Tell petagaye she need fi go sidung wid harr ugly stay bad top heavy man… every day she get up a post up Omar (Yungrolaz) like nobody wah her pingwing looking man and wha hot hm nah post har back..!! Nd every day mi sii hm a wid a diff gyal..!! Afta d heartache u gu tru wid shanice pasco u really a post hm? Memba say shanice bring u heartache n sleepless nites, Nd let’s not touch d baby situation, cah u man breed gyal pan u, stop be a man clown!! Cah only reason u sleep gud at nites a true shanice leff Omar n we all knw u wuda mad if shi Eva did bring it u wuda mad!! 2019 STOP BE A MAN CLOWN.. cauz Omar weh u a post bout put u ina back seat fi gyal, diss u numerous times fi gyal..!

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