8 thoughts on “GI WI DI HUNDRED NUH

  1. No TPC shi mek pinkwall, yes dutty Priney you a di biggest f*8ka gal of dem all, di husband seh any weh him si yuh him ago kill. Cause yuh mek him Fren dem a laugh affa him. This bitch carry so call husband go every party wid har and know seh shi have all 10 man Inna one dance. Yes miss Bitch yuh all block di ras from Excelsior because him seh him nuh waah f**k yuh. A dem things deh yuh fi tell ppl mi all have di video wid di mash up car.

  2. Old whore weh Inna every man inbox pan Facebook a beg f**k, mi Neva si a gal can walk a beg f**k so yet a swear it’s a man trapped in a woman’s body. Priney weh she and har mada tek same man a dem things deh shi fi talk bout. Priney yuh nuh have no fren because yuh chat everybody , di ppl dem fraid a yuh mouth like puss.

  3. Addi same thing she do kareece standout that why dem fall out di gal love chat people so all f**k mappie too Ole nasty gal

  4. All Mappie shi f**k to mi tell yuh bout dah gal yah , and last year shi bring di man go magpie dance enuh. No Priney yuh can f**k tho , that’s y yuh fi leave gal wen dem a f**k because u f**k di most.

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