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KINGSTON, Jamaica:
Prosecutors this morning outlined how a juror in the murder trial of popular entertainer Vybz Kartel allegedly made several attempts, including an offer of half-a-million dollars, to influence his colleagues to return a not guilty verdict.

Kartel whose real name is Adidja Palmer and three of his four co-accused were on Thursday found guilty of the 2001 murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

A short while ago, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Paula Llewellyn revealed that the juror, 50-year-old Livingston Cain, was the sole person who voted not guilty in the 10 to one decision of the eleven-member jury.

The allegations were outlined in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate Court, where Cain made his first appearance on five counts of attempting to pervert the course of justice and one count of conspiring with persons unknown to pervert the course of justice.

He was offered bail in the sum of $750,000 and warned not to make any efforts to contact any member of the Kartel jury.

He has also been ordered to report to the Stony Hill Police daily and a stop order has been placed on him at the ports.

He is to return to court Friday, March 28.

Llewellyn told the court that after seeking to convince other jurors to find Kartel and his co-accused not guilty during the course of the trial, Cain approached the foreman last Thursday and told her he wanted to speak to her privately.

Llewellyn said the foreman accompanied Cain to the Supreme Court library and took along her BlackBerry cellphone because of information she had received from other jurors.

According to the DPP, the foreman recorded Cain telling her he realised that she had some influence over the other jurors and that he wanted her to “come to a not guilty verdict against the five accused.”

Llewellyn said the shocked foreman went back to Cain sometime later in attempt to confirm what she had heard.

It was at this time, Llewellyn alleged, that Cain told the foreman he was offering her $500,000 to release the five accused, and assured her that she would have the money the following day.

The DPP says that’s when the foreman made a report to the Registrar at the Supreme Court, who brought the matter to the attention of the presiding judge, Justice Lennox Campbell.

Cain’s attorneys say he has denied the allegations.

Cain was arrested at court last Thursday after the guilty verdict was handed down in the Kartel case.


  1. Looks to me like he plans to use Karte’s defense of a conspiracy. I reckon he will be accusing the police of manipulating the audio. Damn idiot, like you said early Met, he’s old so he doesn’t realize that this is a changed Jamaica. He used to the old system where everyone accepted a bribe and money ran marathons.
    Let him be made an example of. Just like Skirtel will be. The court is so funny, they ordered him back to court, the day following Skirtel’s sentence. He should shit his pants on seeing the 50 years handed to them.

    1. God! I love you Anon :beer: …These people need fi know that the ole system de pon its last frigging breath! I am an executioner of it in my professional field and continuous studies.

      Education, Technology, property ownership and globalization are the key elements and weapons against the old system.

      Kartel did a study outdated sh!t- not applicable to OUR society.

  2. There are more legal troubles for dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel as he awaits sentencing.

    The entertainer is now scheduled to stand trial on charges of conspiracy and attempting to pervert the course of justice.The August 11 trial date was set on Friday.

    Kartel is charged jointly with entertainers, Vanessa Saddler otherwise called “Gaza Slim” and Andre Henry otherwise called “Pim Pim”.
    Gaza Slim and Kartel was charge back in 2012!!

    More legal woes for Kartel

    The three were charged in 2012, following an investigation into an alleged scheme to deceive the police in their investigation of the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

    The cops reported that on October 29, 2011, Gaza Slim visited the Constant Spring Police Station and reported that she had just been held up at gunpoint by Williams.The police say her statement was false and they seized text messages from Kartel instructing her to lie to the police.
    Henry had accompanied her to the police station to file the report.


  3. He denies the allegations? Them ppl here really take technology lightly! Damn licky licky..ur old ass shall go sit in a cell next to Kartel.

  4. kartel fi just make up him mind fi go laydown a prison fi the rest of his life.. me say old house just a tumble down pan kartel so as every way him tun. it look like all the voodoo weh the mother do, it look like it backfire right pan kartel no sah … in my lisa hper voice it sticky pan dem

  5. Lolllllllllllllll it well sticky ponnnnnnnn demmmmm woooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeee Gaza slim u think u mawga yet dem ago change u name u to thread batty ghost.

      1. @Met if a did only the woman dem it couldnt so bad, but When the chink dem done bite up gaza slim bleach out skin.. and her headside gaza slim it sucks to be you telling lie doe pay ma’am

        1. all di beating she get she itch up outa court house…roach gwine mek use a har..she love run dung cockey she get what cockey serve now

    1. CHUET! Go a yu bed before yu mek me drop off a fi a laugh!

      “thread batty ghost’……..yu sick!!

      1. PP mi say watch n see wat ago gwaan
        When dem done wit har over Augusta har collarbone dem ago deeper that the pool ova stadium too damn evil n fool fool

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