he was not chased away by family, an nuh tell mi sey ah de community, caws gays are in every community in Jamaica, is the effeminate actions and de dress up like women de people dem will not tolerate and what bring shame onto some ah dem family…dem know sey Jamaica do not support the lifestyle, but if yuh live an guh chu nobody nah go badda yuh, why de extraness??..

    Jamaica is not Amsterdam, England , or America, Homosexuality is illegal there, but people tolerate oonuh, is oonuh waan live suh!!!..Mark Johnson from up a shocking vibes whey dead (him same fren dem kill him), every body know sey Mark was gay, so till Pinky, Carlene sister and him cuss an almost fight because some mix up wid Mark and har man inna tings, Mark go an come as him please, galish yah!!! him was all publicist fi Bogle and Beenie man (mi nuh sure bout de Beenie part), everyday Mark deh ah shocking vibes, wid regular man dem and ah batty man end up kill him..oonuh need fi stop!!!

  24. Mi so glad dat none a dem yute ya a my son. Mi nuh have de mental capacity fe handle these infused deviants who know damn well that what they do isn”t natural, yet they are driven to do it anyway. De one wey puzzle me de most a de one wey nuh look gay at all. To me, dem yute ya future look dark, not bright. Mi nuh see no longevity or positivity inna taking a dick inna yu mouth or you batty X amount a times everyday fe de rest a yu life. As fe de people dem who a pay dem fe get a blowjob, or a battywash, dem just as bad. Dem a some sick nigga too, because mi nuh see a wah kinda satisfaction dem tough hardback bwoy ya, wid dem masculine feautures a give oonu. Any man wey a pree man ova gal fe gwey !!! Wey de yute dem wey straight and never sell dem mouth or dem battam yet dey ??? Oonu big up oonuselves !!! No other man can”t come squeeze oonu like oonu a soursop !!!

  25. Am Gay…and I don’t agree with them out there selling there boby. They could be gay and live at home working going to school without anybody knows etc but them choose to come out in a society that don’t like the lifestyle. And I didn’t choose to be Gay I know I was from very early. But people are different still I hope them will come off the street one day and go do something with there life and stop talk bout turning people gay you can’t turn a str8 man gay that’s bullshit…he must have it in him. And you’ll need to remember that Gay people is everywhere them cooking your food in rest, making your clothes, drinks,in your family,sharing untensil ,and I could go on…so don’t judge….am not saying one one should trow it in your face, but you’ll saying them sick stomach etc ,just stop and take a look you’ll will be surprise.

    1. @100%, I believe the confusion of some people is that a lot of people HATE the individuals who practice this life style, that is not always the case, we cannot HATE everybody, what we do not approve of is the life style and most importantly this agenda for the mass to ACCEPT IT!!…forcing what we do not approve of down our throats….You were fair in your comment and this is why I am addressing you.

      Why the big push for acceptance??…when they can practice their life style in private, and by that I mean people would know that they are gay but are spared the public display of affection and all that extraness…You must agree that this life style, even though it has been around since the time of Caligula is non-traditional, it does not represent the general concept which has been from creation of man and woman being fruitful and multiplying, it is based on SEX!!!..UNCONVENTIONAL SEX…and while we cannot tell someone how to live their liveS, THEY SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO FORCE US TO ACCEPT IT!!

    2. @100%; I do agree with some to the the things u said i.e., you can’t turn someone gay. As for them getting a 9-5 job it’s going to be hard because they are feminine nobody is going to hire them and straight people are going to harass them. So I kind of understand why some of them decided to become a prostitute, while others may romanticize about it from they came to the realization that they are gay.

  26. Gender confusion is oh so wrong.When dem yute ya dress up like gal and act like dem a ooman, and a one who think say dem a ooman, tek offence to dat, and deal wid dem case and kill dem, dem nuh realize say a so de crime rate can”t dun?? Dem still nuh learn a lesson from de yute wey get killed last year because him did dress up as a gal ? Why pretend to be what you are not ? All de one way look like him blind, and de wig cover up more than half a him face. Chuh !! Dem ting ya nuh must sick yu stomach man ?? I pray for the conditions in Jamaica, because nuff a dem yute ya medz gone, and de devil have dem like a freaking puppet on a string.

    1. No medicine, shrink, consoling can fix gender dysphoria. It sadden me when I see children as young as 5 who are conflicted with the gender they were born with and the one they identifies themselves as.

  27. This is so sad I feel sorry for them… Any man Weh really pick one ah dem up an claim seh dem nuh no seh ah homosexual dem ah meck clean dem off, ah gud fi dem because yuh muss blind fi nuh si dat!!!… Flames an Fire fi di sex sellers and especially the buyers inna mi IWayne voice!!!

    1. The men who pay for sexual favors from these young boy knew they’re transsexuals but, you must understand some men who are living the down low lifestyle have fantasy’s of getting pleasure from trannys . I don’t know if it’s a way for them to feel as if they’re with a woman. I dunno it how I look at it. The things that goes on in this world sometimes I don’t think a shrink can explain it.

  28. set a f**ka unnu…….unnu prime minister talk it say she ago help dem out and mek tings better fi dem mek dem get bloodklaat brave and show up inna public……now di raasklaat backabelly rat…..yes di same one portia not even a tun her yeye inna dem direction dem a bawl……..a who fa name dem a call….portia….portia……..portia ……..anedda raas problem fi unnu socialist govt drop pon di jamaican ppl dem head and not a raas solution fi it……..mi say it already…..mek di right one show up and start provide dem wid likkle leadership and organization and see if ppl na go fraid fi walk a new kingston a nite time else dem get rape or beat by dem yute ya…….ppl a talk bout dem no haffi accept dem lifestyle….anybody who say dat is only fooling demself…..they exist….therefore the problem they represent in society exists…therefore you have to accept the fact of their existence and their lifestyle……so yuh can call dung god or di devil neider one a dem gwine help dis situation……ppl deh a jamaica a fight dis raasklaat battyman problem from 19 how long yet every day it seems to be getting worse…………..unnu no see how farin country deal wid dem??…..dem have dem own clubs, dem own social events, dem own parade and all dat shit…….which is largely confined to their community and every major city have a battyman section……only the heterosexuals who support them for whatever reason take part in their acitivities or enter their communities….otherwise, every one else stays the f**k away……so what yuh gwine do?…..kill them all?…..which is impossible…or do like one cop told me when i asked why all the parolees in town stayed in hotels on the same street…….he said…..”we like them to stay there so we know who they are, we can keep an eye on them, their activities and who they associate with…….

  29. what a intresting interview … lawd dem look very badd ..the lady or should i say man @the end of the interview said her man she is with .give her that name

  30. These boys are human too, don’t judge them… This brought tears to my eyes. They really need some help. God bless their souls out there in these streets.

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