4 thoughts on “GINO JENNINGS

  1. Yep…I watched from start to finish…gripping stuff,will sum it all up lil later cuz it made me late for work but it was too riveting to leave!!

  2. Close but off
    Hi Met & All

    Regarding the Law the Bible clearly states Jesus is the END of the Law. Christians love that verse!! However when we look up the word ‘end’ here in the Concordance , it actually means goal or result, and not meaning to be finished or concluded. Now if the Law in the old Testament brought death (the Soul that sins shall die) and in the New Testament it says that Jahshawa/Yahshua (Jesus) is the end (goal, result) of the Law, that sounds like a reward rather than a ‘nailing to the cross’.

  3. May God forgive me. They something about this man that I don’t trust (mi spirit nuh tek him).

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