We need the crowd to tell us, Who fah zaddy!!?? Who a di right full owna ofg the gentleman in the above photo. Munchie ova deh a comment on di man pic bout happy New Years baby wen him out wid him another woman. And on di pica bout another year. Pica nuh lie! 


  1. let me find out this broke, chessy hood, 2 pants wearing nigga keep sending in himself to be relevant. He has a whole wife and she wasn’t pictured above. Munchie doesn’t love herself we can all see that from she did deh wid Maxx and did a mine him and him still lefff har. Munchie jus happy she gets to buss a nutt and thats all that matters in her life. Please stop saying she and this boy Deh . no matter what she still gonna sleep wid him. She and all har sista dem a man clown. dem breed and still no own a man or position.

  2. He belong to munchie and like he said plenty of times he not married so stop talk bout he have a wife. Whole a philly know rasta british love munchie so whats the problem?

  3. His ugly babymother and her no man having sisters is the ones sending in munchie man pic talking about he married, bitch pls he dont and will never want you same way Chris dont want your sister. Kmt married where? And bitch pretty soon he have to do dna cause i already told him a husband you ugly ass a look go look a income , government shut down stop depend on the system and ppl man

  4. The babymother thats claiming to be wife he dont want her she have more mustache than him, he own other babymother and hide her.all she do is call him and beg , she is old enough to be his mother, old cougar bruck could never be in munchie class at least munchie have money can mine man cougar cant afford young boy.

  5. He out with munchi everynight argument done,i dont know what anyone is trying to prove by sending in these pics but as this boy get a dollar he give it to munchi. Nobody in philly really like him because him and his brother is house robbers , he bruck in all the houses over west and south west, he go dance and put tracker on the man dem car to trail them home. The other day he was going around trying to find twin white address

    1. He been robbing people’s house even the wife friend house he rob b4.. he on video but because of the wife why the friend didn’t press charges

  6. And we all know the last 4 comments was munchie and her sisters trying to make munchie look good like the man claim her. He say he ain’t married but he also say he single so stop.

  7. He use munchie for publicity and she do anything he want. Why would he let her go. Valentine’s day coming up. We’ll see who is who.

  8. But rasta british happily married to his second baby mother plus he have to go home every night so Munchie where you fit in the other sister Marvai I taught Chris comes back to you don’t tell mi veachy tek him back

  9. British and never been to England. Dwl. King of Philly so how people don’t support you? Even the little round robin flop bad. Should have used the money to pay child support worthless man. Philly people Dem nuh easy at all. That was a harsh reality check doh. He is broke and trying so hard to get attention to feel relevant in Philly. Him love the hype but can’t afford it. Claim to be Hot topic but not when you have nothing good being said about you. Just a Trash topic. Me hear that him nuh stop tell people how much him hate skilli because skilli a waste man a Philly. Long time him hate skilli and say it out him own mouth. Why would a young man like this take up a worn out whore? A lick out Max what lef sperms. No wonder why him mouth stink. Someone buy him some bleach. Just nasty. Guess she love mine broke man. Or did she adopt him? … him a tell people how her pussy stink bad. Say When him done fuck him have to hold him breath. Wondering how him eat she? Guess the liquor money lol I hear him telling my friend with my own ears. This is Philly number 1 gal clown because a she run him head. He want to leave her but scared because she will expose the truth about him. He is just with her until he gets on his feet. Broke and hype off nothing. Rasta Gigaloo as soon as Dem realize him broke Dem gone. Now him find Max ex cash cow. What a loser. Such a shame

  10. I thought rent a dred was only on Negril. Rasta man still a prostitute themselves? Remember when men used to have ambition. Now shit like this proud that a woman take care of him young HYPE and broke. Sad part is they think being on pink wall make them relevant. Just another loser being exposed. How him even stomach looking at her naked? You can tell by just the pics she has a gut cellulite and stink pussy. Obviously he is only with her to use her until he can do better. Such a shame. She really that desperate to have him cheating on her repeatedly and stay with him still. She has kids he is a broke artist chasing HYPE. Guess she wanted another child to support. Better claim him on tax return. That’s your child

  11. Forget these filthy people. Whats up with Prezy and the girl I saw him out with Thursday? He try and hide like he wasnt with er but i saw the two of them stand up together all night…

  12. Veachy and chris lock down everynight so dont worry about happy couple ok.chris love veachy dem nah leave each other, he has alwaws bin hers no gal or babymother cant take him ok, so dont call chris name in this

  13. Uptop @8:18 Weh yuh mean har pussy stink and him affi hold him breath after sex who fah pussy stink his girlfriend munchie or di babymother? just saying he’s nasty because if di girl stink run har guh bathe Tf and how unno know him eat pum pum

  14. Nobody nuh want Red Cloud! First of all he’s old & washed up!! But worse of all whenever he get a little change in his pockets he squander it at gamble house. He does NOTHING for his children! His kids that he has with Marvai doesn’t even like him! Because he’s a DEADBEAT!!! Veachy affi lock down with cloud somewhere because she can’t bring him to her mother house, because she share 1 room with her two teenage sons.

    As far as Munchy & British, it’s the same boring cycle over and over *Yawn** He’s living his BEST LIFE” with his other female counterparts. Munchy is SAD & PATHETIC and need guidance. Especially when you’re pushing 40yrs old and raising a daughter. Instead of chasing British from one party to the next, re-evavulate your life and all the bad decisions you made. You got evicted out of your apartment almost a year now and still can’t save up enough to get out your sister’s basement, but find time fi reach inna every dance!! Tsk tsk tsk…like I said PATHETIC!!

    Kae: I wouldn’t suggest you keeping that child that you’re carrying for Windy. Him have him right out woman weh him live with. Pickney can’t keep a man. Giiiirrrlllll, find your way to the closest chop shop and pray for forgiveness!!!

    Meesha: You run go breed fi Shabba moggeler nephew and as soon as you gave birth he dropped you like hot cake. (Kae, use your sister as an example and dash weh di belly). Meesha you forgot to disclose to Shatta Biggs how much you fuck down di wul a philly! And di yute just a find out day after day how many of his brethren sex yuh off! Stop calling his phone to argue with him over Poochie. She has nothing to do with your failing relationship, blame your failing crotches!

    Zully: Heard you and veachy dem done, sake a Munchy! Heard she brought your name in a mix up to pearl. Is that true?

    I’m simply tired of all these bitches. Really & truly!!

  15. Munchie you stay worry about him babymother alll if him
    Nuh want her him still Haffi deal wid her fool fool
    Gal jus keep Cleaning away people damn ass and give him her money and stop Worrying about the baby mother she love her live obviously cause she been left hiis broke ass to you and him new gal yo take care of him so stop writing on her Defending yourself like it’s not you trying bash him babymother

  16. Stop mek the sucking pussy Rasta boy tell ouun lie bout him tek care him babymother a longtime then gal hve up dem dutty money dem gal nuh live off Government everybody dutty Jamaica weh live America and have a AmericanCitizen kid Deh Pon foodstamp Suh nuh police nah look fi her fi lil foodstamp

    1. Zully . here is a tip. Cut out ur Pussyy. it has been failing you for years and still doing so. imagine you have all dem Fatherless kids and a presha di government and now you go add 1 more to the mix. Pearl nah leave him woman fi you and you know this. so why after you dash way 1 pickni fi him 2 years ago you go breed fi him again. You figet sa pickni nah hol man? You and ur sista is a sad case of “where are they now?” Unuh teck all di money man dem and everybody man dem and now ole age reach unuh unuh fava crackhead. Go look a life man and stop fukk dung di place. If you neva own a man when you young why you think you can teck people man when you ole. dumb broads. Here is a another tip. A man love sleeping with you until you becomes his babymother. Now you are not as attractive and sexy any more because you affi stay home with his kid. no more fukk backa car or in the park. You see how you gave up ur spot? u made room for a next sidechick as long as she no breed. go cry me a river now.

    1. Ah dat mi waan kno. How big transformer Veachy ah fuck Red Cloud? Noh suh. I dont believe.Dem ah jus fren. She Red Cloud type? Red Cloud fuck gal like she?

  17. Why Philly low life no papers bitches an marma man dem always a worry bout who a f— who? Lef di ppl mek dem live dem life.Now unuh gwan guh sort out unuh no status jonhcrow self ina Trump country before him dash unnuh out an stop worry bout plp weh live dem life an nuh see or memba unuh.

  18. If yuh see Prezy wid har last week, look out fi Bobby wid har this week. A dem seh share an share alike. I’m sure it ain’t nobody important

  19. Boy nuff man wi tek a gal weh have 4 pickney fi 1 man but dem no a days hot gal yah weh have dem 4 different babyfada pussy just busy so smdh

  20. This piece of shit again kmt met. Sad the things people do for attention. Not a good look sandra I mean smh Rasta Britih … Philly biggest gal clowm

  21. Really? Ano:6:57 why would you wish death on someone? Unyh so f—k up and badmind unuh jump pan pink wall and talk shit and wish bad fi plp. How unnuh wicked suh. Look pan Carlos Gaza walk and chat plp business like gyal and owe everybody money a Philly money and nuh body nuh duh him nutten. Why yuh wah dem a guh kill Rasta British? Wicked rass.

    1. girl y u drag otha man ina dis under sikes? addmit it the gaza man play u like a figgle and u madd. mad cause he was ur prince and he didn’t save u. come out and adress the man or stay behind the seene like u been. U never hear the man have no problem with anyone but a smutt that got played and stay hurt. fukka u

  22. Him soon dead a Philly for real. Suck pussy Rasta bwoy fi dead. Carlos a good youth. Why this nasty broke Rasta a bring up people name? That’s why one night somebody ago to shoot you. Always a chat people like a bitch.

  23. To what I hear then soon kill him fi real. Broke suck Pussy Rasta. I hope Carlos see this n fuck him up a call up bad man name bitch nigga always talking about people. If him talk set Munchie pussy stink there is no limits to him. She just as bad to. How she still a fuck him n proud Inna public when him a style her like dog shit

  24. unna need fi do better. if him a rob houses then God will deal with him but dont wish death pon him or nobody. that tell you what kind of person you are if your wishing death on someone. GOD dont like Ugly. I dont know the youth and i really dont give a flying fuck but dont wish death pon ppl. shame on you.

  25. @ano well you over a wish death pon ppl and me knw yuh have pickney and suh me personally i wish dem dead n if yuh nuh have nuh yet mi wah dem born dead n you walken around and try set up di yute life only thing promise in life is death with ppl yuh soon dead like dwag cause god nuh like ugly yuh a talk like a yuh n him rob di house dem cause yuh knw too much n if u knw di ute personally n see him a guh dung d wrong path yuh nuh link him a give him some good advice not to smh

  26. Yes Curious, big big belly. Fi har boo Pearl. Hehay wonder what ago happen when the man wife finds out. Who knows pickney probably already born.

  27. All who a wish dead pon di ute mi wishh all a unuh pickney dead n all who nuh have none yet mi wah dem born dead cause ppl like unuh weh a wish dead pon ppl a evil all a call up other man name fi get the yute involve with ppl a really suh unuh wicked n @ano look like a you n him a rob di house dem how u knw some much u neva get ur share cause yuh sound mad hurt..

  28. @ Ano:January 23,2019 9:36. Carlos, can duck none body? kmrt.Him broke like dawg. Unnuh always a praise some broke whore out man a philly like dem a somebody. Bitch, bye. Unnuh life sad like funeral. Only unnuh dounce gyal want dem man deh weh live inna party and broke with np status inna merica. Di whola unnuh a one.

    1. Says the gal who discovered that afta she got played and got piss nd egg in her face. Pinkwall not gonna make him want uor even acknowlegehe knew you.. leave do man alone and go look. A Life . Try join a gym and loose some of that excess weight looking like the elephant carrying 2 overloaded sacks . Bitch. Do man tell everybody he hate do ground u glide on on. Go to hell and roll with ur familywho is already there.

  29. Suh waittt is that an accomplishment for someone to get eggs and piss thrown in their face??? What kinda evil person would do that to someone?

  30. Philly dutty bitch dem weh nuh have nuh goals in life. She rejoice because a she dem piss pan and dash egg pan har face. Ova yah a war ova dead beat. carry on boo boo. I hope you str8888 inna di plp dem country. Yuh a act strong fi broke man bad. Key broad bad gyal kmbt. Tell Carlos fi guh pay back bye bye him money and stop gwan like him a somebody.

    1. But how Carlos ah bother you so. Old thing u all ah chat bout. U real hurt. Di man humble and dnt bother nobody. If him ah deadbeat that ah fi him bizness. If di gyal dem like it. Why it ah bother you? Lol

  31. Susan you hide and fuck kid now you a fuck the fren no sah my girl you is a under cover whore any time me hear a which fren me a expose u cause you too fucky fucky and act like you cant mash ants

  32. But carlos really got ya’ll over here beating up ya’ll chest?? Carlos you didn’t expect people to talk about you sir? And don’t act innocent now. Karma is a bitch! Remember how you diss up your baby mother? Sleeping around with all those dirty dingy philly girls? He’s not perfect and none of these dance hall men are. You need to reevaluate your life and worry about your kids and stop live off of women, you were shot twice before and almost died. You would think that would have given you a wake up call.

  33. So kid fuck susan to teetee how you feel cause a you him a hide a fuck now alk him want somebody beat him all lesbian you a fuck tee tee a when you stoo fuck woman see how you a hush hush you fuck but love innq people business

    1. Wow lol some a these man nasty dem just jump inna every pussy dammmmmmmmm unnuh gal a fuck and don’t have shit gi show for it well a guess some a unnuh pussy nuh good so unnuh wont get anything only good pum-pum give you things lol :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  34. Oh gosh Dem piss Pon her to! No wonder why she look condemned. The gym is a good idea thought she was pregnant. Munchy life sad bad. No wonder why she settle for the waste man Dem. Philly garage I mean garbage collector. Anyone has a brother friend or link looking for a cash cow. Link her when the Rasta done juice her. She doesn’t mind working and mine man. As long as you tell her she the most beautiful woman in the world. Income tax return soon come Suh hurry because the Rasta ago eat it out

  35. Tee Tee Yuck!!!! You find more man fi fuck inna philly. I thought you fuck off all a philly man them til you start fuck woman. Kid plz to cut ur dick off now. You can’t go no lower than Tee Tee.

  36. Anonymous 1:22-
    Who the hell is stasha? Therr are alottttt of people who know Carlos, after all he’s veen living in Philadelphia for many years! Cant travel because of prior jail time served. So there are many people that know Carlos who are in and out of dancehall. So is this how you young women choose to live, for the sake of saying you have a man you take all kind of disrespect from these worthless men? Sleeping with a man that doesn’t contribute to you emotionally or financially? This one is sleeping with that one and so on and so forth…. aren’t you ladies afraid to catch disease? Especially the incurable life changing ones? Come yall self worth nuh bother make dem low life leeching boy yah feel like dem more than ya’ll.

  37. Daymeon aka Gaymeon battyman sharp. Go sit yuh dumb gay ass the fuck down. Fagg everybody know seh yuh party flapp. Yuh look retarded like you look every year. You and yuh whole crew looked a fucking mess, from the battyman dem weh yuh par wid and the hoe dem that yuh par wid. The all a uno is a hot fucking mess. Gaymeon yuh chat sista aka crocodile aka shana how har party flapp well pussy the two a uno keep the flappest party for 2019 now go sit your clown ass down. Cause all you a try front, that party was mad trash bro

  38. Gaymeon Trying to be like Twin White. Twin a try be like flippa. Soon join him a prison to just a matter of time.

  39. Its too damn cold outside! Yes ppl unu start get the picture now? Start staying at home with unu family not every pan knock you have to be there, a years some of unu a pary enuh. What has you party people accomplished? Guve the dancehall life a break man.

  40. Lol. You really sat there and disliked my comment 52 times? Oh yes ypu are big maddddd!!! Strike a nerve I see. I meant what I said and I said what I meant!

  41. Ano: 3:17 Yuh well bothered eneeh. Yuh nuh strike nuh nerves. Wi dislike your hating ass comment and moved on to our lives. Why yuh over here a beat up yuh gum. It’s clear yuh are the one bothered. Wi a guh party and have fun. Yuh big mad or little mad? Stop Philly Dancehall mess wid yuh head. Yuh wi mad. Lizard party lata. Yuh a cum? It’s like yuh need some fun inna yuh life. Sound bitter. Hush.

  42. I feel bad for man face Mesha. Last night I sat close to her and I was watching her pretending to be happy with her so call fake friends. I hear those same friends laughing at her and her man problem but that story is for another day. Mesha the baby boy dump you. Just take it and move on. He’s dissing you in public with his new babygirl so let it go ugly girl. You is 40 and he is 17 so what did you think. He moved on to younger and tighter. Hush a life but find a dirty man like yourself and step. I saw you hype with windy and only if you know how they are laughing at you when you are not around. Take a break by yourself and care for your baby.

  43. Kelly pleas go baptize and give ur self to the Lord. You are obviously loss and think dancehall is a normal way. This is what ruined ur marriage. You spend more time in the parties than with ur husband. And you still didn’t learn. Go be an example for ur little girls. What are u gonna live off when u ready to retire since u having been paying any taxes in the ppl dem country. I couldn’t believe u went on that freak fest and proud

  44. real talk. I saw the video of the bus ride. it looks like a bus i would caught from country to town. because you know the bus dem pack like a sardines cus nuff ppl wah got a town. it look like it smell like ass dick and pussy all mix into one. to much ppl on that small ass bus. the strippers look like they got something

  45. Tashie dem seh every day yuh post up di baby an cah post di baby daddy. Dem seh yuh Congo beat out yuh rass. Suh yuh affi stay di side chick dat yuh are. A bay.

  46. That Bus Ride was A Disgrace and Shana Don’t think you low we saw you all nite under Tiggs all nite a your new Fuck Boy that now you Always After the next money nigga, you Didn’t learn your lesson from your Baby Dad Weh not giving your daughter nothing you always a front for Social Media Dog Shit Shana every money man a Philly Fuck Yuh Out , now Shawnty your new Bestie SO sad Weh had with you and Kay Muchie and Allisa ?

    1. That boy wants to fuck everything him see and him have him baby mother Home with a big ass belly almost time to give birth boy you need to calm you self down I guess you just have the little idiot gal dem frighten gi you and you couple of dollars so I guess dem will fuck you :tkp :tkp :tkp

  47. A which Rasta boy diss bones man pon ig sey bones man a child molester so bones man do a live and sey him a fuck the Rasta boy gal. Which one a dem Rasta yah.. Footy, Gary, Rasta British dan Dan or Can come talk

  48. Tiggs babymada/ babyfada look like a strongggggg MAN inna one wig lol. A just because you go to jail so much tiggs mek yuh come home a fuck a man? Har calf’s dem big like har head lol. Tiggs on some real shit, yuh look more feminine than yuh girl

  49. Shana I hope Tiggs Woman Beat yuh Because you love Fuck people man and gwan like yuh innocent and Trudy Don’t play about Har Man Tiggs all when him walk and Fuck Pon Her Like Dog….Shana u not low u come on the bus ride looking for the next money nigga Tiggs just a look some pussy so let’s make it clear for you.

  50. Yes Tina Daughter that lil Hoe done sleep with Everybody man From Chad, Finger, Jigga, Donte, Marie Brother, Gerald,Chalice, Flippa ,Kid, Gaymon ,Bwoy Shana yuh List long Surprise Kacey never beat yuh Fi her Husband but wait I guess that’s why she and her Friend Veachy couldn’t get along they both was sleeping with the same niggas together so Sad Shana your life Dirty I see why your baby dad leave and not even the baby him nah look Pon a your baby dad alone wife yuh bout you gone Pon bus ride and hitch up Pon Tiggs, u should be ashamed of yourself … She have no man so let’s us know who he is since u said u thought she had one

    1. I think u mad cause u see dinky a hang with ur mate Niikkki. Stay loyal Like how dinky loyal. You up in a Tina face and u and har Dawta is cool . And look how u come a spill the tea unda sikes. The 2 comment u made tells the people you hate so bad. Dinky and kelly. Is not fi dem fault u go teck di ppl dem man and him diss u and no look back. Right now is smaddy else Man U a tek and By Summer you ago ina matey war again. Shana is better u gwann par wid the yankee dem at least unu freak each other out and ur biz ness stay there. Me no know who tell u if a par wild dem unda cova dyke yah and dem no like u same way.

  51. That big back bitch not beating nobody but tiggs” And first of all tiggs bruck bad you bitches don’t even know when niggas really got money. Talking bout tiggs the next money man lol he’s the next con man. First of all it’s that bitch a work and take care of tiggs! Him man looking babymada she the man in that relationship; you don’t see she look more strong than tiggs? With har big ass head.

  52. Everybody know Shawty and all har fren dem a whore including shana that’s why I stayed far far away from that bus ride because I did know it was going to be some nastiness they all disgusting!

  53. Nasty GeGe weh walk and tek man like do yu just meet di bwoy pon di bus and give him front already how yu can run dung man suh. Mi tink a di bwoy fromdi restaurant yu did deh wid, no wah everyday yu inna one different man DM pon Instagram. Give yu big ole a break now

    1. Suck yuh DADDY what the fuck enuh know bout mi none ah enuh ah philly nuh have no fuck secret Fi mi bout mi fuck mon afta bus ah mussi yuh granddaddy mi left n fuck chuck off

      Y’all love commenting some false ass news
      And only weak minded assholes come on here & believe what y’all post on this bitch

      When enuh bring up
      My name make sure yuh bring up FACTS behind it Period
      Until then keep watch out MY hAPPY Life
      Cah enuh ah guess but it seem y’all
      always get it wrong And forever will

      Have a blessed day

  54. Mi almost piss pon mi self wen di DJ seh “big up yu self dinky pon yu 28th birthday ” a suh life hard pon yu girl. Yu look like yu inna yuh 40th. Yu need fi guh as yu mada yu REAL REAL birthday. If yah 28, mi a 16 lol

  55. Philly boring nuh bloodclaat. No good mix up around here. All ah dem ppl weh unu a chat bout up top nuh body nuh kno dem an most ah dem played out suh mi ah gi yuh sittin MI SEH Suh mi falla dis one page pon FB name Levels Topics and mi ah tell yuh. Ah who fah page dat? Dat deh page deh a mixup tuh claat. Pure gyal a comment pon dat deh page deh an ah drop wud an ting. Ah whagwaan deh suh

        1. Zan and pink we know is you guys over here writing uno don’t understand English or y’all want law enforcement get involved uno all up in the girl life and uno so call happy together and uno pictures not far from the alter right at the obeah alter thank you

          1. Chy u hot fi pink? She take wah u bf? Stop stress out u self n tak care a u bby n stop make ppl laugh affa u. Look how u cuss u mad alike day fi dis man now him gone, u no tyad fi shame har? Gtfu

    1. Lisa Go get back money fm di reada man cause him rob u. U say Zan a shit etc. Look now chy “the educated” a fuck him so call frien wah don’t even have a pot fi piss inna. Rimmaz wah happen u run outta place fi sleep n Zan no tell u fi come live wid dem so u start carry news to chy bout him n purple so chy put him out n tak u in?pc…u bad so a wah di bby fi call u now Step-godfadda?

        1. U need to send him a pic if ur fail pussy u fuck Gaza man he never own u, u fuck jigga he never own con tryed but was too smart for that Zan did a try get back at pink by fuckin u but got trIckes into a bby, now Rimmaz bitch go kill urself tryed before so keep try crock head

          1. Ya call all a the man them wouldn’t fuck you yuh damn right chy deh pon coke because she would have to deh pon coke fi with a duty dred batty boy like that weh love batty All him bitches ugly including Kim uno na make no sense continue to write chy still have time catch man because she only 23 ya damn near 40 and don’t pick up nothing good in Philadelphia

  56. Duty rimas with his broke ass how him do him brother like that that’s fuckin corny .zan took care of him wen he first come here ..nobody know him he was zan kartel bag boy now him a fuck duty chy

  57. Chy need fi go and sit har ass down and give her pussy & pelvic muscle more time fi heal/tighten up before she end up with the same nickname as har aunty Shakeria, Loosey!

  58. Pinky keep on black bird remember I promise you Philadelphia people going see out come remember zan uncle obeah man westmoreland me know why upset with chy is because you want zan and Chy and you pink in bed all what going on remember you send obeah in Chy house because you get kick out of your apartment in northeast come talk up pinky

  59. Good afternoon mate you need to let pinky stop harassing Chy on here because it’s court papers is on she’s saying that I can’t read but me know if a judge tell me no third party can not contact Chy why’s on pink write up every morning and night on here

  60. Chy why would you post on Instagram how long does it take to fuck the person your accused of fucking if it wasn’t in ur intentions ? You think they look good slut ? You baby not even start walk yet go find some pussy principles

  61. Her momma done blew her head up to think she somebody when she just a regular ass girl. Big deal she went to college. You dont need a degree to work for the fucking post office. I dont see nothing special about the bitch except she young and feel like she got something on every woman in the dancehall scene. She live in a house that was passed down to her. Ok, that’s nice to not have to worry about rent or a mortgage but what extraordinary thing has she done? She had a baby for a nigga that dont take care of his kids. Zan aint got shit and he live off of women. In every pic chy take on IG she wearing something that says “Pink.” wtf? Ah yuh mate yuh a support? Chy you simple minded. Check yourself my girl cuz you aint no better than the girls you trying to stunt pon. Nothing special about you except for you can be manipulated because you are an eeidat gyal. Real immature anf your momma dont make it no better cuz she ah eediat too. Take some lessons on life from your Uncle Tito. He only one with sense inna yuh rass family.

  62. Meesha need to stay home she look stress out & look a fucking mess . The boy have him good up nice young gyal & it a mad her head . Out inna party & nobody don’t see her . The Likkle girl a mek she so uncomfortable dwl girl stay home yu look stress out & still wah fuck from the boy . Girl seek help now !

  63. Meesha need to stay the fuck home . She look stress out &. FUCKING MESS !!!! The young gyal that the boy with a mad her & a kill her sis take care of your baby and stop go out you look dumb and a mess PERIOT … the gyal mek you look bad bad bad but what you except he was gonna wife your fuck out pussy and pushing like 40 & it sad cause from you get pregnant him don’t come look for it so common sense should have tell him HIM NEVER WANT U . Stop call down the man phone about his young gyal and move on sister girl . BETTER YET STAY IN . Cause when you see the girl don’t do nothing but look stress other day inna hot pot gyal come out & MEK U LOOK BAD ..

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