The continuation of the Kartel murder trial began but will reconvene at 2’00pm today. The lawyer for the defense (Tom Tavares- Finson) said he needed time to meet and interview the other witnesses for the prosecution .

” Members of defence were scheduled to meet expert witnesses and interview them. Time, date and place were arranged,but we were told systems that should have given us access to the people were down. So no meeting was held.Our team stayed for thirty minutes. At 9 minutes to six we contacted the DPP and told them that no meeting was held”

, Finson said. The judge then asked if there were any non-technical witnesses and told them that they had quite a few witness left. She also told the prosecution to contact Digicel so that they will be available upon the reconvening of the court’s session.


  1. I think its time the Judge fines the defense a monetary fee for always wasting the courts time and coming unprepared. i know they are just stalling , but its like they are taking this as a joke thing

        1. dem need fi interview witnesses…i thought dem only did need fi know the names n get statements..y dem need meeting maybe one lawyer can help me understand

  2. As i had said in a previous comment…the prosecution cannot present no new evidence unless the defence is privy to it. all witnesses that are to be cross examined are interviewed by the defence including weed himself. all judicial systems are set up so that the prosecution and the defence can ave a fair chance of countering each other’s claims. The prosecution in this case shud have its witnesses or ensure there are subpoenas ready to get them to court, because if they dont turn up then you’ll see the whole “vybz kartel” case crumble like a cookie. The very phone records and videos from the forensic experts, data experts and crime scene experts “MUST” be presented to the defence prior to any witness taking the stand.

    In order for the prosecution to hammer home “weeds” testimony they need to provide haaarrrddd evidence and i’m afraid its yet to be presented to the court, so i’m presuming so far this case is routing in favor of the defence. what i’m telling you is basic paralegal knowledge.

    We all want to see vybz kartel locked away for his crime but how its going he’s gonna walk away from this a free man along with the other accuse based on the prosecution lack of physical evidence linking the blood to Lizard, Lizards dead body, inconsistencies in Weeds statement he gave to the police and what was said on the stand and Weeds criminal past. its obvious weed was given deal to squeal or go to prison on gun charge or other crimes.

    1. Where would Weed get a gun charge from that is the very first question? He was not held on any charge, also he was not the only one in the house that the police could have approached. Many of the men around Kartel have had gun charges and they have spent 2-3 year for their charges so Weed doing time vs him testifying would not make sense because the time would be easier for him to do. Believe it or not the story hit the road long before the trial started so it made sense when he said he started telling everyone. Ratty who was second in command never pick up no gun charge and Kartel himself was afraid that Ratty would talk and send out broadcast fi get him taken care of. If u dont really know the details of everything ask please..Jamaican police nuh care dat much fi go approach Weed jus suh…they had to know the story before hand to approach him for one..There was no body nor was any report filed so how would they know something happened at Kartel’s house out of the blue and who to go to? :travel

    2. If I hide an illegal fire arm and tell the police where its hidden, what are they gonna charge me with? Did you not see ninja man present to mr adams on stage an illegal weapon?? If you walk into a police station right now and tell them that you hid a gun they cannot charge you, hence the witness was not threatened with imprisonment.

      1. smh because di lawyer seh suh it must be true what people fi ask is how would police knew anything happened at Kartel’s house in the first place….within 2 weeks of the fire the police was onto him…he set the house on fire the end of september, lizard was killed in august

        1. look yah I would not want certain ppl as my lawyer dem give di so call president a one way free ticket to 23 BLURNOUGHT YEAR UNU FIGOT ?


        2. Met the same Lizard that gaza kim said try to rob her, or is it the same Lizard that kartel sent a text message to popcaan to tell the police that they were robbed by Lizard and popcann refused to do it? Is a baxcide pot a soup a boil in this case.

          1. gaza slim is jus sayin she is a duppy so wen shi go dupply lan him buck ar up……mi cah manage

      2. dem a go charge HIM WID HIDE AND SEEK….caw mi nuh know how dem ya lawyer weh pass dem BAR…..LOOK LIKE DEM LIVE A RUM BAR

        1. Memba now people were caught paying for cxc passes earlier this year so it won’t come as a surprise if some of these “lawyers” did the same.

          1. RIGHT yah now mi nuh care bout nuh verdict caw to how di ting set and to weh me hear and si according to di witness and testimony given …..bleacha kill di yute and if u can do di crime stop sing roun di time …a. tek it like a man .

  3. The biggest drama will unfold if/when the defendants take the stand to give their account of what transpired that day and what roles each played, yu think yu hear inconsistencies as yet wait till yu hear 4 or 5 desperate men try to distant themselves from a crime. Ever heard of the saying “crab inna barrel”?

    1. Are you sure they are going to testify (take the stand)? The best they will do is give unsworn statement from the stand, which doesn’t allow the prosecution to cross examine them.

  4. right yah now dem fi link pon da case yah ….mek mi jus dash out di justice wid mi 100 juror weh mi have …dem a waste wi time yah no w

  5. Met a think a di phone records den and maybe the video evidence the procecution draw fa now but then never present all a it to the defence as yet because on national security reasons that it might compremise some peoples life before trhis.now the defence have time now fi view dem ting deh and prepare dem defence.

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