First time writing but i am a big fan. u dnt hear seh GAZA SLIM get beating a Lawrence Tavern Saturday? she and a girl name kerry a fighting ova one boy name Lexi. hear seh she get some proper beating. and har fren weh name marsha nuh stp do har up pon fb because dem musi kick off. cuz Gaza Slim wnt f***k marsha and claim seh marsha badmind har, so she create a fake profile n a post bare ting bout marsha on fb. so marsha strt do har up bck n trust mi it dnt pretty.dem a talk up the tings dem (marsha always in her videos). lexi use to hype one time when him and gyptian dem did a par, use to drive up bare big vehicle and so fort. but now im bruk n a run taxi a musi old harbour mi hear but a long time him and slim deh before she link wid kartel dem. It all reach pon Ragashanti. U see Gaza Slim mi knw har frm skool days and is a girl weh luv walk and trouble ppl and she dnt ave a soul fi back har n she cant fight. she ave whole heap more beating fi get to cuz the man baby mada dem a plan fi har. But lexi a one careless boy. walk and f**k all a dem wid out boots and every minute one a dem breed and dash it weh. see a pic a the man deh weh dem a war ova. slim betta pray kartel dnt cum out cuz a fi har body ago cant find lol……



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  1. Dat dry head bwoy fava one ah dem pickney weh suck finga ah play wid dem navel belly button same time inna dem stainy stainy tight baby tee shirt… Good morning Metty, fam fam :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk

  2. Remember dis song “Dem a fight ova man and de man a no fe dem, gal yu pretty, but yu have a problem”. This song is fe Gaza Slim who luv fe dey wid adda people man, like Kartel and Lexi, and God know who else way we nuh know bout. So dat”s why she missing in action since Kartel 2nd murder case start ?? From Kartel mek Shawty a run de record company, and she a do all video wid de school pickney dem, mi nuh hear nutten more bout Gaza Slim – until dis news ya. Well, well, shoutout to Gaza Slim for being a fawking eediat !!!

    1. a so she love man and fool to man long time but she bright fi gone seh di girl gi di man jacket she too bright………we need marsha and fi har shell dung

  3. Nice looking girl is a pity she no know har own self worth smh poor ting
    Morning Metsy n JMGers blessings, den watch how the bredda face fold like sheet inna barrel to no kmt

  4. Ah dat de WHOLE AH DI MATEY DEM FI GET!!!! I feel ZERO SYMPATHY!!! Beat out di whole ah dem rass!

    All di song dem whe she ah sing, see? Action talk, BS walk! Kartel gi Shorty ah music label deh! Whe Gaza Slim get? Some bleach out cocky inna har hole.

  5. :ngakak :malu :ngakak .i did not expect this from slim girl u could do way better :cd and she still a hold on tight to mr.palmer enuh dam fool ,,,,,(me is a gal me no fight over man from me likkle bit a just so me tan lol inna me best spice voice ) gm.jmg

  6. So unu nuh hear KARTEL song no games “Yuh fvck Anju Blacks him tell mi suh, yuh FCK to much u get lame FCK if u want if ah suh u get fame” dwrl !!! Slim bad sa! ..

    Marsha n she been fall out cuz slim is a bloodclaat nuisance
    Mek fame get to her head n Mek KARTEL freak her out pare 3 sum she use to walk n look fi KARTEL!!! & vex tru tommy lee did want Marsha like how is that ur bbc business
    U a buddy watch gal n pusci watch gal !! Dead she damn near vex wid gal over It.

    Only thing mi can gi her credit for is that voice gal can sing but wasting it she could be signed to something up here n a Mek millions fool like duck!

  7. Little Willie u have me dying here wid laughter wid u half way tree,papine translation..mi nuh know how mi figure it out

      1. no joke u tink kartel wudda tek har up based on dat? no…mi nuh believe dat..kartel sample first and den pass down if needs be plus milk did jus start tek shawn storm like ina 2010 and dem get lock up ina 2011…slim ina di studio 09

  8. mi did hear seh di kartel “no games” was about she an hear bout all a di 3sum dem too. poor ting! so kartel shame her and run har, now she a fight ova taxi man…slim go get ur life plzzzzz

  9. Lol dat sjow was funny indu give dis bess blow and milk and slim get pass down from shawn storm to kartel but slim how i fi ah fuxk so much man and cant stop walk and beg ppl phone card marsha shell dung seh yuh nah stop beg tommy lee plus kerry ah di second gyal we hear beat yuh it nuh look good

  10. the shawn storm “sivva” & slim ting a real ting… she is a longtime freak from she a bout 16 she freak out and a suck ooman, slime “DID” ole a one box from milk nd did ago get a real beaten, but a GAZA Indu put a stop to it, cah dem did deh pon the road, round the time of May Day…weh keep a portmore…slim a ole stinken mouth gyal…inna wah day when she did a run are mouth bout popcaan…the unruly girls dem did a laywait are bumbo…but the b run gun tell kartel and that was the end a that…the only reason she deh bout so long, is cah she AFFI get gyal fi do 3some with kartel…these are Facts

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