I wasn’t going to send this in but met the ppl dem need fi know. Shaun aka Mr. Palmer is a sad excuse for BLACK GROWN MAN. Shaun just turn 30 and have nothing going for himself and one Pitney for sure. And a next Pitney him a claim but say the mother say it’s not his. And he still a claim it. Idiot right? He used to have this nice young girl but he dog her out til she weak. Dis same liar bwoy in every part of each borough except Brooklyn. He used to have a white bimmer and live in Rosedale. Where he meet the young girl she was like *9/*0 and in LOVE WID HIM. Fi HAR fadda see and used to let the bwoy sleep over. Next ting you know. The bwoy say he been sleeping in fi him car. How you have a nice BMW like dat and sleep inna it. Met these dancehall mean ARE SAD. That’s when he was 27/28 now a lil growing girl like she bring him up. Now later on in time he claim he get Music deal back a yaad. After his cousin JCapri died. When you check a stat Di man a f**k his “Music Manager”. And Di girl would send him money all the time, while he was there. Finally the youngin get tired of it and confront him he say nothing nuh go so. Long story short he ended up giving Di girl bun.

Mi send it fi tell all of you young girls to leave these no good men the first time you notice dem no good.

6 thoughts on “SHAUN YUH IS A GROWN BLACK MAN -_-

  1. lord help us laddies, this look lke thief a bruk eena smaddy car, dwlll why sleep in the car? him no live nowhere?? and gal car crazy so if a bimmer him drive nuff drivy boo gal out deh

  2. You forgot to end the letter “Sincerely Your Friendly Neighborhood Lesbian”…
    Ladies it doesn’t take a degree from Harvard or Yale to determine you’re dealing with a scrub, take the sex out of it and evaluate a man from strictly a personality/internal perspective. The folly I find with a lot of Jamaican women is that they tend to value hype way too much, so they’re always in these terrible relationships that revolves around shallow stuff and nothing more. I know a woman who pursued, dated and end up pregnant for a man based solely on the texture of his hair, when he left her and her young son, she couldn’t figure out why…. Lol, ladies self-love goes far, stop making these men trick you out if your pants with shallow shyt.

  3. yess @3:21 thats an old style woman seriously no want comb no nappy head see out man with pretty hair and adore the child to the ground she/he walk on

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