So miss Danielle you can’t call me or send me back an email about my money but you and your friend them have time to write post on ig and laugh and comment I guess the part about you f****g the people the man bun you because it was secret and it get buss hmmm I wonder how I found out you f*i**g duty no d*ck pun that live at home with his b*tch Samantha who he drives her bmw and you f**k him in her car and in the gal bed then you have some nerve a talk about you a good gal and you hair them good b*tch your far from that what corporate job you have lied Danielle your a theif and scammer and karma is a b*tch . pun have his b***h on his page where are you on his page slut plus you f*** his cousin Dj for $70 back in 2009 nasty freak b*tch I’m not done wid you .





  1. Lmaoo so why her friend making post about the situation why she don’t answer on her page I hate weak bitches like this Mek them friend take up for them . And that boy is sickly looking in person and I’m sure he has nothing down there for people to want him

      1. Worse these chicks are soooo young…20 & 21 yrs…so even if she has a “corporate job” …it’s probably entry level….and doing what? Please….they can fool children with that not real adults with real responsibilities….all those high end designer labels, all those trips, luxury cars….corporate job does not equate to being “rich” ….pleeeeeeaaaase….she probably the one who teach har ex fi mek di credit card dem….di boy turn him life around & stop scam & he now works mi hear…so maybe he was running from the criminal lifestyle lmao…. :ngakak

  2. we all have the same 24hrs… dat must be some Bronx slang..
    STFU bitch. Yes we all have the same 24hr.. so pay the F up.
    You talking everything but the money. Typical nigga shit.
    But like I said yesterday..sender you stupid to buy from these Instagram hoes.

  3. This got me in stitches !
    Pun & Samantha been together for agesssssssssss when I say ages I mean like a good 15 years ! Like deh from long time.. Bwoy pun u good like gold Samantha ugly nuh BBC and love war. Look like she calm down now .. Like who is this badbitchcharles person she has to be some young catty cuz mi sure seh pun na fly she go no where and that cooperate job she has like someone said must be entry level. I’m crying at the post anybody in America can drive Benz once u have a job, good credit and a good down payment so .. Y’all bitches need to shut the fck up and stop act frighten like really since your friend have that corporate check tell her to pay her customer her money that is owed ! U BITCHES ARE SICK HOW IS IT THAT UR FRIEND OWE POEPLE MONEY YET IS THE CUSTOMER BADMIND ! Badmind somebody over them owna tings? PAY UP !

    Hmm on the other hand this could be written under psychs by Samantha herself to find out what people know about Charles n Pun relationship etc might be an ulterior motive but who am I to say anything if it isn’t obvious.

  4. See this is the problem! Some people just CAAN split justice! Right is right & wrong is wrong! Ah cudda yuh Mumma, if she wrong SHE WRONG!

    This girl owe the woman her money! Liberty come thru carelessness!!! If she did just refund the woman her money, WHICH IS WHAT SHE IS SUPPOSED TO DO, then the woman wouldn’t have to come on pink wall & scandalize her!

    And instead of her so-called friend dem tell her seh she wrong & she fi gi the woman BACK her money, them ah condone her fuc*ery!

    Now because of this, cuz word of mouth is VERY STRONG especially when it comes to business, she can & WILL lose future business because of this!

    Plus it’s a possibility that OTHER trying & possibly honest Jamaican people with similar business on IG will SUFFER because as dem seh “1 bad apple spoil the bunch” & people will seh “Mi nah buy from NO IG store” because ah dis dem do! Black people don’t have real wealth because we don’t buy & support from our own but look at what OUR OWN does to us??

    End of the day, right is RIGHT & wrong is WRONG! The woman send you her money for a product, if for any reason you CANNOT provide the product to the consumer then her funds is to be returned!!! SIMPLE!

  5. From the looks of things Charlie has not promoted hair on her Instagram for months. I don’t even think she sell hair too tuff much less have a website. Mi nah tek up fi ar still but facts is facts. Mi don’t know ar personally but mi AV ar Pon FB and she post couple time well seh she in college and working. It look like the sender did deh wid di coolie boi and him don’t want her no more. Because SAMANTHA as a WIFE woulda direct the girl herself if a Suh it did guh. Ppl a talk bout wife the pikcha is a 104 weeks ago .. Use unnu sense!

    1. Hello miss anuh today pun n Samantha deh & is definitely not since 104 weeks ago neither ! Pun n Samantha married for true because pun never have papers idk if him get it now but they have a kid together n live together as well if I’m not mistaken he use to live w his mom.. Samantha do the right thing and give him papers ah long time she deh wid him bwoy coolie man love ugly woman enuh .. Split justice maybe him a fck Charlie or whatever she wa name but Samantha is d wife .. Mi sure pun have nuff other woman he’s a very handsome fellow.

    2. So are you danielle or Charlie friend or whatever the girl name is because it seems she have so many . How you know the pic is from 104 weeks ago unless
      You go on the boy page and go fast fi see it yourself and buy the looks of it I see why she stop selling hair because she probably theif mad people money and they looking for @badsuh we know this is you posting claiming anonymous if your really bad just write your name anyways the sender Danielle or Charlie and Samantha are all dumb bitches end of story and that boy is really ugly with his big ass forehead so it is man y’all arguing over I’m sure y’all can do better than him

  6. Lol no @ Carmeia I don’t leave anonymous messages afta mi nuh fraid di people. And the picture from104 weeks is clearly posted above you love chat and not looking what the blog posting. Furthermore Danielle don’t owe nobody money just true people hear she talking to the boy they ready to chat shit and call down drama on the girl name that’s the end of story because up till now nobody cyan post the quick pay reciepts showing danielle rob dem! Plus nobody not fighting ova man on this side everybody acting like man nuh bad and wicked and love gwan like they single and before yesterday we didn’t even know who Samantha is and WE STILL DONT KNOW HER! SB: Carmeia didn’t you add me on IG lastnight? Wasn’t all the threats coming from your page Lmaooo this is soo funny

    1. If u don’t know bout Samantha you either must be really young or really dumb !!!! Like it or not she a pun wife !!! They never gonna break up! There’s something that’s keeping pun there for 15 years maybe obeah cuz Samantha ugly baddddd n ray ray ..!lmfao but Danielle u ain’t no better you just a thing on the side lol poor you so young n no clue he will soon be on to the next .. He been doing this for years…

      && Annakay .. Oops I mean Carmeia the boy is handsome! Lol

      1. Annakay is not Carmeia..this is fact …………it was someone pretending to be her …I wont call her name but its not annakay

  7. @badsuh I wasn’t the one who add you because I don’t have an ig nor a Facebook dear there’s plenty people name Carmeia and no I’m not Carmeia that does makeup either . I just find this post funny and pathetic and your friend is dumb so is the sender and so is Samantha end of story a lot of man is on road and there’s a lot of legit hair sites and places to buy weave . They didn’t need to buy hair off Mrs. Coporate job Charlie

  8. People still nuh realize seh is not Met one can ‘pick up’ when is ONE person ah change up change dem name & post like you ah different people?!?!?

    Some ah dem Sybil split personality people dem need fi get dem ah prescription fi some Latuda! Mi see di commercial! It might help to tone down the other voices & personality dem, lol

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