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There are more legal troubles for dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel as he awaits sentencing.

The entertainer is now scheduled to stand trial on charges of conspiracy and attempting to pervert the course of justice.The August 11 trial date was set on Friday.

Kartel is charged jointly with entertainers, Vanessa Saddler otherwise called “Gaza Slim” and Andre Henry otherwise called “Pim Pim”.
Gaza Slim and Kartel was charge back in 2012!!

More legal woes for Kartel

The three were charged in 2012, following an investigation into an alleged scheme to deceive the police in their investigation of the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

The cops reported that on October 29, 2011, Gaza Slim visited the Constant Spring Police Station and reported that she had just been held up at gunpoint by Williams.The police say her statement was false and they seized text messages from Kartel instructing her to lie to the police.
Henry had accompanied her to the police station to file the report.


  1. Well she can say she was dickmatised n didnt know what she was doing lol! Dem fi lock her up fi bout 10 yrs..with her lying ass.

    1. She weak…”S” would be her way out. Yu can imagine when she land a Agusta an meet up de real old school rebel dem? She bawl fi her mumma when dem all look pon har.

      1. mi sehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she soo fool why she neva mek him send shorty?_________________________________________________ and dat gyal full a nerves eno because she go pan tv a talk bout a nuh whey man seh? knowing police confiscate her phone ?? If she a nuh idiot well :travel

          1. but phantom dis bareface and dry eye..puss bruck water coconut ina him eye and every other proverb whey exist where dem yah kinda bravado yah concerned lol..JCF doing dem work!

        1. Met, me sure yu links tell yu sey people underestimate JCF and NMS. Most people get whey because dem stow way or witnesses gets killed, but majority of the time de file dem well in order a wait.

          If anything Lamar Chow set the best example fi mek people know sey come hell or high water GO A COURT GO GIVE YOUR VERSION CAUSE IT HAVE POWER when seeking justice.

          1. Phantom there was even an informant in their own camp mi hear it all but mi neva believe really till it sink in good :ngakak

        2. Dwl..She neva want him send shorty..coz she think when him come out him was goin to marry her ohhhhh! Woieeeee I cant tek it..Woman can so fool!

  2. So the police corruption reverse pon dem..ah nuh d police unlawful, ah dem. Kartel sheep…round up time.
    U guh tell lie say lizard(rip) ah mess wid u…afta dem mince him up, doa, now dem av text message from your “boss” instructing you.
    Aye sah….bahbah black sheep av u any wool..
    yes sir yes sir 3 bags full, one for d master an one fi d dame, and one for the little boy who lives down the lane!!!

    Why were they trying to “deceive” the police, because they knew that they had taken part in a murder!! Gaza slim me waa fi hear iz wah really ah gwan…an u ah guh tell we!!! :selamat :hotrit

    1. yes and dem seh more murders in the phone as di people dem seh pan di gleaner and observer site di family need fi dismiss demself

      1. wha you a sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy so you mean to tell me say a so kartel fantasia bout killing him all save it pan him blackberrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???????????????

        1. mi tell unno already everything him save and it look like him teach slim di same ting ______________________________________________

      2. Me nah lie…if Waterfort/Portmore want fi go forward de Kartels should move out with haste and dem arrival inna any community should be put on notice.

        If Lizard family and the DPP employees can’t have peace then the same treatment should be afforded to Kartel family to! Eye for an eye since dem can’t show empathy.

        1. Phantom wait ..yu wi si ….wah go gwaan ,…di bwoy frighten fi phone ….dem soon ketch him inna di scamming

      3. Those phones…smh. Who wouldn’t want see wha de pon dem..betta finson did complain sey de phones were treated like a bigscreen…lol

        1. ________________________________________________________________________________ likkle bit from dis dem gwine haul him blouse and skirt

          1. Treacherous Cain we set that one in motion. Him a 50, as old as we flag so him can be a martyr fi further we independence.——-

          2. a hope him nuh badda kill himself a prison cah di amount a sentencing gone up to 50 already …bwoy why da yute yah tan so man a wah coulda happen to him so fi him have da outlook yah ….he really felt that Jamaica was behind in technology digicel gone far ahead ….for someone who is so learnt and smart I am very surprise him never google dem world presence and parent company

      1. It all makes sense now………………..unno soon see us come scrape him because dem did call him fi visa and him did fraid fi guh and mi hear say anybody whey did close to him get harassed by the us as dem land here :tkp

        1. DWLnnnnnnnnnnn……a wonder if de White House Petitioners were aware of that FACT. lololllllllllllllllllllllllllll

          1. mi seh cooper doe hold har belly yet fi petitioners haffi go hold di belly fi har when di res spill ______________________________________

        2. yow di old comment dem from three years ago have dem ting deh and mi hear seh dem hold .missa miller so mi nuh kwo wah a go really gone ….a hope fool fool neva a correspond wid missa milla pon phone and a gwan like him a top man

  3. Pim pim yu tinking wat me tinkin
    Mi wah di gyal fi loii fi me
    Da one yah name
    Slow motion pim pim get ketch caw him neva tek a stan
    Gaza slim run gone a station, mek a report but it was a fake one
    Di evidence gainst di bwoy so strong
    dem run een wid di 500 grand
    Forewoman seh shi nah accept dat one


    1. Lalalalalalala shellingzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
      Pulllllll upppppppppppp datttttttttttttttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. mi a go gi u some more
        mama maama maa

        As a youth mi have it harder
        neva get nuh wrong from mi mada mi mada
        nuff time mi get up and a jus pear crime
        nutten else nuh deppon mi mind
        So mi end up tun killa
        Mi ignore di warning from mi fada
        Nuff time some bwoy a beg mi fi dem life
        Mi tek out mi gun and wet dem like wet stripe
        Now mi end up inna the system a bear cry
        A di jury and judge mi end up a fight
        Lord mi wish mi coulda get a flight

        1. As a youth mi have it harder
          neva get nuh wrong from mi mada mi mada

          So mi end up tun killa
          Mi ignore di warning from mi fada

          nuff time mi get up and pree p crime
          nutten else neva deppon mi mind
          some bwoy a beg mi fi dem life
          Mi tek out mi gun and wet dem like red stripe
          Now mi end up inna the system a bear cry
          A di jury and judge mi end up a fight
          Lord mi wish mi coulda get a flight
          Wen u look inna mi face wat a ugly sight
          Mi light dim now mi know mi neva bright
          mi di bus weh like a big beigi kite
          Now mi inna gp a count mice

    2. Verse 2
      Shi back out Di blackberry an Sey stay chune
      Suh she just press record
      an him tink him gone chu
      Suh shi report him rass
      An recording stop
      Shi dun have Di evidence fi dun him wats itt not

        1. DWLn……..MET! WATA MARK DE PEOPLE DEM LYRICS!!! lolol. Real and anon onu a tun pink wall inna studio…lol. I love it!

      1. No no no not me! No! no No no *(teenage pregnancy riddim …I like this song )

        Hmmmm baby me have something fi tell you
        The judge done tell mi seh mi guilty
        Weh yu a go tell mi pickney
        A hope to God dem nuh follow me
        Right now mi feel real silly
        Mi memba wen mi enter di industry
        Look how mi dis up Bounty?
        Now everything is just history
        Di judge come out without my victory
        mi woulda glad fi get 15 true leniency

        Everyting start haunt me
        How mi beat kim till she pee pee
        Look how mi dis yu up shawtee

        Tun Lisa hype inna porn star
        Lef ar inna doom wid bear scar

        Look weh mi do to shawn storm
        Tun him inna evil, all form
        Kick up Jahvinci till him cah hear
        Right yah now a me inna real fear
        Every lock me yeye mi si Clive face
        Oh My God look how bear face
        Mi know di yute from him a toddla
        He only wanted to be a danca
        Mi introduce him to danga
        OH My God di judge come from him Chamba
        This sentence will be foreva

        1. Mety add dis to Real verse dem fi mi. Can we ago teach dem tidey…

          Now mi a call mi new home remand centa
          Ah nuff tings mi do a road wey mi nuh proud ah
          But chu mi wah people think sey me ah mobsta
          Mi recruit Di youngsta dem from Di Gaza
          Who nuh have nuh loving madda an fada
          Fi tell dem sey dem life ago end if dem nuh cross ova
          And give praise and tanks to Di almighty fada
          Now mi affi live Wid all dem tings pan mi shoulda
          An sey mi wish mi coulda tek back eventing an start ova…..

  4. So if she couldn’t afford fi put on a decent birthday party fi har self, a who ago pay Lawyer fee fi she????? Cauz from di looks of things the gaza camp goodly bruk yah now dem obeah oman and Finson suck out every penny. She have nothing fi nobody thief thou???? She harself gooda a look smaddy fi rob. She bruk and naked nuh baxide. Why him never send him bride of chucky, weh a collect him millions, fi go report seh she get rob???? Him and him posse would an gots toi beat mi, cauz mi nah seh nuh dead man rob mi, when dem a dig hole dem fi memba fi dig 2, damn jackass

  5. good day met,metters,peepers nd others….

    dem fi give har sum time fi duh she too damn nuff nd fool, de sed 7yr dem a luk fe ge cain give har as well….neva knw wan cocky can get tuh a gal head like dis kmft

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